What's more difficult, web or mobile app development

What’s more Difficult, Web or Mobile App Development? Why?


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It is often believed by people that web and mobile applications are the same things. But just the app developers from UK and you’ll realize they are actually poles apart from each other! Not only just for the users, but they even carry different procedures of development and deployment.

You must have seen various websites running over the world wide web. Therefore, to put it in simple words, web apps are nothing but simply websites that are designed to respond and view on smartphones. There are various types of website you can see – static and rarely updated while others may be responsive representing great deals of interactivity.

Therefore, before going into more details, let’s discuss both web and mobile application individually.

When the question arises that what is more difficult? Web or Mobile app development, the simple answer is how much technical knowledge, background and experience do you have. If you have adequate experience and know how in developing app for either kind of platform, then you will also be able to get the answer to this question.

Web Applications

A web app is a computer program designed to perform specific functions using web browsers as its client’s. It can be as simple as a message board or contact form or can be complex like multiplayer mobile gaming app. Some of the most popular gaming apps right now include those which offer their players an online casino experience, like Mega888 apk, so that they can play all their favorite games from the comfort of home or practically anywhere they have an internet connection.

A web application is typically hosted on the internet or specifically a server, which processes requests that are generated by a web browser connected to the internet. The server serves the request and delivers the HTML or specific pages to the browser.

You need an active internet connection in order to access a web application. A web applications is coded in JavaScript and uses a combination of HTML and CSS for view and business logic. It also makes use of different web based frameworks that provide application specific operations and workings.

How Web Apps Works?

Web applications generally get its program cod in browser-supported languages such as JavaScript and HTML. To render the execution process these programming languages requires a browser. Some web apps are highly dynamic which requires server-side processing while others are completely static with no processing at the server.

Let’s take a look at the functions of the web apps or how the application of flow looks like –

  • The user triggers the request to the web server over the Internet either through a web browser or through the application’s user interface.
  • Web server further forwards this request to the appropriate web application server.
  • Web application server after receiving the request generates a result of the requested data.
  • It then sends the results to the webserver with the requested information or processed data.
  • Web server next response back to the client with the requested information which finally appears on the user’s display.

Benefits of Web Application

  • As long as the browser is compatible web applications can run on multiple platforms regardless of the operating system.
  • Web applications are successful in eliminating compatibility issues.
  • Web apps are easy to maintain as they use common codeS across multiple mobile platforms.
  • It helps you reduce software piracy in subscription-based web applications.
  • Any device having a browser can be used for running web applications. Thus, without spending much money it delivers you more power.
  • Web-based languages like HTML and CSS are easier to code and use therefore using web apps it is easy to build the majority of apps.
  • Web application brings its users more improved security.
  • Web application offers you the flexibility of access wherever you find internet.
  • People usually spend less time browsing and more time on apps connected to the web.

Mobile Applications

A mobile application is a type of application software specifically designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It provides users similar services to use on mobile devices which can be accessed on PCs. In comparison with the website, applications are generally small with individual software units and specific functions.

Mobile applications typically are designed for a specific mobile operating system namely iOS or Android or Windows Mobile operating systems. There are technologies that are cross platform and work for all mobile operating systems such as flutter.

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Mobile apps further can be classified into three categories –

Native Apps –

They are specifically designed for a given or single operating system.

Web apps –

are software applications that behave similarly like native applications. It uses the browser to run and usually coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Hybrid Apps –

Hybrid apps carry the properties of both native and web apps. It is relatively fast and easy to develop in comparison with others. With low-cost maintenance and smooth updates it widely uses APIs like gyroscope, accelerometer, and geolocation

Benefits of Using Mobile Applications

  • Mobile applications storing their data locally on the device runs faster than the websites.
  • Mobile applications allow users to clearly define and set their own choice of content preferences. Based on which you can customize and make your own personalized content to show on the mobile app.
  • You can customize and make an app based on fixed parameters to handle and execute numbers of resources and processes. Thus, mobile apps are beneficial in offering high scalability.
  • To get complete command over the operation you can build and design a customized business app of your own choice. They are much easier to build and maintain.
  • Though mobile applications require internet for performing functions like access payments and notifications they still can run and show its users basic content and functionality of the app even in the offline mode.
  • Mobile applications carry the ability to send instant and non-intrusive notifications to its users.
  • Using mobile apps you can easily generate high profits by using it for the purpose of a company’s branding and designing. You can easily upgrade the app by changing its particular functions and layouts.
  • Since it is easy for mobile app users to customize its content, you can easily use this feature to rank your products and services with good SEO to bring potential customers for your websites.

You Must Know:

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Web development vs Mobile app development

Web Development Mobile app development
Web development comprises development for solely desktop, mobile and tablet websites Mobile app development specifically comprises of mobile apps for smartphones
Uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript Uses Native development or hybrid or Portable web apps.
Requires an internet connection to run May or may not require an internet data connection to run
Web development can make use of frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, and others Mobile app development makes use of native frameworks or hybrid or cross-platform frameworks
This is mainly used for information consumption example websites This is used for information consumption and user interaction. 
There is a limit to what can be achieved with web development Mobile app development can have no limits to what can be done
Web development requires javascript knowledge Mobile apps may or may not require javascript knowledge
It depends on what you want to achieve which determines the cost.  It also depends on your needs and requirements for determining the cost
You typically require a backend server to design websites You may or may not require a backend server to design mobile applications.


After reading about both mobile and web app development you can easily differentiate their perks and disadvantages of using in your business. If looked closely both have their own benefits. Therefore, the decision is completely based upon your choice and requirement of use.

It all comes down to personal preference which technology or platform specifics are good for you to handle and operate. Nothing has been difficult. You will only encounter a learning curve when developing for either platforms. In such cases, there are ample documentation and tutorials available that can help you or assist you in developing your app for the mobile or the web platform. Learning and mastering either of these two platforms is not difficult. It is easy and knowledgeable to learn and understand the inner workings of these platforms.

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