Get the maximum benefits with the help of our dedicated, professional, and skilled PHP developers. Nimap has a wide range of talented PHP developers who provide robust solutions for all your business needs and requirements. 

Join the most popular open-source scripting languages to add dynamic functionality to your websites and web apps. We have a team of Top PHP developers who can handle anything from the most straightforward PHP applications to the most intricate portals. 

Our ability to provide a wide range of PHP services stems from our technical proficiency in front-end PHP, eCommerce solutions, and online applications, in conjunction with agile development processes. We provide the following tactful solutions when you hire PHP programmers.

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Top 9 Reasons To Choose Us

Hire PHP Developers in India - Advantages

Build Out Your Php Application for Web Development:

Our reliable team of PHP developer’s talents are ideal for creating durable, secure, and high-performing PHP web portals, CMS, or applications.

CMS Development Using PHP:

Our team of highly skilled PHP developers is proficient in content management systems that are built on PHP and are known for their ease of use.

Services for PHP Migration:

Here at Nimap, we guarantee a seamless and reasonably priced transfer to dynamic PHP platforms like Java, .NET, and Python for various services.

PHP Integration Provider:

Hire our committed PHP programmers from Nimap who are skilled in integrating and upgrading your current application with PHP in addition to creating bespoke PHP apps.


Screening of candidates

Shortlisting of Profiles

Interview Candidates

Onboarding the Resource within
1 hour

Nimap VS Competitors

How We Make A Difference !

Why Nimap Freelancers Competitors
Onboarding Time 1 Hour One Week 4-5 Days
Cost Of Project Reasonable Lowest Average
Project Guaranteed
Guaranteed Reliable
No Guarantee Depends On Expertise
Developer Backing
Out Support
Guaranteed Developer
No Guarantee Overhead For Newer
Developer Onboarding
Flexible Contracts Flexible Contracts No Flexible Contracts No Flexible Contracts
Management Level Guaranteed Customer
Centric Approach
Difficult To Manage May Or May Not*
Client Side Work Onsite Flexible For Client
Side Work (Onsite)
Doesn’t Apply
(Remote Work)
May Or May Not*
Project Completion Support Guaranteed Project
Support After Completion
Depends On Developer Preferences May Or May Not*
Project Time Guaranteed
Lowest Time
Longest Variable

PHP Developer Team Augmentation

Receive well-regarded development services with reliable security, clean code quality, timeliness, and a dedication to completing projects on time and under budget.

Hire our PHP developers in advance to get advantageous benefits. You may save time and money and have a team ready to begin your project right away.

Our PHP developers provide and leverage various advantages that make websites accessible and help businesses create quick, safe, and performance-driven online applications. Businesses can use PHP web development services to build feature-rich applications of various sizes and levels of complexity, such as social networking websites, eCommerce websites, CMS-based websites, and online portals. 

In addition to this, our skilled and knowledgeable PHP developers are committed to delivering PHP web development services, as they have the vision and innovation to escalate your business projects.


Used for Web development and Web programming
Used for a wide range of applications
Consists of about 80% of the total web.
Many companies like Wikipedia, Tumblr, Etsy, WordPress, Slack use PHP in their products.
Highly Responsive and Interactive

Do you think that going with PHP
is profitable to you? Sure it is!

Our Services are designed to help you get the most of our development resources for your project. You can be rest assured that

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We serve and cater to a wide variety of industries. Our solutions focus on providing value no matter what industry you work in.

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Healthcare and
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Most Popular Questions

Our 40-hour risk-free trial period is absolutely free. You can assess the necessary developer throughout these 40 hours to determine whether he fits your project requirements well. 

Our PHP developers are potentially well-experienced they have worked on diverse projects. So, undoubtedly they can assist you in completing an web app development project.

Depending on your query and our developer’s level of experience, the price may change. We have customized pricing for you if you’d like to hire a team of PHP developers; get in touch with us to learn more.

We have a C2C hiring option where we are responsible for supplying the necessary resources and expertise to complete the projects. 

Once you have hired a developer of your choice you can pay the cost via wire transfer debit or credit card.

Hire Senior PHP Developers from us to work in accordance with your time frame, objectives, and time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST). Our developers also work according to the Europe time zone. Contact us at sales@nimapinfotech.com to learn more.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services. We ensure the applications are up-to-date and bug-free, giving businesses a hassle-free experience.

Yes, we absolutely give a guarantee of keeping your project’s information confidential with us. Under any circumstances, it will not be disclosed to the outsiders.

We may provide you with a free replacement as we completely understand  that every project requires different sets of talents. If you’re still unsatisfied, we’ll end the contract with a two-week notice. All unpaid work as well as the work completed up until the termination date will be listed on the termination invoice. All work that has been started up until this point will be delivered to the client in a usable electronic format.

Dedicated PHP developers can create high-quality, optimized, and scalable applications since they have specialized knowledge and experience in creating PHP web applications.

Set clear expectations, track progress, perform code reviews, keep track of communication, and analyze performance metrics to evaluate the performance of a hired developer.


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