IT Staff Augmentation Services

IT Staff Augmentation is a service that empowers organizations to expand their in-house IT team when necessary. This allows businesses to locate the ideal candidates for challenging or temporary roles, ultimately enhancing project scalability and operational efficiency.

Globally, businesses are increasingly embracing resource augmentation as a means to expedite and cost-effectively accomplish their strategic goals. Collaborating with experienced IT staff augmentation provider provides access to top-tier industry talent.

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What is IT Staff Augmentation ?

In simple terms, IT Staff Augmentation means outsourcing candidates from other organization to complete the need of your current project. This outsourcing approach seamlessly integrates with in-house development teams, providing access to skilled technical resources on an as-needed basis, whether the projects are of a short-term or long-term nature.

Utilizing IT resource augmentation enables companies to bridge knowledge gaps, accelerate their time to hire and time to market, and engage highly skilled software developers.

Through fostering transparent communication, describing roles, leveraging project management tools, and endorsing documentation-driven development (DDD), companies can speed up milestone achievement and ensure timely product development.

Types of IT Resource Augmentation Services We Provide?

Team-Based Staffing

Team-based staff augmentation is the practice of bringing an entire team on board to focus on a specific project. This method provides a ready-to-go team equipped with essential skills required for managing challenging projects. This complete team of this model proves helpful when you require to quickly ramp up the project.

On-site Staffing

On-site staff augmentation requires bringing in temporary professionals who work within your company’s workspaces. This approach promotes direct cooperation and effortless inclusion with your current teams. On-site staff augmentation enhances communication and nurtures strong working relationships between augmented team members and in-house staff.

Project-Based Staffing

Project-Based Staffing is recruiting IT professionals to work on a single project from start to completion. This service is useful for firms that need to accomplish a certain project but lack the in-house expertise or resources to do it.

Remote Staffing

Remote staffing is advantageous for firms that want particular skills or knowledge but lack the means to hire full-time staff in-house. Remote staffing can also save firms money and time by eliminating the need to provide office space and equipment for their employees.

Every day, we provide staff augmentation services to hundreds of unicorns, startups, and corporations to help them address challenging Web and App development challenges.

What are the benefits of IT Staff Augmentation services?

Increased Flexibility

Whether you require assistance for a particular project or seek more extended support, the staff augmentation model provides the flexibility to help you achieve your objectives. You can readily adapt the number of professionals according to your current requirements, and you have the option to seek new skill sets on an individual project.

Expertise On-Demand

You get the direct access to Global IT Talent whose expertise has been verified with the skills you require for your project, irrespective of the geographic location of these specialists. The pool of talent virtually become limitless with IT Resource Augmentation.


Office space expenses, utility bills, and maintenance costs can be significantly high. These expenses can be reduced through the utilization of augmentation services.

Improved Project Management

IT staff augmentation services can help firms improve their project management. Businesses may ensure that projects are completed on time and under budget by recruiting IT specialists with project management skills.

Mitigated Risk

Nimap’s Resource Augmentation Services can provide access to highly qualified Technology experts who can help in project success. These experts can contribute their knowledge to the project, mitigating the risk of failure. Also, with the temporary resources with high skills security risks and data breaches can be reduced.

Faster Time-to-Market

Organizations can speed up their IT Projects with the help of augmentation services and swiftly market their products. All the technical gaps can be taken care of by the temporary hired IT specialists in the organization if they have any.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Process:

We follow a systematic process before outsourcing our developers to the client. Our process consists of the following steps:

Identifying the Need

In this step, we determine client's requirement for IT employee augmentation. The need could be because of shortage of internal resources, new projects, specialized expertise, or a temporary increase in workload
Direction Arrows
Step 01

Resource Selection

Next step, we discover suitable candidates who possess the necessary skill sets, experience, and knowledge. Clients evaluate the candidate through an interview process
Direction Arrows
Step 02


The onboarding process begins once qualified applicants are discovered. This includes giving new employees an overview of the organization, its policies, and processes. Specific information regarding the project on which they will be working
Direction Arrows
Step 03

Engagement Execution

The organization should make certain that the new recruits have clear goals and objectives. Should also provide new hires with continuing support, feedback, and training to ensure that they are performing their duties properly
Direction Arrows
Step 04

Performance Monitoring

This includes conducting performance reviews on a regular basis, providing feedback and coaching, and addressing any performance concerns that occur
Direction Arrows
Step 05


Nimap Infotech offers a variety of administrative and office support services for offshore employees. Throughout the project, our managers will stay in touch with you to address any concerns and assist to get best output
Direction Arrows
Step 06

Engagement Completion

Lastly, after the need for IT staff augmentation has passed, the organization should properly close down the contract. Complete a final performance evaluation, and provide feedback to developers
Direction Arrows
Step 07



Nimap provides IT augmentation service with cost-effective solutions to an enterprise by providing dedicated resources minimizing project development time


Our hired expert developer deliver the project within 48 hrs which gives high end performances


We make sure our clients requirement get fulfilled and they keep coming back.


Hiring permanent employee will let your project costs increase such as holiday pay, sickness benefits or other fringe benefits. Go for IT resource augmentation services now.


IT-staff-augmentation provides complete assurance of task completion, we make sure all works are done at time and transparency will be maintained throughout the process.


Our developers are highly skilled and have 3+ years of expertise.

Our Hiring Process

Screening of candidates

Shortlisting of Profiles

Interview Candidates

Onboarding the Resource within
1 hour

Why Nimap IT staff augmentation?


Our software Developers are skilled and expertise in developing dotnet applications


Our Developers are ready to give technical support


Our Developers will prepare reports as per requirement about their tasks.


Hire developers after scheduling interview and choose as per your requirement.


Our quotation are tailored quotation as per the client requirements.


We can scale and update your existing projects



Most Popular Questions

Adding and enhancing an organization’s current internal IT personnel by employing external IT specialists or teams is known as “IT staff augmentation.” It entails collaborating with an outside vendor or IT service provider to hire temporary access to qualified IT staff. These resources might include network engineers, system administrators, project managers, developers, or other IT professionals.

The main goal of IT staff augmentation is to fill resource gaps, increase operational effectiveness, and satisfy project objectives without making the costly and time-consuming commitment of permanent hire.

The following steps are involved in IT staff augmentation:


Determine resource requirements: The organization evaluates its IT needs and determines the precise skills, knowledge, and experience needed for the current project or tasks. This assists in identifying the areas where additional resources are required and the gaps in the current IT team.


Define project scope and objectives: Establish explicit project goals, dates, deliverables, and expectations. Define the project’s scope and objectives. The roles and duties of the enhanced IT team’s integration with the internal team must be specified.


Select a staffing provider: The company researches before deciding on a reputed IT staffing company or vendor specializing in the required skill sets. During the selection process, variables including competence, reputation, track record, and cost are taken into account.


Identification and evaluation of resources: Based on the demands of the organization, the staffing provider offers a pool of competent individuals. The company may then study the resumes, interview the prospects, and evaluate their technical expertise, prior work experience, and cultural fit.


Integration and onboarding: The appropriate IT personnel or teams are integrated into the organization’s procedures and operations after being chosen. In addition to introducing them to the internal team and project stakeholders, this may entail granting access to pertinent systems, tools, and documentation.


Collaboration and project execution: The internal team and the augmented IT personnel collaborate to complete the project or duties allocated to them. To accomplish project objectives, fulfill deadlines, and provide high-quality products, they work together, exchange knowledge, and draw on their skills.

Transition and project completion: After the project or tasks are finished, the organization evaluates the results and chooses the next course of action. If more help is needed, this can entail returning the knowledge and work to the internal team or extending the engagement.

Adding external IT teams or specialists to the internal IT personnel allows for tight collaboration and the contribution of specialized expertise. The ownership and control of a complete project or a single function are transferred to an outside service provider through outsourcing, on the other hand. Higher levels of delegation are often required, and the organization depends on the service provider to oversee and complete the project or work autonomously.

Yes, short-term initiatives can require personnel augmentation. Without making the long-term commitment of permanent employment, it enables organizations to swiftly obtain qualified IT workers or teams on a temporary basis to satisfy project demands and cover resource shortfalls.

Software developers, programmers, system administrators, network engineers, cybersecurity experts, database administrators, quality assurance analysts, project managers, business analysts, IT consultants, and other specialized IT positions can all be filled by adding additional IT staff, depending on organizational needs.


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