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Nimap offers Developers on a contract basis. Our developers are successfully working with Tech Mahindra, Reliance, Adani, Kotak Mahindra Bank, TCS ,Vedanta and more.  Our new innovative forward vision, mission, on-time project delivery will provide your business a dynamic growth which will give your business growth

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When it comes to project quality, our developers use an adaptive approach to increase your brand presence & visibility..


We aim for the best services and high-quality solutions delivered at cost-effective prices.


Our services create trust and reliability, bringing back our clients for any development projects.


Our best services delivered to clients reflects through their positive ratings and reviews and appreciation.


Feel free to choose our Team as Service (Taas) or Resource as Service (Raas) for your projects.


Hire highly qualified and trusted developers with 3+ years of experience who can manage and develop projects efficiently.

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Why Hire Dedicated Developers from Nimap Infotech?


We provide with the skilled and dedicated team of developers or as a single resoucre team managing development from the beginning to the end.


Our Developers' specialists Team is always ready to provide Technical Support based on customer needs.


We adhere to correct reports provided by our specialists, the developers and management in accordance with customer specifications.


Hire professionals after scheduling an interview & choose as per your requirement.


Our quotations are tailored quotations as per the client's requirements.


We can scale and update your existing projects as per your requirements.

Ultimate User Guide To Hire Developer

Why hire dedicated developers?

Hiring dedicated developers can have a number of advantages for a company or organization. To hire specialized developers, consider the following factors:

Access to specific expertise: Dedicated developers have specialized knowledge that may be adjusted to fit the unique requirements of your company. 

Cost-effectiveness: Employing specialized developers may be less expensive than doing the same with full-time staff. You just pay for the job that is completed when working with dedicated developers, which might be less expensive than hiring full-time staff.

Flexibility: You have the option to scale up or down depending on the needs of the project because dedicated developers can operate on a project basis. This might assist you in managing resources well and meeting project deadlines.

High-quality work: Dedicated developers are focused on their area of specialization, so they are committed to producing high-quality work. Also, they have worked with a variety of technologies, which can assist you in creating software that is superior.

Long-term relationships: Employing devoted developers will assist you in creating lasting connections with knowledgeable individuals. This might assist you in assembling a group of specialists that can collaborate on upcoming initiatives.

Why Hire Developers from India?

Some of the key reasons are: 

Cost-effectiveness: Compared to developers from other nations, India offers a sizable pool of qualified developers that can provide their services at a reduced price. 

Time zone advantage: India is situated in a time zone that enables business hours in several nations, including the US and Europe, to overlap. Businesses may find it simpler to work with Indian developers and guarantee on-time project delivery as a result.

Cultural similarities: India and many Western nations share numerous cultural similarities, which might make it simpler for companies to collaborate with Indian developers. As an outcome, a solid working relationship can be built and high-quality project delivery may be guaranteed.

Why Hire Developers from Nimap Infotech?

Skilled workforce: Nimap Infotech employs a group of experienced developers who are trained in a variety of technologies, including web development, mobile app development, and custom software development. They are committed to producing work of the highest caliber and have a solid background in engineering and computer science.

 Cost-effective: Businesses wishing to develop software solutions may find it more affordable to hire developers from us. We provide reasonable prices and might aid in lowering your overall development expenditures.

Communication and support: Nimap Infotech provides outstanding communication and support services, making sure that you are kept informed of the status of the project and that any problems are resolved as soon as possible. After the project is over, we will continue to offer support and are ready to answer any queries you may have.

How to Hire Developers from Nimap Infotech? What are the Steps?

Follow these steps to hire developers from Nimap Infotech. 

Requirement inquiry: Contact us and provide information about what are your project requirements. And what kind of tech resources you need. 

Screening: The first and most important thing we do is give you a list of all the developers with profiles who might be helpful for the operations of your business. Evaluate developers for their skills and experience before hiring them. After a sufficient screening, we put them on the bench so that we can assign them responsibilities.

Assignment: We gather the requirements for each project before allocating them to start working. You can choose from a large pool of developers to work on your project. Every project will have a designated project manager who will monitor the project’s development and give you regular updates on it.

Development: After hiring a proper developer the development work on your project will begin, and it will keep you updated periodically. 

Why hire dedicated developers instead of freelancers?

Here is a quick comparison between hiring freelancers and hiring dedicated developers.


Reliability: Dedicated developers are frequently employed full-time and are dedicated to working just for your company. As a result, they are more dependable than independent contractors who might work on several projects concurrently.


Long-term cost savings: Although freelancers’ hourly rates may be lower than those of dedicated developers, the latter may end up being more economical in the long run. You won’t have to worry about hiring, training, or onboarding expenses every time you need a new developer when you work with dedicated developers.


Consistency: When dedicated developers are willing to work with your company for a longer period of time, they are more familiar with its procedures, objectives, and expectations.


Expertise: Dedicated developers typically have specialized skill sets and experience that meet the needs of your project. In addition, they can offer insightful suggestions based on their prior involvement in initiatives of a similar nature.


Teamwork: Dedicated developers can work cooperatively with your current team to enhance communication and general output. They can easily fit into your team dynamic and help the expansion and success of your business.


When to hire developers?


Scale your business: Employing developers can help you scale your operations efficiently if your company is expanding quickly and you need to add new features, broaden your product line, or enter new markets.


Introducing a new project: It can be required to hire developers with the appropriate knowledge and experience to carry out the project successfully when you have a new project or initiative that calls for specialized technical knowledge.


Meeting deadlines and decreasing workload: If your existing development team is understaffed or having trouble completing projects on time, recruiting more developers might assist relieve the strain.


Technical innovation: If your market is quickly changing and you want to stay competitive by using cutting-edge technology, you should consider employing developers.


Identifying and filling talent gaps: Occasionally, you may have developers on staff but lack knowledge of specific programming languages, frameworks, or domains. Employing developers with the necessary abilities in these circumstances can strengthen your team and allow you to take on a wider range of tasks.


Increasing product quality: Hiring seasoned engineers can help your software’s overall quality, stability, and performance if you’re getting negative customer feedback or experiencing quality problems.


Long-term planning: Hiring developers in advance will help you establish a solid team and prevent last-minute recruiting pressure if you foresee future expansion or want to invest in your development skills.


Compare hiring freelancers vs. hiring dedicated developers.


You may either hire freelancers or in-house developers when it comes to recruiting developers. Let’s compare the two methods:


Scalability and Flexibility:


Freelancers: Employing freelancers gives you flexibility because you may work with them on a project-by-project basis or for a set period of time. According to the requirements of your project, you may easily scale up or down. Freelancers frequently have a wide range of skills, making them a viable choice for temporary or niche assignments.


Dedicated developers: Developers who are completely committed to your company’s projects are those that you hire as full-time workers and call “dedicated developers.” Long-term planning is made possible by this strategy, which also offers stability. When you need a high degree of cooperation or have ongoing projects, dedicated developers may be a better option.


Expertise and Skill Sets:


Freelancers: When you require someone with specialized talents, their propensity to specialize in particular technologies or sectors might be helpful. Finding a freelancer with a broad breadth of knowledge across several fields might be difficult, though.


Dedicated developers: Employing specialized developers enables you to assemble a team with a wider range of expertise. They may collaborate, exchange information, and offer ongoing assistance for a variety of initiatives. When you need a regular presence to maintain and improve your software or when you have complicated multiple projects, dedicated developers may be a better choice.


Communication and collaboration: 


Freelancers: Freelancers typically work remotely, and communication can occasionally be difficult because of time zone or linguistic difficulties. Although these problems can be reduced with collaborative tools and efficient communication, it might take more work.


Dedicated developers: Working with a team based within your company, or at the very least in the same time zone, is a common perk of hiring dedicated developers. Better communication, cooperation, and seamless integration with your current team are made possible by this close proximity.


Cost and Budget: 


Freelancers: Since you normally pay them by the job or the hour, hiring freelancers may be economical. Since you may recruit independent contractors as needed and avoid making long-term commitments, you have greater leeway in how your budget is allocated.


Dedicated developers: Employing dedicated developers results in increased costs since you must pay them a salary, benefits, and maybe other overhead charges. Devoted developers, on the other hand, provide more stability and long-term value by integrating themselves with your company.

What are the challenges in hiring developers?

Lack of talent: There is a talent shortage in several fields as a result of the demand for qualified developers frequently outpacing the supply. Finding developers with the appropriate skill sets and expertise can be difficult, particularly for specialized or developing technologies.

Market competition: Top developers are in high demand and may have several employment offers. This makes it difficult to recruit and retain top people, particularly for small or lesser-known businesses that can find it difficult to compete with bigger organizations on pay and benefits.

Technical evaluation: If you’re not a technical specialist yourself, it might be difficult to judge the technical knowledge and capabilities of developers. There may be inaccuracies in the way that traditional interviews and resume screenings evaluate a candidate’s talents.

Cultural fit: For long-term success, it is essential to hire developers that share the ethos and values of your business. However, it can be challenging to determine cultural fit throughout the hiring process, and there is always a chance of selecting someone who will not fit in well with the current team or workplace.

Retention and turnover: Developers, particularly those with high levels of competence, are frequently in demand and may be approached by other businesses with alluring offers. It may be difficult to retain great personnel, particularly if your company is unable to offer development opportunities, intriguing projects, competitive pay, or a nice work atmosphere.

Onboarding and integration: Once you employ developers, it might be difficult to successfully integrate them into your team and begin their onboarding process. The length of time and learning curve needed for developers to achieve productivity.

Challenges of remote work: As the popularity of remote work increases, employing engineers who won’t be physically present in your workplace may offer new difficulties. When working with remote developers, effective project management, cooperation, and communication become even more important.






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Our 40-hour risk-free trial period is absolutely free. You can assess the necessary developer throughout these 40 hours to determine whether he fits your project requirements well. 

Our developers are potentially well-experienced they have worked on diverse projects. So, undoubtedly they can assist you in completing an web & mobile app development project.

Depending on your query and our developer’s level of experience, the price may change. We have customized pricing for you if you’d like to hire a team of developers; get in touch with us to learn more.

We have a C2C hiring option where we are responsible for supplying the necessary resources and expertise to complete the projects. 

Once you have hired a developer of your choice you can pay the cost via wire transfer debit or credit card.

Hire Senior Developers from us to work in accordance with your time frame, objectives, and time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST). Our developers also work according to the Europe time zone. Contact us at sales@nimapinfotech.com to learn more.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services. We ensure the applications are up-to-date and bug-free, giving businesses a hassle-free experience.

Yes, we absolutely give a guarantee of keeping your project’s information confidential with us. Under any circumstances, it will not be disclosed to the outsiders.

We may provide you with a free replacement as we completely understand  that every project requires different sets of talents. If you’re still unsatisfied, we’ll end the contract with a two-week notice. All unpaid work as well as the work completed up until the termination date will be listed on the termination invoice. All work that has been started up until this point will be delivered to the client in a usable electronic format.

Dedicated developers can create high-quality, optimized, and scalable applications since they have specialized knowledge and experience in creating applications.

Set clear expectations, track progress, perform code reviews, keep track of communication, and analyze performance metrics to evaluate the performance of a hired developer.


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