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Few Pointers for Those Planning on Hiring a Good Web Development Company


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When you as a business owner think that your business needs expansion, the first thing that would occur to you and would come to your mind is having a website or a mobile app of your own. This would also call for hiring a good web development company. Since it may sound simple enough to use the internet to search for such kind of companies offering web development services. But it is not this easy as it may seem to be.



You should not trust blindly on any company that comes your way. How about creating and having a website that is user-friendly. What about Quality. How tedious and long will be the web development process. What is the expertise of the web development company? These are the questions that you need to find answers for before you make up your mind to move forward.



Here we have collected some questions that you need to ask before you go forward and hire a web development company.


Which is your option- Static or Responsive?

Before you kick start your search for the best company, it is really important to know your precise requirements. Many of the firms can count on a static website or a traditional website. They require some static informational pages to go along with the shopping website. Other firms may have a requirement of custom coding for their website in order to be responsive.


If you are someone that requires a responsive website with custom coding then you need to become very choosy. There are many firms that may have the touch when it comes to designing a traditional website but when it comes to custom web development or enhancement, they lack the touch and luster.


You need to find an organization that has the experience working across various kinds of verticals such as conventional web design, software engineering, optimization, web analytics along many other core areas.



Hear their Portfolio

It is rightly said that you should not judge a book by its cover. But if you are looking to search for an e-commerce website’s design or web development then it is best if you check the organization’s portfolio. You shall get to know their exact capabilities in this regard. Their portfolio provides you an exact glimpse of the services that they can provide to you. You will also get to gauge their reputation and check their expertise in the field.



Communication will play an important role to find the best company

It is pivotal that you keep your communication channels open. You need to ask the firm for their preferred channel of communication, and you should also share yours with them. Checking a companies’ portfolio to provide you with a better idea of where they stand in the market. Inform the project manager if you need to update your preferred channel. You should not count on occasional conversations. Instead, you should go for frequent briefs and updates and tell them your exact requirements. Schedule your conversation in case you have chosen a company from another time zone


Having source code files is better

When a website is fully developed, doing some minor changes is not a challenging task. You can do it on your own only if you have access to the source code files. Not all organizations are transparent about giving or providing the source files to the client.


Hence, you need to make sure that the company you have chosen provides you with access to your website’s source code files, once the project is completed successfully. This will help you in the long run if you need to make some changes in the near future or planning to enhance your website on your own, once it is ready and completed.



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Aim for not too little or not too high budget

Hiring a web development company comes with its own cost. There may be companies that provide you the confidence of charging nominal costs. However, this does not guarantee the parameters such as quantity, quality, usability and many more.


If you want to have a customized solution, the best firms will be going to cost you a bit more. Software developers that are well versed with the latest technology and the right skills will charge you higher, but they ensure you that you get what you pay for.



Streamline and align the SEO as well as the content right from the start of web development.

Those who think that SEO and content are not much important in today’s world to need to rethink their viewpoint. These are essential for a website to rank in search engines. SEO is completely responsible for your website’s existence.


You need to get your web app developed as per the current norms so that SEO can be done properly on your website to rank it on search engines. The best design and development firms will have a team of experts who can plan and strategize each step. Now there are many more things to look into considering their expertise in web development.



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These are a few of the pointers that we have found extremely useful when finalizing a web development company. If you’re looking for services of web development in Mumbai  for your web application or designing your website then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements. We have experienced web developers ready to onboard your web development project.

Web & App Development Service

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Top Machine Learning Frameworks for Web Development


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In this article, we are going to discuss some top Machine Learning Frameworks that can be used for Web Development purposes.


The following points emphasize the importance of support for machine learning web development. Machine Learning:


  • Can Serve as the best available replacement that exists for conventional data mining methods.Provide extensive security and protection from different types of security threats
  • Provide extensive security and protection from different types of security threats
  • Is Able to produce customized information and content
  • Provides Ample amounts of ML API
  • Is useful and efficient for understanding customer behavior
  • Is useful when the need is for quicker product discovery

Using the advantage of Machine Learning, Computers are able to easily learn the algorithms provided that eliminate the need for explicit programming.


This enables the creation of analytical models that provides the finest method for data analysis. All of these points prove the usefulness of Machine Learning in Web Development.


Let’s have a look at some of the Machine Learning Frameworks that are available for easier web development:


Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit:

The Microsoft Congnitive Toolkit

This is an open-source and deep learning toolkit that has been provided to developers by Microsoft for the use of training algorithms that makes it easier to learn just like a human being can. You can create machine learning workspaces on software such as Microsoft Azure. If that’s something you are interested in you might want to look into things like the az-900 practice test. People take this certification so that they are more proficient in working with software like Azure.


There are various Machine Learning models that can be used by this framework such as feed-forward DNNs, convolutional Neural Networks as well as recurrent Neural Networks.


The main objective behind designing and developing this tool is to be able to use neural networks for understanding Large Unstructured DataSets. This framework is highly customizable that provides faster training times, and the credit goes to its easy to use an architecture that further allows developers to choose the parameters, networks, and algorithms.


The best feature and plus point is that it supports multi-machine and multi-GPU backends which can help in surpassing the competition.





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Tensor Flow- Machine Learning FrameworksWhen the need arises for using Java Development, this is one of the most commonly used frameworks. This framework is also an open-source library that uses the data flow graphs and helpful for numerous applications and computations for web development.


This is a bifurcated machine learning project that is available on GitHub and it has multiple participation of taxpayers.


The computations that is one on one or more GPU or CPU using a single API either on desktop or mobile phone are made easy by utilizing the flexible architecture of TensorFlow.

In the graphs, the nodes represent the mathematical operations. The edges represent the multidimensional data sets (tensors) that are connected between them.



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Apache Mahout:

Apache Mahout Apache Mahout is an open-source offering that is designed by Apache for use by data scientists, statisticians, as well as mathematicians for using and executing various algorithms quickly.

It is also used as a distributed linear algebra framework because of which machine learning applications & web development have a scalable performance.

Mahout is able to collaborate filtering, classification as well as grouping

Also utilizing this framework, data scientists can develop their own custom mathematical calculations in an interactive environment, which runs on a big data platform. The same code can be ported or moved into the app and can be implemented.


Mahout Samsara is equipped with a statistical engine and distributed algebra that distributes and works together with an interactive shell. Then the library links the app production. Using maps / reduce paradigm, it is able to climb on to the Apache Hadoop platform but will not restrict its contributions for implementing others based on Hadoop,




Caffe- Machine Learning FrameworksThis is a deep learning framework that is mainly used for expression, speed as well as modularity. This can be used for Java development and is developed by the Berkey AI research team.


There are various personalized applications that are available, and innovations are being encouraged by an expressive architecture.


Also, efficient switching between CPU and GPU is possible using configuration options such as configuring a single indicator.


The extensive and exhausting code of Caffe has resulted in providing early growth and making GitHub machine learning project successful.


Caffe is able to provide swift and fast implementations to research institutes and industrial implementations. Its development is mainly because of the computer classification and vision using convolutional neural networks. Using the help provided by Model Zoo, a set of the pre-trained model that does not require any type of coding for implementation.



Apache Singa:

Apache Singa- Machine Learning FrameworksThis framework is developed by the team at the National University of Singapore.

This deep learning platform is scalable as well as flexible and used for big data analytics.

The framework is able to provide training in large volumes of data as the architecture is flexible.

For running on a wider range of hardware, it is extensible. The main apps are in image recognition and natural language processing(NLP).


In the present day, it provides a simple programming model that works on a group of nodes that is presented by the Apache incubator project.

Deep distributed learning makes use of parallelization and model sharing when the training process occurs. Yet, Singa supports traditional machine learning models such as logistic regression.





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Above mentioned Machine Learning Frameworks are some top machine learning frameworks that exist for Java Development. This is obvious that ML is going to become the future of the IT industry.


The frameworks and libraries are supported by Python which includes TensorFlow, Keras. As well as small projects like sci-kit learn, Microsoft Azure Studio, Chainer, Neon, Veles.


If you are looking for expert web development services in Mumbai for implementing your ML project then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. We have the most professional developers and designers ready to onboard your project and help you out.




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Useful Tips for Web Application Development for 2021


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Often it is regarded that there is no substitute for experience. Experience is indeed the best teacher. But there can be some shortcuts to it. We have spoken to many experienced web developers who have toiled the hard way to find out these amazing tips that you can rely on when you are developing for any web project. This is an amazing collection of tips that comes straight from the code face.


Here are 10 tips for web development to help you to get started with it.

Clear Lists:

Clearing the list of floating elements can be a part of the work that is done by web developers. We can still catch it up. For example, how do you clear out the floated list of elements without setting a height for it. The answer to this question is actually really very simple. You can just add these two CSS properties to any list container that has floated list elements


display: block; overflow: hidden;


If you will check the list container using any DOM inspector, you will notice that the height attribute has automatically been calculated. And this nifty solution fixes the issue present at hand.




If you are required to develop techniques, CSS effects or any kind of newer transition effects, for example, you can do it as a sandbox project. When you keep the experimentation uncluttered by outside influences is proven to make the code much easier to debug and troubleshoot if something is not working as expected.



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Web Inspectors

Developers may have different opinions on which web inspectors do the job well. But they all will agree that development was a struggle before our favourite browsers had them. Now, as a developer, you are able to preview the CSS changes live in your favourite browsers such as Chrome or Safari. You simply have to right-click on an element and choose “Inspect Element”.

All of the applied CSS will be shown or displayed in the right-hand side inspection pane. You are free to edit or add new elements here, to see the changes live inside your browser.

The web inspector is not accessible by default on Safari on the Mac. You can enable it by navigating to Preferences>Advanced>Show Develop Menu on the menu bar.




Firebug and Beyond:

Chrome and Safari have built-in web inspectors for them. But as a developer, we stand by the original Firefox Developers Toolbar. It is the perfect medium in order to inspect those little CSS problems when you are performing the testing process of your website in multiple screen sizes.

Firebug has also added the ability to display multiple screen sizes inside one browser tab too which means that you do not need to change your browser width in order to see or view the testing process of your website.




One Thing at a time:

We as web developers cannot stress the importance of the Single Responsibility Principle enough. “Every object in your code should perform at least one function”. This is applicable to even CSS styles. You should avoid putting all the styles onto a.button class respectively. You should split it into a .button-structure, .button-face and so on.

Why should we follow this rule? This is because if you do not do this and something breaks, you will waste all your time finding and tracing back to your code, in order to find which object is causing the problem and whether the bug has been inherited from higher elements in the DOM.





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Will you be able to code it?

Falling back on the frameworks and the libraries isn’t always the best answer. For example, if you are coding a small project and as always, for example, you include jQuery, you think that Can you do the same function better using VanillaJS? You may discover that you can indeed do it in JavaScript, better and faster.




Get Git

If you and your team are working on big projects then you require a robust versioning system. Many of the developers swear upon using GitHub. But there is a downside for it if you require your project to be private. Your code is hosted on GitHub’s servers and publicly available. In such cases we recommend you using GitLab.


GitLab is very much similar to GitHub but its core is completely open-source and easy to set up on your own servers. The optimal setup for GitLab is to use NGINX and Unicorn in order to improve performance and speed, you can also use Apache and Passenger equally as well.


The biggest advantage that you can get with this type of arrangement is that all of your code is backed up each time you perform a commit, you can use a really useful diff viewer in order to see which part of code has been changed on each commitment.




Commented Code

When you are working in a team environment, you need to remember that your peers need to understand and read your code, use your resources and work through your files. Always comment your code and name your layers as well as organize your PSDs and FLAs. The more organized your file will be the better for you as well as others to understand and interpret your code. Using this approach it will be quite easy for others to understand where things are and how they work.





You should not waste your time manually running in unit tests. You need to automate it. Time spent in getting to grips with NAnt or MSBuild is time well spent as it will decrease the number of hoops especially when the deadline is near and you need to complete your project




Dotted Lines

We have a smart and intuitive way of tracking progress in coding pages. Sometimes when working on a front end design, we tend to use an “incomplete” or a “to-do” class which displays a dotted outline to elements that do not work properly or are unfinished. We are able to see what needs work clearly before we go live.





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We have listed down the tips that have specific importance for developers who are into web application development. These tips have been handy and have been quoted and followed by many web developers alike hence we have listed them down, hoping you will find them useful.


If you have found this article useful and informative than do check out our other blog topics as well. If you’re looking for web development services for any kind of web development in Mumbai then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com.





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Essential Web Development Tools and Resources- 2021

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The best, as well as the worst thing about pursuing a web development career, is that the web is constantly changing. While this can be an exciting paradigm, this can also mean that web developers need to be proactive about learning new things, new techniques, and new programming languages. In this blog, you will learn essential web development tools and resources.


They should be willing to adapt to the changing environment and be willing to accept and deal with new challenges. The tasks that a web developer can easily include adapting existing frameworks such that they can meet new business requirements, testing done on a website to identify technical problems, and scaling a website to perform better with backend infrastructure.


We think that we should compile an extensive list of web development tools as well as resources that can easily help you to be more productive, transform into a better developer, and stay informed and updated about the new trends and happenings in the field of web development.



Some Essential Web Development Tools and Resources for 2021


Here are some main and essential tools that are known to every web developer. Web Developers use these tools on a daily basis, these tools will help you to assist your development activity. These tools can assist you in forming your web development workflow. Note that these tools are not in a particular order.



JavaScript Libraries


JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages that exist for web development. A JavaScript Library is a pre-written library that consists of JavaScript code that exists to allow easier access throughout the development of your website or application. 





Here are some main and useful JavaScript libraries.

  • jQuery: A small and fast as well as feature-rich JavaScript library that can perform virtually any task.
  • BackBoneJS: This library can allow you to provide your JavaScript app a backbone or skeleton using models, views, collections, and events
  • D3.js: This is a JavaScript library that is used to manipulate documents that are based on data.
  • jQuery UI: This is a custom and curated a set of user interface interactions, effects, themes, and widgets.
  • jQuery Mobile: This is an HTML5 based user interface system that is designed to develop responsive websites
  • UnderscoreJS: This library allows functional programming helpers without the need for extending any built-in objects.
  • Moment.JS: Using this library, developers can parse, manipulate, validate, and display dates in JavaScript.
  • Lodash: This is a modern utility JavaScript library that delivers modularity, performance, and extras.

Front End Frameworks

Front end frameworks are usually consisting of a package that is made up of files and folders such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. There are many standalone frameworks that are out there. A solid framework can prove to be a great and essential tool for front end developers.



  • Bootstrap: This is a framework developed. in HTML, CSS and JS that is designed for developing responsive, and mobile-first projects on the web.
  • Foundation: This is a family of responsive front end frameworks that makes the development easy for designing beautiful responsive websites, apps, and emails that look amazing for any device.
  • Semantic UI: This is a framework that enables and allows the developers to create beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly code in HTML.
  • Uikit: This is a light and powerful front-end framework that helps to develop faster and powerful web interfaces.


Web Application Frameworks


A Web application framework is nothing but a software framework that is designed to alleviate and aid some of the headaches involved in the development of web applications as well as services.






  • Ruby: Ruby on Rails is a Web application framework that provides everything developers need to create web applications that are backed by a database using an efficient MVC pattern.
  • AngularJS: This framework lets you extend the HTML vocabulary for your web application. AngularJS is a framework even though it is much more lightweight and is sometimes referred to as a library.
  • Ember.JS: This is a rich framework for creating ambitious applications.
  • Express: This is a minimalistic as well as a fast web application framework for NodeJS.
  • Meteor: This is a full-stack JavaScript app platform that assembles all the required pieces that you need to build modern web and mobile apps all using a single JavaScript codebase.
  • Django: This is a high-level Python-based web framework that encourages rapid development as well as a clean and pragmatic design.
  • ASP.net: This is a free and fully supported web application framework by Microsoft that allows you to create standard-based web solutions.
  • Laravel: This is a free and open-source PHP based web application framework to build web applications on MVC pattern
  • Zend Framework 2: This is another open-source-based PHP web application framework for developing web apps.
  • Phalcon: This is a full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C-extension.
  • Symphony: A set of PHP reusable components and a web application framework
  • CakePHP: This is a popular PHP framework that building web applications faster, simpler, efficient and uses less code.
  • Flask: This is a micro framework that uses Python that is based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2


CodeIgniter- Web Development Tools:


This is a powerful as well as a lightweight PHP framework that is built for developers who require a simple and elegant toolkit in order to create full-featured web applications





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Task Runners / Package Managers


Task runners are used for automating specific workflows. For example, you can create a task to automate the process of minification of JavaScript. Then you can build as well as combine tasks to speed up your development time. Package managers can help developers to keep track of all the packages used.  They make sure that you use up to date packages, for the versions that you use.

  • Grunt: Simple JavaScript Task runner for automating simple tasks.
  • Gulp: This enables programmers to keep things simple and to make complex tasks easier to manage that allows automating and enhancing your workflow.
  • Npm: This is a robust package manager for JavaScript.
  • Bower: This is a web package manager and it manages components that contain CSS, HTML, JavaScript, fonts and even image files.
  • Web pack: This is a module bundler that is used for modern JavaScript applications.

Languages / Platforms- Web Development Tools:


You require a web development language when you are developing web applications. A programming language is a formal language that is used to communicate with a computer. It creates programs that allow you to control this behavior.




  • PHP: This is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially used for web development.
  • NodeJS: This is an event-driven Input/Output server-side JavaScript environment that is based on the V8 engine.
  • JavaScript: This is a programming language that is used for the web.
  • HTML5: This is a markup language that is used for communicating with the web.
  • Python: Python is a well-known programming language that is used for statistics and analytical applications.
  • Ruby: This is a dynamic and an open-source programming language that provides a focus on simplicity and productivity.
  • Scala: Scala is a pure-bred object-oriented language that allows a gradual and easy migration to a more functional style.
  • CSS3: This is the latest version of Cascading Style Sheets that are used in the front end interface development of websites and applications.
  • SQL: Stands for Structured Query Language that is used for relational databases
  • Elixir: This is a dynamic as well as a functional language that is designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.


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Some of the most used tools for web development have been presented to you in this article. Although this is not a complete list these tools have been prominently used by many developers worldwide and still remain an all-time favorite and dependable tool that aids web development.


If you’re looking for any kind of web development in Mumbai, then feel free to contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com

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