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Top 10 web app idea for Your Business in 2021

Web Applications (Short For) web apps are now becoming the new face of conducting business. Just building a robust web app is not going to be enough. The idea behind building the web application development needs to be unique and fresh enough to appease the people that are going to use it. It should garner the interest of the target audience and benefit them in some way or the other. Every entrepreneur requires a web app idea that they can use to turn it into success. Thus in order to provide you with an illustration, we have listed down the top 10 web app idea that can work for your startup business.

1. Invoice Generation:


Invoice- Web app idea

When a customer purchases a laptop or a cell phone or any other product for that matter. The bill and all the details that is generated at that moment is provided to the user as a hard copy printed on a piece of paper.

Using an invoice application, the user or customer can simply scan the barcode of the item and generate an invoice of that particular item directly on their phone

For Example: Free invoice generator





2. Online Presentation:

People Discussing Presentation

It can sometimes be difficult for a person to prepare a presentation for his team. With the help of the cloud presentation app that can be used by various managers, the traditional offline method of creating and preparing a presentation will be eliminated. All the team members will be able to collaborate and produce a presentation online by projecting and brainstorming various types of ideas.

For Example:  Free invoice generator


3. Food Delivery Comparison:

Delivery Man with Scooter- Web app idea

If the delivery costs and the food costs are equal then it does not make sense to buy the food. It can probably be a bad deal. Thus this app will help customers have a comparison with which food delivery services offers the best price when you order food online. You will get a comparison chart as to which services cost more for the same food item and which services provides you the best deal for the same food item. The customers can get to fill in the required information such as location preferences, the food choices, and consumer details to get delivered to their doorsteps.

For example: Grubhub: local food delivery




4. Health Care- Web app Idea:

Health Care- Web app idea

Everyone needs a doctor for getting their health checked up. Today’s lifestyle is busy and one hardly finds time to make an appointment with the doctor and chances of missing important health checkups increases drastically.

This app will help the people to make appointments for themselves with their respective doctors even when they are in rush. Patients can easily fill in the details and choose an appointment  near their locations.

For example:  Doctor Finder



5. Truck Loader Services:


Truck Loader- Web app idea

It can become difficult sometimes for a person to look up an affordable pick up truck loading service or packers and movers services. When a person is moving his furniture to a different location or place, he needs  a loading service which is affordable and convenient for handing the packaging and moving tasks. This app will allow the user to search for an appropriate service that is near their location and save important time and money.

For instance: Heavy Truck Loader




6. Restaurant Reservation- Web app idea:

Restaurant Reservation

Using this web app idea the customer can easily book a table in his favorite restaurant that is ahead of the time.

For plans that is made at the last minute, this can prove to be a handy and convenient service and can become a huge support for people who want to dine at great restaurants or pubs.

For example: Open Table



7. Gift Delivery Service:


In this busy life schedule, sometimes people do not have the time and energy to buy a gift for their near and dear ones. This app will feature the idea of picking up a gift or else flowers from the shop and deliver to the address that is provided by the customer. Using this service people will be able to provide gifts for special occasions to their people.

For example: Flowers cakes online



8. Dating Application:

Dating App- Web app idea

Dating has now become a sign of having a romantic relationship. In this global market, with the use of technology, people can easily date with the use of a dating app. The app allows users to find the perfect match that they are searching for. The user simply needs to provide their details and preferences and automatic matches will be shown to them. This will, in turn, help the user to find the perfect match of their choice.

For example: Badoo


9. Touring and Travel app:


Traveling App

For many people, traveling has become a part of their life. But it can be quite difficult to find a suitable place to travel and explore.This can be the next generation app for people who love to travel.

The app can show popular places and the facility to calculate the budget according to the days and nights that the customer wants to spend at that place.

For example: Tripoto Travel App




10. Intelligent Cooking App:


Cooking App- Web app idea

Many people, mainly men who do not know how to cook can benefit from this app. This is the right intelligent cooking app that teaches people to cook for themselves even if they do not know how to do it.

This app will ask for the list of ingredients and suggest interesting recipes that can be made using these ingredients.

For example: Cook’s Recipe App




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We have presented to you 10 awesome ideas that have the potential to be the next big startup idea for 2021.  If you’re searching for the best web development in Mumbai then you have come to the right place. We have talented and experienced developers on pool ready to make your app a huge success. Contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements.

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Things to Consider Before Developing Web Applications


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Nowadays many people consider things to be bought on the basis of its appearance. Web Applications is no exception to this rule. The Appearance factor plays an important role in developing a web application. So many important stake-holders in startup companies such as the CTO, CEO, and founders think precisely while choosing web application development for the development of any application.


Even at the end of the way, the main reason for choosing web applications is because we all want good features and simple interface at the end of the day. Structuring a Web Application is like a long path to walk on. Because learning to build a web application is not ended with its structure.


There are many important things that need to be considered in order to build a useful and reliable web application. These are navigation, functionality as well as coding integrity. A survey shows that 40% of the visitors abandon a website whose loading time is more than 3 seconds. This is a significant point of concern that we need to consider when developing web applications or a full-fledged functional website.


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Moreover, standing in this time and generation, 47% of Internet users keep the expectations of loading a website within a fraction of seconds. Isn’t that funny? It can be funny for us, but for web developers alike, this is a great challenge that needs to be overcome by them. Let the world see the specialty of a fast loading website.


Who cannot live without a smartphone in this generation? The smartphone is such a gadget that brings a revolution in the world of the Internet, and its built-in features amaze us and make it more appealing to us. To date, almost 5.1 billion people in the world own and use the smartphone, this handy dandy gadget.


So it is clear that designing and building a web application is time as well as effort consuming and also is daunting. It is necessary to go stepwise in order to build a strong and an effective web application.



Some of the best ways to create a web application which everyone needs to follow are:



Loading Times

As a developer, you need to be concerned about the loading time of your web application that you are designing and developing. Suppose you want information on a particular thing and need in-depth research, will you choose a website that takes a lot of time to load?

Loading times can create a high impact on the number of users visiting a website as well as customer retention.


Call to Action

You as a developer need to know how important Call to Actions(CTA) is. It is one of the most critical application development process steps which helps in increasing the engagement level of the customer with the content of the website or the web application. These friendly suggestions have a critical role to play for rising customer retention day-by-day.


The customers will gradually start discovering each CTA to know more details about your company, brand, service, product in detail. Installing CTAs will provide you with contact information about your clients and you will have a proposed opportunity to convert them into customers for your product or service.



If you have ever developed a web application you will know how important the role is for providing a simple and easy to use navigation feature for your web application. Suppose you have made an application which is like a virtual maze, customers are bound to lose interest in your website and will probably leave immediately.


When the developer tries to create an engaging and stylish website, it can end like this. So if you are looking to increase the appealing factor for your website, you need to design the website navigation from the visitor’s perspective.



What do you think of the word Functionality, what comes into your mind? It is the service you offer or the way that your website performs? Is it the way by which you have enabled it to achieve. This is a crucial factor to know about web development for beginners.


They have to excel by considering the points which is needed to provide coding in order to ensure the security of the commercial website. You must include survey space, contact form and feedback section for the customer’s purpose.


Choice of Host and Domain

When the name domain strikes our mind, we can only think of 2 big names, Google and Yahoo.
Before projecting your brand across your audience and offering services to them. It is crucial in order to choose the appropriate domain name for the web designing project.


There are several reasons that state its importance. It will help you to perform accurate SEO on your website so that your website will rank in the Search Engine Result Pages. SEO will compare the nature of your business and website developed by you with others of the same category in order to provide you a position in the Search engine result pages




Branding is an important factor that helps in endorsing the company’s product or service. Large companies and SMEs require unique logos that will carry and establish their brand identity. But did you know that the brand logo creates a significant impact on the customers about how they feel about a particular company?


This is the prime thing that can easily attract the attention of the customer. Professional logos of the brand can offer a memorable experience and integrity for the brand experience with all its uniqueness and customer trust.




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Clear Design

While designing any web application you have to make sure that its design is unique as well as the website is bright and sophisticated. Unnecessary images can hamper its clarity as well as affect the ability to retain customers.


The quality and the apparent design of the website should be eye-catching, intuitive navigation and it should be easy to read and understand.


You must know that rather than distracting texts of large paragraphs and images customers normally put their focus on the brand, service as well as crisp content.




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When developing any web application for a business or an organization, it is important to give consideration to vital things such as Simplicity, ease of navigation, load time, user experience, call to action and many more things. In the end, better user experience is a happy and satisfied user. 


We hope that you liked this article and have found it informative. If you’re looking for a web development  in Mumbai, do give us a call. We have professional developers who will design your application and satisfy all your requirements.






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Top Web Application Development Frameworks in 2021


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Over the years, there have been several developments in web frameworks. Each framework provides a different set of work requirements and fulfills different programming needs. As developers, you need to ascertain what are your work requirements to decide which framework you need to use for your development needs. The frameworks that have been showcased in this article have all the requirements fulfilled in order to serve a framework. Developers need to find out the core functionality that needs to be supported by the applications for deciding a framework.  All of the listed frameworks are capable to enable developers to create a working web application.


There exist many frameworks in the market, each framework is different from one another. Top application frameworks are designed and built to help developers to create high quality and robust web applications that utilize a single programming language. Each framework has a different set of scope and requirements that it meets in order to help programmers. Developers can easily figure out the scope of the requirements that the framework meets and is able to easily fit into. Thereby being able to provide a perfect-fit solution for developing a Web application.


Developers can easily figure out the different components of the web application to be created by easily learning the functioning and usages of these web frameworks. The interest in the web application development frameworks for the developers to learn keeps increasing and this, in turn, increases the popularity of these frameworks. 


There is a huge list of Web Application Development Frameworks for you to browse and choose from, so developers have the leverage to select the best framework that would fit their needs and help them in order to design robust and stable web applications.


Here are 15 top Web Application Development Frameworks and their details:



Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is a broadly favored framework that many developers prefer using them to create web applications. This framework observes a push-based MVC engineering approach. The system is based on the open-source standard and many developers contribute to the code to enhance the present functionality of the framework as well as to customize it to some extent. Ruby on Rails is an extension to the Rails framework that was developed to serve as a web-based framework.


The framework utilizes a Model-View-Controller based programming and new components can be designed without any difficulty. This framework runs on Linux.




Angular is one of the best frameworks out there that allow developers to create SPAs or Single Page Applications. Using this framework developers can design rich User Interfaces with built-in functionality. This framework is developed and managed by Google, the search giant.


The users of this framework enjoy huge community support for any kind of programming query. It is a front end system that is particularly well known and popular amongst developers as it permits the programmer to broaden the HTML vocabulary for developing custom web applications.




Like Ruby on Rails, Django also follows and appreciates the use of the MVC model and architecture. For the most part complex as well as information-driven websites are designed and constructed using this MVC structure This framework provides developers with better safety and security when it comes to overseeing passwords as well as the client accounts.




The Ember.js framework offers the best stage for web developers alike to create web-based applications. Ember.js also works to provide and develop single-page applications or SPAs. Engineers can attempt to get their hands dirty when using Ember.js to create applications.




Express is nothing but a Node.js web application server system. This programming stage is sufficiently equipped with different features to enable programmers to create a single page, multi-page as well as half-breed web applications.



Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript framework that is used to develop single-page applications. The framework is based on the open-source technology which means you are free to use and modify the code for Meteor to your liking. This is isomorphic in nature and this means that the JavaScript can run on both the server-side and the client-side or browser.




Cake PHP is a well known and another popular open-source-based PHP framework that has been designed in PHP from the ground up. This awesome programming system helps is creating stunning web applications that are convincing and intelligent and uses less code. It makes use of MVC design and takes into consideration a speedier and simpler approach to development and advancement.




This is a Microsoft created framework that is one of the much broadly utilized structures in order to develop a convincing work area as well as versatile web applications that are even web-based interfaces. It works on HTTP conventions and it streamlines HTTP directions. It is build using CLR that is the Common Language Runtime.


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Symfony is generally used for creating complex business based web applications. It is a PHP based framework that uses PHP libraries/segments. It help in creating advancement procedures.



It works in PHP language and is able to offer a broad exhibit of choices for structure and highlight pressed web applications. It has a clear and easy to use documentation. Additionally, attributed to the standard PHP coding, the code can be easily as well as effectively ported. Along these lines, it is very basic and runs fast.



Developers around the world who hope to create lightweight, effective, as well as efficient web applications, tend to use Node.js quite often. This system helps in designing solid and continuous applications that have a vast amount of information to be shared on various gadgets and devices. Also, the system guarantees adaptable applications as well as high-performance applications.



React.js is the JavaScript library that is open source in nature. It is developed and supported by Facebook, it has a huge and friendly community that helps programmers and designers solve their problems and queries. This library is basically utilized in making a single interface for web-based programs and applications.



Laravel is an open-source PHP based framework for beginners. It is used in developing high-quality web applications. However, it may not be perfect for huge applications with complex business logic. As far as the execution is concerned, Laravel does not come close to Django or Express, which can prove to be a disadvantage for substantial activities



The Spring framework is a Model-View-Controller based system that utilizes Java, the untouched prominent language. Spring has a lot of customization programs that helps its exhibition and allows you to scale your business effectively. The way that it utilizes Java, a specific language, is a genuine expert for some web engineers. The expectation to absorb information can be very steep, particularly if you are not very familiar with Java.



It is a dynamic framework, which implies that even you have a current task at hand, you can use Vue for a bit of undertaking and everything would work fine and dandy. Using Vue you can assemble total frontend applications.


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To sum up, these are the top 15 Web Application Development Frameworks that are increasingly popular in the market. You can use any of these frameworks and work your way towards developing complex and robust web applications that suit your business needs. If you’re looking for a web application development company then do contact us. We are here to solve all your web application designing queries and suit your needs well.


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How to Hire a Web Application Developer


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Every once in a while, the organization that you work for may have a requirement for software applications in order to automate their work as well as increase productivity. It is possible that you might not have a clue about where to hire expert software developers. Software development consists of the following fields: standalone software applications, Web applications as well as mobile applications. Out of these, the web application development is the most popular one that seems to be in the lead for overtaking the different segments.


Web application development is the most prefers stream of software development that has been popular in recent times. This is because the software is rendered on the end user’s screen through the use of the internet or the web. This makes it platform-independent. The end-users system if it is configured with low-end hardware can also run the web application very easily.


One can easily find software developers for different platforms but the first thing to know is how many types of software developers are there and who should be hired in order to resolve their problems.


Types of Software and Web developers


Front End Development



Angular Development:

The angular framework has been extensively developed by Google, this framework is based on the TypeScript language and works with Document Object Model (DOM). The current stable version of angular is 8.0, over the past years, angular has developed huge community support because it is a great framework for developing complex code components.


React JS development:

React JS is a framework that is developed by Facebook. The framework is based on the JavaScript Language and works with a virtual DOM, that is able to render the changes when the code components are modified. Comparatively, the development time is less than major frameworks.


Vue.JS development:

Vue.JS is a framework that is developed by Evan You. This framework is also based on JavaScript and works with the Virtual DOM. Like React, Vue also renders only the changes when the code components are modified. Vue has recently become popular due to the small learning curve and the high code reusability that makes the development process easy and takes much less time.


D3 JS development:

D3 is known as Data-Driven Documents framework, this is a JavaScript-based library that produces interactive and dynamic visualizations in web browsers. It makes use of the widely implemented SVG, HTML5 as well as CSS standards, compared to many other libraries, it offers fine-grained control over the final visual result.


Canvas JS development:

Canvas is able to support 30 different types of visualization charts that render across devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OS and Windows PC’s. This allows developers to create rich dashboards that seamlessly works across devices without compromising on the maintainability and functionality of web applications.


Back End Development

Back End development means that the functionality built with the code will render on the server-side. Back End can be developed with the use of Object-Oriented Programming as well as using the JavaScript frameworks. The most popular frameworks among the developers that are trending are as follows:


Java Development:

Java has been developed by Oracle and is the oldest and the most widely supported programming languages. It is the most popular language among developers. The security, support as well as the functionalities offered are endless with makes it a little difficult to work with but the latest version of Java has eliminated these problems



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PHP Development:

PHP has been influenced by Java, C, C++, and Perl and is one of the oldest and widely supported programming languages. It has a huge development community that helps users with their programming problems and tasks. PHP is used in the development of Facebook but the main problem with this framework is that it requires external libraries for implementing a high level of security.


Node JS development:

Node JS allows developers to use JavaScript to write command-line tools and when it comes to server-side scripting, running the scripts in order to produce the dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the client’s web browser. The motive behind developing Node JS is to be able to build projects that could be debugged in runtime and could reach zero downtime.


Where to find Web Developers and Web Application, developers?

The web developers could easily be found on the freelancing platforms, and they can be hired from companies that offer offshore software development activities. The best part about recruiting web app developers is that you are not stuck with a single developer. If you feel that the developer is not good enough in order to match up to your expectations then you can always ask the company to change the developer or assign you some other developer.


Freelancing Websites:

You can always check out the freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork that provides developers for your work projects. This gives you a chance to select a varying range of experience and expertise for developers. Note that you need to check the past projects that they have done and their contribution towards the project and their role that they played is important to assess whether the developer is able to deliver your project within the stipulated time.


Hire an outsourcing software development company.

If you are looking for a more versatile solution where you don’t have to take care of the project details than simply hire a software development company that will work for you to design and develop the project as per your expectations. Hiring an outsourcing company means that you can work with a wide range of experienced and professional developers who will take care of your project from start to finish.

Hiring a company also means that you do not have to take care of details such as attendance, leaves, office expenses. etc.


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So now you know that there are different aspects involved when you are about to hire a freelancer or a company for your web application development activities. I hope you found this article informative, this will surely help you to select and analyse the best developers and companies for your web software project. If you look to hire a web app developer or looking for web development companies in Mumbai then do contact us. We have the most experienced and professional developers ready to onboard for your web app project.

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Top Web Application Development Trends

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Firstly, It has always seen that there is a change being introduced in the field of computing and app development. This goes without saying that the same trend is observed in web application development field as well. The case is that there are several developments that are taking place and we are about to see some huge advancements in the field of computing and web app development. Particularly, these changes and adaptations lead to the solving of computing problems that technologies faced and lead to the evolution and advancements in the field. These advancements have lead to the discovery of new methods and techniques to code and create web apps and frameworks. These changes have been able to solve some of the major problems in the field of web app development and computing is made easy.

These trends that have taken placed have become a hallmark of excellence and have proved its capabilities to programmers and developers all around the world. These developments are continuing to happen at a fast pace and it is challenging to programmers to keep up with them.

Because there are many developments that have taken place. We are going to ascertain and discuss some of the happening trends and techniques that have lead to these advancements. Here are some of the top web application trends that you need to look out for in 2020.


Web development (also known as website development) refers to the work or the tasks that are involved in developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). The process includes web design, web content development, client or server-side scripting, and network security configuration.

With the developing trends and modified changes, information technology had brought an increasing growth in website development. However, to make your website in notice among all the strong competitive websites you must have to go what is beyond the ordinary and usual.

Therefore, to achieve the new success a web developer must have to befriend with all the new trends in web development. To make your company known for making the best development strategies you should not only find the latest web technologies but also look at what helps you in developing a website worthy of global attention. These trends will give you an idea of what the website you’re designing should look like, but if this is something you feel is beyond your capabilities then you might want to contact us at Nimap Infotech to get an accurate overview and price of web designing and development services that you need.

Here’s a list of some top web application developments which are in trend

Progressive Web Applications

Today progressive web apps are most trending in development. Progressive web apps based on the Internet evolution and adoption of HTML 5 can help you provide the same functionality and flawless user experience. Making your website more progressive it helps you run your website much faster in speed. Offering the users an enhanced experience it makes your website more user-friendly.

Progressive web apps can adapt to any browser, screen size, device, and function even when a user is working offline. It helps you increase the conversion rate of your website. Seeing its extraordinary performance many traditional websites have switched to PWAs.

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Single Page Application

Single page application development is based on JavaScript and works on all browsers and devices. It helps you remove interruption that happens between web pages. Popular examples of SPAs include Facebook, Gmail, and GitHub.

It eliminates the requirement of reloading the web pages by loading all the content through JavaScript. SPAs are comfortable to navigate, consists of no complicated menus have fast loading speed and are simple to use. The major benefit of using SPAs is that it is they can easily deploy cost-effective hybrid apps.

Motion UI

Motion UI interface a trending web development due to its interactive web designs and animations. Its dynamic graphics help you enhance your website’s usability all the time. Its easy usage of tools and techniques gave Motion UI massive popularity among developers. Using its amazing and animated charts, hovers, background animations, and beautiful headers you can make your website unique and different from the crowd.

Motion UI offering more flexibility to work also helps in bringing forth their own styles. Including an animated queuing system, flexible CSS patterns, and easy transitioning Motion UI offers much more.


The E-commerce vertical is another web independent development industry built by its own rules and regulations. E-commerce is the most conservative process of website development. However, the people who know the tricks of handling it can do very well in this. Magento and Shopify are two popularly known platforms used by developers. Collecting detailed information about users and their preferences helps you know the preferences of customers more properly. Therefore, online stores know better about their visitors and offer only relevant products.


With the increasing technologies and development, cyber crimes, breaches, and hacking have increased a lot. Thus, to provide protection cybersecurity or information technology security is a developing trend lurking in 2019. Rightfully so, mobile endpoint security is at the forefront of many businesses looking to protect their digital content. It is computer protection provided against theft and misdirection. It helps people strengthen their security systems to protect their private information, servers, and databases.

Mobile-friendly Designs

In order to meet the growing needs and demands of the market, developers have to create mobile-friendly designs. To bring customers to visit your website it has to be appealing and attractive. Though hardware and user-interface are different between desktops and mobile devices many people adopt the strategy to start digital traffic and increase their website marketability.

Thus improving the quality of user experience it helps web companies to program websites in such a way that the user faces no trouble in using it. Google also released a mobile-optimized search index to give users high-quality user experience regardless of their devices.


Apart from the above-given trends and technologies there are various other technologies present such as – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Voice Search Optimization, etc and many more to shape the application strategy in 2019. However, the top most trending is already covered in our blog.

If you’re looking to hire web application developer for your website business, contact us. We at Nimap Infotech have a variety of developers having good experience in development. Our developers provide effective solutions to shape their customers business. Our web application development company in Mumbai make sure their work ideas give productive growth to client’s business.

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