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Why You Should Opt Flexi Staffing Solutions

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Flexi staffing or flexible staffing is an arrangement of organizations where you can hire employees on a temporary or project basis.

With the increasing trends and technologies and the urgency of hiring employees on varying needs, the concept of Flexi staffing has largely grown in India. According to a random survey it is found today more than 60% of companies prefer hiring Flexi staffing. Including all the industry sectors rather than hiring permanent employees organizations are preferring to hire employees on a quarterly or yearly contract basis. In the coming future, it is more likely going to increase. Not to mention with things like WorkBright offering remote onboarding services, which makes it easier to hire employees without having to physically complete contracts, Flexi staffing has never been easier.

In the flexi staffing model, employees are hired on a contract or project basis from companies who facilitate this procedure of hiring. They are responsible for finding the right talent and making sure they are suitable for the role through procedures such as background checks. They are familiar with the California law on criminal background checks, or whichever state you are located in, so can save you the hassle of carrying out these checks yourself. Of course, you can always contact a third party, like Health Street, who can provide a background check for you if you want to know me about the Flexi staff working for you. These employees follow the on-boarding, pay-rolling, and documentation everything as per their official owner company where they are officially hired.

Flexi staffing bridging the gap between the organized and unorganized sectors help companies fill the resource gaps. Beneficial for both, it’s a win-win situation for both the employees and employers. Providing each other enough knowledge and experience they teach employees agility which is highly beneficial for people working in any sector.

Benefits of Flexi Staffing

Flexible staffing offers numbers of benefits to its users.

Companies generally hire them when they are surrounded by multiple projects. Therefore, Flexi staff is called when organizations are busy and need more employees to handle the workload. It helps companies save large amounts of money. Hiring employees only when required helps them save taxes, and they also do not need to take care of the employees’ other expenses. Therefore, if your company does not have any specialist to work on something particular demand you can simply hire employees, make the work done and let go of the flexible staff. However, thpan>

Every employee has a different style of working and use different tools for their work. Your employee’s staff get to learn many new things while working with flexible staff. Learning about various tools and mechanism your saff gets the best opportunity to get extra learning.

Flexi staff, on the other hand, is equally benefited as they get the opportunities to go to different places. Different compangiving them different experiences make them learn about various different situations and people. Flexi staff having more experience in handling different levels of projects gets increment in their salaries easily.

Varying companies enables them to adapt to seasonal and structural changes. Flexi employees getting vast knowledge of experience can work in any given situation and environment while producing good source results.

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Who Requires Flexi Staffing?

  • Organizations having small or medium business looks for Flexi staffing as it helps them save money.
  • Startups having low budgets with no market positioning looks for hiring flexible staff.
  • Freshers and graduates getting opportunities for working big brands on short term projects gain good working experience.
  • Employees having good working experience as flexible staff can work for multiple clients at the same time.
  • Professionals having special knowledge can also get opportunities to work for big brand companies.

Advantages of Flexi Staffing

Flexible staffing leaves you various advantages to learn and spread your expertise in your career.

Let’s take a look at some of the beneficial of Flexi Staffing :-

  • Hiring flexible staff employees organizations can hire a maximum number of people in their work environment.
  • Employees no need to work overtime as they are getting paid only for particular projects.
  • Maintaining cost of employees are generally low in hiring flexible staff.
  • Hiring flexible staff saves organizations time as they directly come and start working over the project without wasting any time.
  • In case companies do not like the assigned flexible staff work they can directly terminate them without paying anything.
  • Employees working as flexible staff tend to spend more time with their families.
  • Employees working as flexible staff are more focussed and happy as they do not follow any monotonous work pattern.

Why Prefer Flexi Staffing with Nimap

In order to meet the needs and demands, companies and organizations should offer the right solutions to their clients. To meet the clients demands our company is capable to take care of every aspect right from the recruitment to the exit modalities.

Understanding the concerns and risks of flexible employment Nimap promises you the successive result by offering you cost-effective solutions.

Flexible Staffing with Nimap gives you following advantages –

  • Flexibility in the workforce.
  • Suggests you well-experienced employees.
  • Able to outsource employees instantly.
  • Understands project’s seriousness.
  • Provides you cost-effective solutions.
  • Removes expensive contractual procedures.
  • Works according to clients choice of place and location.

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Nimap is an IT outsourcing software development company with having more than 10+ years of experience in development. With a dedicated team of developers, we offer our clients the best solutions in the industry. We have an in-house team of experienced developers and are ready to outsource our developers on the needs and demands of the clients. Our developers are efficient in delivering their client’s customized result as per the companies requirements.

If you’re looking for any developer to design a web or mobile application or seeking to learn or extract any kind of special training session, contact us. We at Nimap Infotech have developers having varieties of development skills to serve the clients.

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Things To Consider Before You Outsource SEO

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While doing business there are numerous elements you should be aware of. One of which matters most among all is SEO which is why it would be worth hiring a jacksonville fl seo firm to help grow your business. Receiving greater success rate SEO has become more popular and important than ever. For every technician, it is important to understand the potential SEO creates on every business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method or a complete framework in itself with a number of rules, guidelines, control, and stages. SEO is used for increasing the search result of your web page on search engine result pages (SERPs) on sites such as Google, Bing, Apple, Yahoo, etc. With the help of companies like First Page Hong Kong, you can improve your visibility quite easily, rather than letting the process happen organically which could take a lot of time.

Increasing the quality of your website, it is used to provide unbiased result based on what you look and search in an easy and faster way. Search engines are capable to identify all the online relevant information to rank them in order of quality and applicability.

Analyzing multiple pieces of data online there are hundreds of factors involved when search engines rank websites through organic search. And the result you get in fractions of seconds is a direct result of SEO ranking. Components like tags, meta description, content, keyword density, links, and images are some of the important things used while improving SEO ranking.

Though important for business, it is time-consuming and asks for lots of patience to see the desired results. This complex process can be carried out in three ways –

  • Do it yourself
  • Hire In-house SEO specialists
  • Outsource or hire SEO experts to work for you

Doing SEO by yourself is a dismaying task unless you’re an expert in it. The most likely thing you should opt is either hire and build your own in-house SEO team else outsource SEO service from any other organization, or you could consult internet marketing experts, like Tyler B Hovarth, the self-proclaimed “SEO king“.

Many times people opt to hire their own in-house SEO employees so that they can get on their business with complete transparency and no outsider to depend on. However, with the changing time, people nowadays started spending through outsourcing SEO employees as per the demands and necessity. As a specialist in SEO, outsourcing SEO safe, that are efficient in helping you increase your business.

Benefits of outsourcing include –

  • Frees up the internal resources
  • Reduces time to market
  • Completes your work in a lesser period of time
  • Improves your business
  • Increases customers focus
  • Improves productivity
  • Receives more ROI

Before you decide which way to choose, there are a few important things you should know before you outsource SEO.

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While thinking about the expenses of outsourcing SEO the first thing you should do is list out the difference in cost between both permanent hiring and outsourcing. Hiring an employee permanently and hiring someone for a period of time are both very different things.

Some may prefer hiring in-house SEO employees while others can choose to pay and get the work done. In both cases, SEO is not easily achievable. Both require time and more than that both need to spend some expenses that benefit them.

If you are planning to expand your business and wants to make a team for your own self only then you should go for hiring in-house Ssomething that is EO employees. Otherwise, opt for outsourcing. It will save you spend your extra expenditures on employees whom you’ll have to pay even when they are not working under any project.

Maybe the time period you are spending to look for SEO experts appears daunting. As there are so many efficient companies promising you deals to complete your work. But sooner or later you’ll find a company offering good benefits at a lower price. Promising you everything that you require.

If cost is your factor to choose, opt to outsource as compared to hiring permanent SEO services. Outsourcing costs you less, providing gret work benefits to increase the ranking of your brand.

Needs and Requirements

While designing and ranking the services of your websites up, the first thing you need to think about is your needs and requirements. What you actually want to do with your website and what are your real goals. You should be careful enough about your requirements and only then you can hire someone correctly. If your website just needs a few changes you don’t require someone to do all the work from scratch.

If you are beginning from start then you can design the website as per your benefits of requirement. You can customize it as per your needs and make it more appealing providing easy and friendly user experience. Also in the case of outsourcing SEO, you can negotiate the price of the project. Whereas in case of hiring in-house SEO employees you are not provided with this choice. You have to pay them regardless of the type of projects they are involved in.

Identify Brands

When you outsource an SEO person they may be completely unfamiliar with your brands and services. Which challenges them to work using different techniques. They can choose to start with SEO content that represents your brand.

For that, you need to deliver them enough information about your business. You have to ask them to take a walk of your complete business to show your vision, mission, and goals.

You should outsource people who are familiar with your brands and should understand your strategic goals.

The Importance of SEO

SEO is classified into three important factors – technical, content and backlinks. In order to rank a website, you will need experts to handle these three factors. You require proper coding to design your website structure, high-quality unique content, and a number of other website links to connect with.

If your technical optimization is great with unique content quality and links that draw you back to your web pages, nobody can stop you making a success with your website. You need good content and back linking for viewers to stay on your page.

The main aim of SEO is to bring more traffic from different and diverse sources which helps you bring potential repetitive customers.

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Whether you hire in-house SEO employees or outsource SEO services the invested time and effort will be the same. It depends on their intelligence how they execute things.

Other than the points mentioned above, there are various other uses and benefits of SEO. Digital marketing is a new future of business where SEO works as a new age tool to increase the productivity of above-mentioned your coSEO expert is a significant investment you need to be very careful about.

To know more about SEO and outsourcing services you can contact and consult us at Nimap Infotech. We have a complete team of SEO experts who can guide you on any type of service and methods to improve your business. If you are thinking of designing a website and requires an SEO expert to handle the same you can contact us.

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How to successfully outsource software development.

To outsource software development is a challenge even in the best of conditions. At the point when your organization is thinking about procuring an outside firm to do your development. For many businesses, the idea of bespoke software seems all too much and they begin looking into the bespoke software vs off the shelf argument to find software that suits them best. However, bespoke software usually comes out on top.

It is incumbent upon you and your staff members to make sure the project comes together without faltering over obstacles.
Key to any specialized undertaking is arranging and expert analysis of where a project is headed, and its development.

While management of the process holds significance, planning for all the future contingencies is likely to clear the way for success with outsourced software development company. If after reading this post you’re still not sure whether outsourcing is the best route for you to follow, or whether you should hire an in-house software developer, speak to a recruitment agency, someone like 100offer, have a list of questions prepared including the expected salary and salary increase of a role like this, that way not only can you weigh up the pro’s and con’s but also the financial aspect too.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

  • There are too many benefits to outsourced software development.
  • Not only can outsourcing deliver commercial benefits to a small and medium business.
  • But it also can deliver them with customized expertise to satisfy short- and long-term solutions for their software development demands.
  • According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, the top motivation for business to outsource includes, cost-cutting and the ability to focus on core business activities and solve capability issues.
  • Outsourcing software development offers business an increased return on their investment


Below are the tips to successfully outsource software development company

Implementing smart methods.

  • Agile or sharp methodologies allow firms to keep a close eye on production and swiftly execute work during a project’s life cycle with an outsourced software development company.
    They allow a business owner sitting at one end and a software developer at the other end to work together.
  • The product can then be assembled in weekly cycles called sprints as per technical and business revenue aspects.
  • Through agile or smart methodology, a business owner and the software development team members can fully understand the nature of the project, the target assigned and the goals to be achieved. To learn more about the development of business software, read this article from Salesforce.

Decide your budget

  • Every outsourcing software development agency is unique. Some offered by packages, some charge as per hour. Just like defining goals, you should define your budget as well.
  • Then analyze the top software development companies to see what they can do for the sum.
  • Many businesses end up making a mistake of choosing the cheapest solution for financial reasons.
  • The most economical solution is not every time a low-quality one but you pay for one which stands true in the software development outsourcing space.
  • Sometimes price could be a factor, but it shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision making.

Instead, if you cannot stretch the budget and can’t hire the best, search for a solution that brings you the correct balance of quality and cost.

Set realistic goals and track productivity.

  • What works better than creating the project’s schedule plan, setting its milestones? Making them measurable, traceable & realistic.
  • Your team should know that the results are achievable. This may be hard and take up a lot of time and effort but is feasible.
  • You may want to create the next Microsoft, but if the team fails to deliver it, is it really their fault?
  • If you don’t take time frames and the complexity of tasks into account, you risk not having anything done or a project that is done poorly.
  • Don’t be too pushy, demanding and negotiate pushily with your outsourcing software development agency. Milestones are definitely an important tool for tracking the team’s progress and productivity but use them carefully.

Check project updates and evaluate the completed tasks according to your standards. And always provide your feedback on the delivered results.

Assess the technical education level of developers carefully.

  • When opting to select an offshore or outsourcing software development company, thoroughly assess the technical background of developers.
  • Do research to check whether their technical expertise fits your requirements and overall standards & strategic goals.
  • If the number of Junior developers in outsourcing business is a lot bigger than Middle and Senior specialists, it means that the country offers profound education in the IT field and invests in its budding talents.
  • The IT outsourcing market in Eastern Europe is developing at a rapid speed. IT companies have increased demand for young specialists. Thus, they are looking for fresh blood and initiate the opening of new programs at universities.
  • They set up innovative labs at universities and work alongside universities and government to stimulate the development of tech education.

Ukraine ranks 11th with an overall score of 88,7 out of 100 among the top 50 countries with the best developers in the world according to HackerRank.

Strive hard for outsourcing transparency.

  • Successful application outsourcing requires communication between a customer and a provider.
  • Both parties need to agree on priorities and information requirements.
  • By choosing a software vendor with a clear and transparent approach, you will find a like-minded partner that will be fully committed to the quality of your software.
  • According to Deloitte’s report on outsourcing transparency evolution, taking a proactive approach to discuss mechanisms and requirements can enable software vendors to provide better information and more efficiency.
  • Transparent providers may offer opportunities for customers to involve them at more strategic levels where they can drive higher value.

Learning how to use outsourcing transparency for risk management and leveraging provider capabilities can gain a competitive edge for both parties.


  • A person dedicated to the sole responsibility of looking after a project can do wonders for software development.
  • An outsourced software development project benefits from a dedicated project manager who is looking after everything all the time.
  • This way every person involved knows there is someone overseeing the whole undertaking and every update gets communicated on time.
  • Project Manager also proves to be a vital need in removing bumps and issues. No software project sails smoothly at first go; there are always some hiccups.

A Manager is in a better position to resolve issues since he or she has a clear picture of what’s going on and where the project needs to be.

Use a project management tool.

  • There are numerous digital applications available to make remind software developers of the tasks assigned to them.
  • When there are large numbers of tasks linked to a project, the nature of it can become complex.
  • Project management applications like Asana, Basecamp, and Trello can help software developers manage project tasks, calendars, and conversation threads.

Run a trial period.

  • If the outsourced software development company works in a transparent model and is confident in their skills, they might be offering a free 2 weeks trial.
  • There is no better way to test the outsourcing team than simply start working together.

Prepare for Long-Term Cooperation.

  • Outsourcing software development involves a long-term relationship between a customer and a vendor.
  • In the automotive industry, you should look for longer cooperation. For Example, a bug in computer software can hardly cost you. But a bug in a vehicle’s autopilot can cost you heavily.
  • This means that you need to outsource software development company that understands the importance of thorough R&D and testing, skipping the ones that promise a fast and easy solution.

You also wouldn’t want your team members to leave, so track employee turnover of outsourcing vendors you choose.

Top Offshore Software Development Companies


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