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M-commerce Advantages and Disadvantages (2020)

M-commerce known as Mobile Commerce is the process of carrying all types of transactions that is, buying, selling, and making payments through a handheld device.


As its name suggests it is easy to guess the equipment or the wireless device used for making the transactions. Being the extended version of e-commerce mobile users by enabling access to the internet can purchase and shop anything. It can be done using any of your wireless devices like cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).  

With the vast use of mobile phones emerging trend of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), m-commerce got its biggest hit.

Use of Bluetooth and online accessing to the internet reduced the time taking the process of purchasing.

Doing all the work instantly helps you conduct purchase and sale of a wide range of products including online banking, bill payments and collecting and delivering goods.

The convenience and the ease of use that m-commerce offers is ultimately very satisfying for many consumers who want the preference of shopping on their mobile devices.

M-commerce is preferred by most consumers as it provides a wide range of products and has competitive pricing compared to offline stores.


The Convenience of Mobile Commerce

With the increased use of mobile devices, many new apps and features got introduced for m-commerce. Like, the use of wallet money or direct linking of bank accounts helped people make the payments without even swiping the cards.


Thus while saving your time from going to the stores it even helped you manage your transactions directly without using your cards physically.


Another great medium that helped customers reach various platforms of m-commerce is social media. Using other applications customers got to know about various other companies and brands. Advertisements that appear in-between applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc helped customers make convenient purchases.


Why M-commerce Is Important?


Mobile commerce delivers electronic commerce services anywhere in the world to the consumer’s hands using wireless technologies. Creating a good user-friendly mobile design interface with an easy and commanding user experience consumers are able to make purchases anywhere in the world. Helping you make easy and safe transactions at any time anywhere in the globe.


Benefits of M-commerce


  • Can buy or purchase online tickets for Movies, Aircraft or any Event.
  • Mobile Purchase
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Mobile Auctions
  • The Mobile Entertainment
  • Mobile Financial Services
  • Location and Search Service
  • No need to use big large size computers
  • Provides you more convenience, speed, and credibility
  • 24 hour you can keep in contact with the world

M-commerce Advantages And Disadvantages


Advantages of M-commerce 


Advantages and Disadvantages of M-commerce



  • Global Customer Base

If an individual has a mobile device and internet connection then they are the potential customer to any platform. Very conveniently as per their needs or requirements they can purchase any goods they want.


Being in one part of the world you can choose, select and purchase any product from any place you want. Not only that you can even pre-order any product or thing for an event in advance. Helping both the buyer and the seller it helps them connect with each other very well.


  • Easy Inventory Management

You can manage and maintain your inventory levels regardless of how small it is. Saving all the product database you can easily know what product is available or not.


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  • Consumer Deals

Since today a large part of the individuals uses mobile commerce as a medium for purchase. Business companies too had started using more mobiles than computers to reach a large number of users spreading various offers and discounts.


  • Time-Saving

Instead of physically going to the store’s users can easily select and purchase any product of any brand and place they want. Saving both the time and energy of the user.


  • Large Order Processing Platform

Rather than checking or buying only from a limited region of the place. Online m-commerce provides you a vast platform to buy and make transactions. Using m-commerce you will be updated with all the information related to your purchase. For example, when will it dispatch, what days it will take, tracking id, etc.


  • Easy To Use

It is the easiest purchase where without any disturbance you can search all the online sites and choose the best among the one.


  • More Access To User Data

Once a purchase is been done from a store user’s information gets stored. Which can be used in the future by sending about the deals and offers to the users. By introducing them with the latest collections and offers you can easily attract them with your collection and deals.


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Disadvantages of M-commerce


Along with providing many advantages to m-commerce it also carries some disadvantages with itself. Here’s a list of the few disadvantages of m-commerce.


  • Smartphone Limitation

No matter how useful it is without the use of smartphone user can never access and navigate the data properly.  


  • Connectivity

In order to use m-commerce, a user requires either the connectivity of WiFi or mobile data connections. Without accessing the internet connections user will not be able to receive any data to purchase.


  • Need Faithful Shipment Company

In the process of buying and selling one thing that links both the buyer and seller is the shipping company. You should tie-up with a good shipping company for delivering your products on time to the users. If they lack to reach the users on time it’s your name who is going to spoil and not the shipment.


  • Security

To complete your transactions many times you choose the online payment option. Entering all the details of your bank and security codes. Which sometimes can harm you, also syncing of data or connecting to unknown WiFi networks may appear risky by hacking or bypassing your information to others.

This were the M-commerce Advantages And Disadvantages.

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M-commerce vs E-commerce

With the daily emerging trends of techno products and internet on the rise, there’s nothing you cannot reach to. Be it your business conference meetings, scheduling or as simple as buying any product.


With the help of the internet, you can do all sitting in one place. Online billing and purchasing of products made e-commerce trade simple and easy. However, with the invention of M-commerce, business techniques received a new wave of growth of success and development in their business.


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E-commerce or electronic commerce is simply known as the activity of buying or selling of products using online services over the internet. M-commerce, on the other hand, simplifying your trading business refers to the business transactions on the internet using mobile devices.


Although both the web and mobile world are equally helpful and important in their use. Mobile users are everywhere to find. Use of m-commerce provides you easy access to any shops online while having access to the internet or cell phone data.


Difference between E-commerce and M-commerce


Although both are very different in their way of approach both aim at the same goals. To understand the difference between both, have a look at the following table.


M-commerce vs E-commerce

Comparison Between M-Commerce vs E-commerce


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