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Java vs C++ vs C

In summary, we are going to discuss the differences and similarities between the programming languages C, C++, And Java (Java vs C++ vs C)

Here are some of the pointers that you will find when you work with programming languages like C, C++, and Java.


 Similarities and Differences of Java, C++and C.

  • C is a procedural language,c++ is an object oriented language .Java is a pure object oriented language.
  • We can create our own package in Java(set of classes) but not in c and c++.
  • Internet programming like Frame, Applet is used in Java not in C, C++.
  • Java uses compiler and interpreter but in C & C++ uses compiler only.
  • We use multiple inheritances in C++ not in Java. In Java, we use Interface instead of multiple inheritances. In c there is no inheritance.
  • C & C++ both are platform dependent which means you can’t run the execute code in any other operating system.Java is a platform independent language.
  • In C we use stdio.h header file .In C++ we use iostream.h, conio.h header file but Java does not support any header files.
  • Pointers are used in C and C++ language, but Java will not support for pointers.
  • There is no Exception handling in C, but it supported by Java & C++.
  • In C no overloading, In C++ supports overloading & in Java operator overloading not support.
  • Storage classes: auto, extern are supported by C and C++, but in Java not supported.
  • The Code of C Language is Converted into the Machine code after Compilation But in Java Code First Converted into the Bytes Codes then after it is converted into the Machine Code
  • In C++ Multiple Inheritance is Possible but in java A Class Can not Inherit the features from the two classes, in other words java doesn’t support Multiple Inheritance The Concept of Multiple Inheritances is Introduced in the Form of Interfaces
  • The use of import statement in Java for including the contents of screen instead of #include
  • Java Doesn’t have Destructor like C++ Instead Java Has finalize Method
  • Java will never support have Structure Union , enum data types

Direct Comparison of Java vs C++ vs C

Programming ParadigmProcedural languageObject-Oriented Programming (OOP)Pure Object Oriented Oriented
Origin The language is based on assembly languageDerived from the  C languageBased on C and C++
DeveloperDennis Ritchie in 1972Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979James Gosling in 1991
TranslatorCompiler onlyCompiler onlyInterpreted language (Compiler + interpreter)
Platform DependencyPlatform DependentPlatform DependentPlatform Independent
Code executionDirectDirectExecuted by JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
ApproachTop-down approachBottom-up approachBottom-up approach
File generation.exe files.exe files.class files
Pre-processor directivesSupport header files (#include, #define)Supported (#header, #define)Use Packages (import)
keywordsSupport 32 keywordsSupports 63 keywords50 defined keywords
Datatypes (union, structure)SupportedSupportedNot supported
InheritanceNo inheritanceSupportedSupported except Multiple inheritance
OverloadingNo overloadingSupport Function overloading (Polymorphism)Operator overloading is not supported
PointersSupportedSupportedNot supported
AllocationUse malloc, callocUse new, deleteGarbage collector
Exception HandlingNot supportedSupportedSupported
TemplatesNot supportedSupportedNot supported
DestructorsNo constructor neither destructorSupportedNot supported
Multithreading/ InterfacesNot supportedNot supportedSupported
Database connectivityNot supportedNot supportedSupported
Storage ClassesSupported ( auto, extern )Supported ( auto, extern )Not supported



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Finally, you can see the differences and similarities of (Java vs C++ vs C) that we have listed down here. When it comes to application development, each of these languages is self-sufficient in designing applications for the desktop platform. If you enjoyed this blog then do check out our other topics as well.




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JAVA vs PHP performance

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Java is a popular programming language specifically designed for the implementation of coupling. PHP is a widely-used open source scripting language specially designed for web development. Both the web applications are equally important and play their roles fantastically.


Choosing the right programming language is very essential for your software project. Once you began with the language you’ll have to continue it till the end. Without a software development expert, it is impossible for you to know which one is best for you. Here’s a look at two of the best programming languages to find yourself which among the two is best for your project.




PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely-used popular programming language designed for writing the widest variety of software application domains. It can be widely ported and deployed on any operating system or platform for free of charge.

Due to its wide variety of use PHP programmers are high in demand.


They can be easily executed using the command line interface and can be used with various web template system, web content management system and web frameworks. Considered as one of the most friendly languages it easily lets you connect with MySQL, Oracle, and many other databases.



It is the most widely used programming language design running in billions of devices on the Java platform. Supporting all the features of object-oriented programming it is much simpler than C++.


Java is a compiled language and so all its applications are compiled into bytecode that runs on implementations of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM/). It helps you bridge the gap between the source code and binary digits that the computer understands. While we’re on the topic of Java, if you are looking to improve the security of data on your computer, it may be worth looking to buy something like an Oracle Java License. As well as this, fixing bugs is also another benefit of having this installed. If this is something you are only just hearing about, be sure to do some research so you get a better understanding.



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Both PHP and Java are easy to learn and code. And both are equally profitable with their features in their areas of work. Therefore according to the budget and need of demand you can easily choose the programming language that suits best for you. Go through the above-discussed differences to choose the best programming language for your business projects.



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