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Django vs Laravel: Which Web Application Framework to Choose?


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In this article, we are going to see the differences and situations where Django performs better and the instances where Laravel performs better. Let us start, Django vs Laravel.


What is Django?


Django is an open-source framework that is used for web development and is written in the Python programming language. The architecture pattern that is followed by this framework is the MVT or Model View Template architecture. This framework is heavily used to develop complex web applications


The Django framework was developed and created by the Django Software Foundation. Django was initially released in the year 2005. Django was licensed by the Berkeley Software Distribution license. It is being used in some well-known websites like Mozilla, Instagram, Pinterest, Bitbucket, and many more.


All the maintenance, as well as releases, were managed by the Django Software Foundation. Django is proven to be lightweight and has a standalone feature for development and testing purposes. The primary purpose of the development of Django was to ease the development of complex web applications in less time and effort.


What is Laravel?


Laravel is an open-source framework that is used for web development and is written and coded in the PHP programming language. This framework follows the MVC or Model View Controller pattern. Laravel also provides a rich set of functionalities that is similar to Ruby on Rails. It can be used to develop and design a content management system (CMS) based applications.


Laravel was initially created and developed by Taylor Otwell. Laravel has been licensed by the MIT foundation. It was first released in the year 2011. Programmers need basic knowledge and advanced know-how of PHP to develop applications. Laravel is used to develop a Content Management System (CMS) based applications. Laravel has an upscale feature to provide more user traffic.


The developer time to code applications has been reduced due to Laravel and it also provides inbuilt features that ease coding applications and maintenance. Laravel has many good features to develop web applications from scratch in an easier and useful way.




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Let look at a head-to-head Django vs Laravel





Django is a full-stack web application framework that is coded and written in Python

Laravel is a full-stack web application framework that is coded and written in PHP

Django is maintained by the Django Software Foundation

Laravel is being developed and maintained by the developer itself and their community under the MIT license

It follows a Model View Template (MVT), model

It follows a Model View Controller (MVC), model

Django supports cross-platform development

Laravel also supports cross-platform development
It supports rapid development features and provides great support from the community users group.

It has a clean architecture and has a growing community users base

Django supports high scalability

Laravel also supports high scalability but the only difference is the language used to write the framework.

It has a vast community developers users base

Laravel community is growing at a fast pace but it does not have a huge community as compared to Django.

Several frameworks also exist for Python

Laravel is the only framework that is considered written in PHP.




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Key Differences- Django vs Laravel:


  1. Django is a high-level framework that is based on Python and provides rapid action development as well as a clean design solution whereas Laravel is also a web application framework that provides an elegant syntax along with different features such as routing, authentication, sessions and caching.
  2. It is able to provide rapid app development, greater community base, great packages, great libraries as well as an easy to learn environment, whereas Laravel provides quick development mode,  dependency injection, application architecture, good community packages, MVC model architecture, and growing community base.
  3. Django has a few cons in a few areas such as unsupported or less performance templating, URL dispatchers, Underpowered object-relational mapping, internal subcomponents coupling, whereas Laravel has a few cons as huge static method calling and slow performance.
  4. Django has various middleware support whereas Laravel has only HTTP middleware. Compared to Laravel, Django is a little bit faster as it uses the programming language Python which is fast in execution, whereas Laravel uses PHP which is slower in comparison to Python.
  5. Django has a lot of built-in tools such as decorators, SEO tools, third-party libraries, etc, on the other hand,  Laravel has simpler features and contains method injection.
  6. Django components are proven to be lightweight in comparison and have serialization and validation systems that are used to translate between web page forms, and database values whereas Laravel have a composer tool that loads all the dependencies and libraries using a file called composer.json that is used to place in the source folder.
  7. It supports ORM or Object Relational Mapping and provides an interface between the application and database to persist the database efficiently whereas Laravel provides query builder and ORM support with an active record implementation.
  8. Django supports multilingual support which is compatible with many multilingual websites using its built-in internationalization system that is present in the internal system. On the other hand, Laravel contains different namespaces as well as interfaces that are used to manage the resources.
  9. Django supports administrative graphical user interfaces that are a kind of ready to use interface for administrative tasks or activities. On the other hand, Laravel authentication and templating engine that is used to design the hierarchy schemas and layouts also include some dynamic content
  10. Django supports some different frameworks like AJAX, caching, RSS feeds and various other features, on the other hand, Laravel has configuration management, routing, and testability where the configuration of management activities always are taking place consistently in different machines where the laravel framework is being used.
  11. Django provides a development environment that includes a lightweight web server that provides easier and faster deployment ensuring end-to-end development and testing activities. Laravel framework includes queues, events and command bus that is used to run the cron jobs and event command bus support executing different commands and dispatches different events in an easier way.



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We have listed the subtle differences and made a head-to-head comparison between Django vs Laravel. There will be instances and situations where Laravel is better and in some cases, Django is better.

It all depends on the scenario as well as the client requirements and benefits that you want your application to have. If you’re looking to hire laravel developers or hire Django developers then do contact enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. You can also hire laravel developers in Dubai, UAE.

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Laravel vs Python vs NodeJS


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Overview- Laravel vs Python vs NodeJS

Often at times there are invention of a particular programming environment or language that changes the game. These inventions are boon towards ushering a new era or generation in computing and programming. We have been able to solve common problems that comes across computing using these newer languages and techniques. These languages make somethings possible that otherwise seemed to a dream. We are going to look at 3 particular languages and platforms that helps mankind. We will compare and contrast 3 languages that are popular: NodeJS, Laravel and Python.

Have you been a programmer or are looking to becoming a programmer. You need to have an eye for the latest trends and updates that are taking place in the IT industry. Did You know that there are about 600 programming languages and this list is constantly increasing day by day?


It is very crucial for any programmer to know the basics of any programming language as well as they should have in-depth knowledge of the programming languages that they are going to use in order to expand their programming careers.


It has been very important to learn newer languages and frameworks in order to stay relevant and updated in the market. This knowledge will ensure that they can grow their careers with the in-demand rising newer languages and frameworks.

Popular demand of languages

There can be several reasons why clients and customers want their projects to be developed in big, popular, and the latest languages. But how can one analyze whether a particular language is in demand or not? Every language has a set purpose and a reason for a job demand for that language.

These languages can be popular for seemingly a wide variety of reasons. These languages provide programmers and developers with the features that was non existent in other older languages.


In order to choose the right language for up-gradation of your knowledge and your skillets, you need to have a basic understanding of the languages. This knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions as well researched choices



Let’s compare and contrast 3 of the most popular programming languages and frameworks that are highly in demand for today’s computational era. (Laravel vs Python vs NodeJS)



It is one of the popular PHP based frameworks. This is a new generation web application framework that is used to design web applications. Laravel has an expressive and elegant syntax representation that encourages less code writing thus reducing the possibility for errors to creep inside the developer’s code.


It makes the entire process of coding a lot easier and fun to perform. This makes development creative and enjoyable. The main purpose of this framework is to ease common tasks that are done by developers as well as reduce the pain points that are faced by developers.


This open-source framework also provides powerful tools for developers that are easily accessible. This framework is capable of easing the tasks such as routing, caching, authentication and sessions that are commonly performed tasks in web-based projects. Laravel also provides a high level of abstraction as well as clear conventions for any kind of logical problem-solving tasks.


Laravel has been quite famous with businesses and developers due to its vast amount of features that it offers. The newer version of laravel already has simplified methods of injection. This web framework is able to cover the needs of small as well as large enterprises. Being a feature-packed platform that offers new capabilities to web developers, it also provides stronger community support in order to resolve any programming issues


List of Features offered by Laravel:


Laravel provides extensive support for MVC architecture,
It provides strong security for web applications.
Gives the facility of providing the Bcrypt Hashing algorithm in order to generate encrypted passwords.
It provides programmers with built-in lightweight templates as well as dynamic content seeding in order to create layouts
It provides the option to write SQL queries in PHP using Object Relational Mapping
Eases and facilitates easy unit testing for developers.




Python is a high-level cross-platform language. It is an object-oriented, interactive as well as interpreted scripting language that is highly readable. The best part of this language is its ability to use English words frequently in code.


If you are starting new and is a beginner in programming then Python is the best language to start with. The syntactical simplicity that this platform provides allows beginners to perform high levels of coding very easily.


Python is an integrated language which means that the code is interpreted line by line during the execution. Developers have no need to learn a specific editor, build a system or develop an integrated development environment in order to use this platform.


Python can be used for a huge and wide range of applications right from the game to internet browser development. It is an ideal language for ad-hoc programming which has been popular nowadays as it also can be used for prototype development. It is a core language that is used for scientific computing, data mining as well as for machine learning.



List of features offered by Python:


Debugging is made easy due to the interpretive nature of the language

It is an open-source and a free language that has the source code freely available

It fully supports the object-oriented concepts of objects and classes.

Python can be easily integrated with other languages

It can run on many platforms equally such as Mac, Unix, Linux, and Windows


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Node JS

Node JS is an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment, it is built on the V8 JavaScript engine by Chrome. It enables major users of JavaScript in order to perform server-side scripting and also run scripts to produce web content dynamically.


It is not like a traditional programming language and its execution is quite different. NodeJS packs more of a run time environment and it makes use of an event-driven model that uses a non-blocking I/o model architecture.


This runtime environment was first introduced by Ryan Dahl in 2009, slowly this environment has developed support for Mac OS and Linux. The support for the Windows Operating system was introduced in 2011, Node JS is scalable, lightweight as well as efficient.

Node JS is useful and easily learned by both backend and front end developers.


List of features offered by NodeJS

NodeJS is single-threaded hence it supports thousands of concurrent connections

NodeJS provides a unified API that allows being combined with JSON data, browser and more

Provides an asynchronous library that is full of features

It is highly scalable to many requests

Applications written in NodeJS outputs the processed data in chunks and hence there is no buffering involved
Code execution is very fast.

It is well instrumented for production usage

It is versatile and is being used for a wide range of exhaustive lists of applications, projects, and companies.

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So we have seen the various benefits and features offered by these platforms Laravel vs Python vs NodeJS. It is evident that every platform has its own pros and cons and it depends on the companies or client requirements to choose a particular programming language or platform depending on the features and benefits that are offered.


If you’re looking to hire Laravel developers or hire python developers or hire node js developers then do contact us with your requirements, and we will help you develop your project






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What are the benefits of using Laravel over plain PHP?

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PHP has been around for quite some time now. It has been used over a multitude of facades for programming. Studies show that PHP is the most favorable programming language that is used for Web Programming. You can use PHP for many kinds of web applications. in this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using a robust framework such as Laravel over just using plain PHP for web programming.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of using plain PHP

  • PHP being a robust language requires you to have some amount of experience when using it for web programming
  • It is easy to use and understand web programming language
  •  It is fast and secure.
  • It is an interpreted language, it does not require a compiler for running and executing PHP
    PHP is well suited for any kind of web applications.
  • PHP is well suited for developing e-commerce applications.

If you’re planning to use plain PHP for any kind of web programming applications, do remember that you require some amount of experience for web programming.


Why use a Framework over Plain PHP?

  • A framework gives you more controls over the web application
  • You do not have to write code or logic for the applications, most of the logic or code is built in.
  • It encourages reuse of code
  • You get all the benefits of using a framework for web applications such as robustness and security
  • Most of the frameworks use PHP as their primary programming language, therefore the benefits of PHP are passed on to the framework.


There are many more benefits that are obtained when using a framework over PHP

In this article, we are going to discuss a popular framework such as Laravel benefits over plain PHP


1) High Security:

There have been cases of numerous cyber attacks that have been taken place on web applications. In such situations, you need a robust framework to safeguard your web applications

One of the most important benefits of selecting Laravel over any other framework over PHP is its capability to provide high-class security. Laravel itself is a very secure framework that does not allow malware to run inside its environment. Malware cannot enter its web apps space. This

means that your web apps are secure and safe. If you choose Laravel you are free from  unintended or hidden SQL injections


2) Enhanced Performance:

Another strong reason to choose Laravel is because of its capability to provide excellent performance of web applications. There have been times where excellent features and functionality have affected the performance of the sites. But in this case, Laravel has come up with tools to boost the performance of these applications. The tools such as Memcached and Redis should be integrated with the Laravel framework while developing the web apps and they have been making the things easier for the developers to enhance the web app performance


3) Powerful Authentication:

The Laravel PHP framework was developed by Taylor Otwell with the sole purpose to help the web developers. He wanted that the developers create the web apps in a much faster way having better functionality. And one of the most challenging functionalities for web developers is to develop the authentication for these web apps. Laravel makes it easy for web developers to develop the logic behind providing access to authorized users.


4) Open Source and Powerful community:

Another benefit of choosing Laravel is that it is open source. But this is enough for you to choose Laravel over other frameworks. Laravel has a powerful community of developers and development companies that constantly as well as continuously provide support to make it even more flexible as well as scalable.


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So if your developer wants to bring onboard some complex functionality, he/she is always open to take expert advise from the community and develop the app as per your needs. In short, your app development does not stop despite the functionalities being complex and you get what you desire.


5) Blade Templating:

One of the main and beneficial features of Laravel is the blade templating engine. This engine allows the web developers to use the predefined templates to write a certain amount of code. These templates do not restrict the developers to write their own simple and plain PHP codes. These templates are intuitive, lightweight as well as dynamic that allows the developers to write code quickly as well as easily. The major benefit of using the templating engine is that it makes your website lightweight without compromising on the performance of the same.


6) Database Migration:

There is one more advantage of using the Laravel framework is Migrations of databases. These migrations easily allow the developers to undo the changes made to the database. Using migrations the developers can easily share the database with other developers within the team easily and smoothly. This was not possible earlier but various Laravel developers came up with such facility. The pairing of these migrations ensures that the database is created and maintained appropriately without the need to recreate it. This saves a lot of development time for your development of web apps.


7) MVC Architecture:

The Laravel framework makes use of the MVC architecture. Because of this, it is said to be the best framework for web development. MVC provides built-in functionality, which the developers can make the best use of while developing your web app. The MVC architecture provides better documentation.


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Conclusion: So you see the benefits of using a framework like Laravel clearly outways the scenario of using plain PHP. The advantages are plentiful. And This proves that it is easier to program using a Laravel framework than it is to use plain PHP to program any web application. If you’re looking to hire Laravel developers or are looking to find PHP developers for your web project then do contact us. Or if you’re looking to hire PHP Programmers then do contact us. You can also hire laravel developers in Dubai, UAE, We are here to solve all your queries about bespoke web development.

Hire Laravel Developers

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