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Sessions conducted by Priyank Ranka for iOS Training at Seclore



In today’s cut-throat competition and fast-changing pace of the IT industry, it is essential for you to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world of technology. If you are a beginner and you are looking for a career in one of the IT related fields, this can become an overwhelming and exhausting task for you.


If you are looking to up your knowledge in the field of the IT industry where there are constant change and trends happening then let me tell you why you need to be swift in ios training, keeping your skills updated with the current technologies.


For any person who aspires to become a software engineer or a software developer, it is essential that he or she analyses the current market and job demands in the IT industry and pursue a technology that helps her to sharpen his or her skills. Today’s education system does not focus on an overall skill development that is highly essential for today’s industry.




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If you ask any experts who are into the software development domain, they will provide you some really valuable suggestions that will really help you out. One of their suggestions will be to join a particular course that will help you to hone your development skills.



They will tell you to take up a course that will provide you with knowledge and know-how about the skills and techniques that are used in developing any apps. These technologies are predominantly been kept afresh and happening in the world of IT. These technologies are iOS, Android, Laravel, ASP.NET, and so on.



These technologies are currently dominating the market for relevant skills and techniques that you can apply to get a job as well as starting your career in the world of the IT industry.


IT technologies can be brutal for kickstarting your career especially if you are new and looking to secure a place in the market of experience and expert developers for designing apps, games, frameworks, and APIs for the client or the consumer.



Learn from the Expert

With the motive of helping many students and professionals get the best out of the software industry. Our Nimap Infotech Co-Founder, Mr. Priyank  Ranka, an iOS expert has taken up upon him to deliver valuable experience and lectures that any programmer or developer new to the industry will find valuable and insightful.



Mr. Priyank  Ranka is a wonderful teacher and a dedicated motivator that inspires many students and software professional looking to make their mark in the IT industry and gain knowledge and valuable insights from him. He does this by providing sessions and lectures about various different in-demand technologies and programming concepts that are being highly used and touted about in the IT software development spectrum.




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Mr. Priyank  Ranka has taken up the challenge to motivate and educate the budding software professionals to acquire essential tips, tricks, and techniques that they can use for developing apps and other things. He says that you need to learn anyone’s predominant technology that is currently in high demand so that you can get the valuable knowledge that you will carry with you for developing great apps and software that no one will teach you.



If you are looking to take your development skills to the next level or are just starting out in the field of development, then let me tell you that you need to take training sessions that impart you the best knowledge and skills for you to survive in the IT industry.



Taking or enrolling in training sessions is one such way of keeping yourselves updated and gaining the skills that you require. For example, to get your career started you can enroll for an iOS hand-on training session courses that provide you the knowledge of how to develop a fully working and capable App for the APPLE environment.



Modern training institutes do not have the expertise or experience that provides practical implementation and know-how for creating an app that can change the way things are done.



It is highly essential to get trained from a person that can provide you with practical and sensible training that shows you the inner workings of the technology and allows you to get hands-on experience with the concepts of programming.



Here is the list of things that you must check if your trainer has:


Reasons why you should Enroll for Training Sessions


  • Practical knowledge of working apps
  • Ability to impart knowledge in bits and pieces
  • Experience and technical know-how of the technology
  • Good communication skills that can even help a grandmother understand the technology
  • Lots of patience and commitment to helps students understand the technology
  • Good ability to explain difficult concepts in simple English language
  • Years of experience developing apps in the core industry for the platform.



There are many more things such as good repo of dealing with students and the ability to make complex concepts simpler and easier to understand for beginners and students.



It is very much essential that you check the experience of the institute from where you are about to take the training.



For this reason, you need to speak with students and trainers since they are the best reviewers of the institute and can suggest you some good training institutes for where you can take the training form.



You need to be trained from a teacher who can arouse the curiosity and inquisitiveness for developing an app for the iOS mobile platform. Your trainer will also help you to develop a love for the language and the passion for development.



With these points in mind, we provide you with the best resources that you can count upon to get yourself trained in the world of iOS swift programming



Get yourself enrolled for iOS training and get trained for the app development challenges for tomorrow. Leverage the expert skills and knowledge imparted by our world-class trainer Mr. Priyank  Ranka who has more than 12 years of experience developing iOS apps and games for the Apple platform.




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If you’re interested and are looking to get your self trained from industry-acclaimed experts then you can drop us a mail to enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. We will get you in touch with Mr. Priyank  Ranka, and he will guide you towards your goal of becoming an iOS developer and an expert in iOS app development. Check out our iPhone Development Guide maintained by our expert Mr. Priyank  Ranka.


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9 Most Important Strategies Of Smartphone App Development

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Mobile phones or namely smartphones have become an essential tool that is necessary in order to conduct different kinds of businesses. From transportation till the retail operations, marketing, hospitality, healthcare, education and manufacturing and more are harnessing the power of mobile apps on this developing innovation. With the quantity rising day by day, clients who associate with mobile devices, there has been an exponential growth and development in the field of innovation as well as application improvement, user-friendliness, and troublesome advancement.

Mobile applications have mostly been preferred by many business leaders. The primary goal behind developing a business mobile app is to be able to maximize business reach and have a higher amount of user engagement. The most effective as well as an efficient way is to be able to reach your target audience where they like to spend most of their time on. Here smartphones play one of the most crucial roles in both customer acquisition as well as interaction.

Smartphones, as well as mobile applications, provided entrepreneurs with a wide and a great opportunity in order to drive their business in a forecasted and a predicted way. Some businesses even rely upon applications for the entire running of their company. For example, businesses like ShinePay use the basis of an app for payments taken for your laundry at laundromats, instead of having to use cash. Businesses are finding new and innovative ways to use applications, like this laundry idea, every day.

A mobile application that is used for business purposes is not just technological innovation. You surely need business knowledge as well as skills in order to develop a highly engaging and user-friendly application. In this blog, we are going to enlist a few main points that every business owner or app developer should keep in mind when developing mobile apps for business.


1) Platform selection:

The basic idea that goes into developing a mobile app is to be able to reach the vast majority of the audience. The platform plays a pivotal role while building a mobile app. Before choosing a platform, you need to analyze the country that you’re targeting, the age group of your target audience and so on. For example, if you’re aim is to target the US market, then you should mainly focus on iOS and then Android, these two platforms are heavily used in the US. You can give little importance to the windows.

One of the most important things that you should consider before developing your mobile app is that initially on how many platforms do you wish to launch your mobile app. Because it is always good to become a master of one platform then you can venture into other platforms.

In order to select the best platform for your mobile app, you need to ascertain some things such as app branding, target audience, app features, as well as the pricing strategy. After deciding these things you should consider the development methodology for your business app, Native, Mobile Web, or Hybrid. Native apps have numerous advantages but it can be slightly more expensive.


2) Native or Hybrid:

Native apps are mobile applications that have been developed precisely for a specific platform or a mobile operating system. For iOS, Swift is being used and Java for Android. As the native apps are made especially for a particular platform, they are able to take advantage of the operating system functions. It has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software functionalities, and it is able to use the latest technology made available to mobile devices such as GPS, One-touch pay, camera, as well as the fingerprint functionalities.

On the other hand, hybrid apps are nothing but a combination of native and web apps. It is nothing but an application that can be deployed in various operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows, and can even be run on major browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and IE. It uses the principle of write once, deploys everywhere.

Hybrid apps are cross-platform and these apps can be distributed between app stores swiftly and immediately without several versions. Most of the hybrid apps are developed using cross-compatible technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Mobile, Titanium, Phone Gap as well as JavaScript.

Both types have their own advantages as well as disadvantages, Going forward with a naive approach can be costly or expensive, and time-consuming at the same time. It is able to give a faster and more fluid user experience. Comparatively, going with a hybrid approach can cut your app development costs and shorten the development time considerably, but the mobile app developers will have to play around with the disadvantages. So before you choose native or hybrid you should look into the preferences as well as priorities and then choose the one that most suits your needs.


3) Backend:

This is also a preferred choice when it comes to developing a mobile app. The majority of the apps that are launched today are API driven. At the same time, not all the apps that you develop would require a custom backend and can also connect to mobiles using APIs. Your developer can handle the entire app with a local database, as well as these apps do not require any kind of backend support. From a developers point of view, you should analyze the need for a backend and keep the constraints such as cost and time in mind in order to set up a back end and take a decision.


4) Mobile Analytics:

Analytics is a very important part of any kind of technological innovation. There is a need for a tool to check how things are working. But when it comes to mobility, analytics is yet to be used in full capabilities. If your organization chooses to implement analytics, you need to keep in mind that it should be related and relevant to your business goals and can help you to understand the performance of your business app. Mobile analytics can be captured for the enhancement and understanding of better user interaction as well as engagement.

The overall experience can be strengthened vastly and the functionalities can be modified and enhanced. Before you begin to implement analytics, you should have a clear understanding of what kind of data you want to track as well as the store. You have to plan it well ahead of the development time during the development phase so that analytics can provide you with the right results every time.


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5) UI / UX design:

You should not ignore this aspect before you start developing the app, doing this will make your app a failure. UI/UX is holding a strong role in today’s mobile app world. This is so important that the entire fate of the app resides on this objective. You should be able to understand the difference between UI and UX. UI is the interface design and UX is the user experience for using the app. A good UI with a poor UX will not work for you. This part of the business app development is very important because 99% of the user will not return to the app if they have a poor experience when using your app.

User experience is an increasingly important feature when you use the digital landscape. An app defines how the user thinks and feels about your business. It is about making something valuable, easy to use and effective for your target people. You should not make the app confusing to use or complicated.

A well-thought smartphone application should be able to offer seamless user experience and this can translate into several user benefits. The functionality and the content that is used by the app must be on the same page with your target audience. The end product must be a superior quality customer service. If your app is unable to provide excellent user experience, it can harm your brand image.


6) Target Audience:

Identifying your app users is very important and crucial for your business.
You should always remember to focus on your audience when you are creating the app. Factors such as the country which you are about to target, the age group of your target audience, gender as well as the interests of the people should be widely considered for the app design.

For example, if you’re developing a shopping app, you should put more pictures and illustrations and less content. This will help to get a connection to your app. Even if the app is very much sound technically, the long term success depends upon how much satisfaction a user gets from the app.

Questions like which audience will be using my app and how it can add value to their lives should be asked before you start developing the app. If you are able to meet the expectations of the users, then definitely your app is going to rise in popularity and will help you to get more revenue


7) Competitor App Analysis:

It is always beneficial to see what your competitors are giving. Try to use similar apps that you want to develop for your business needs as well as think and analyze as a user. You will get to know what your customers expect from you. It is always useful to provide an extra feature or an enhanced version of the feature for the users instead of what is available in the market. There are literally hundreds and thousands of apps available in the market from which you can pick up the top 10 apps from your competitors and analyze them fully. Once you should get to know what your competition is providing you can plan on improving your app. Going that extra mile can be the deciding factor.


8) Development method and guidelines:

There are certain fixed development models and methods that you need to follow and abide by. The app development method usually depends on the quality of information that you have in hand before you start to develop your app. It is always beneficial to follow an agile methodology of development when you have an overall picture in your mind about what you are going to put in your app. The agile method usually involves a certain number of iterations before you arrive on the end result for your product. If your requirements are very clear then you can use the waterfall method.

You must abide by and follow all the guidelines of the specific platform that you have chosen, if you follow the same approach for multiple platforms, then it is not going to work out. You need to put your placement buttons in the right place as per the guidelines. If you fail to put it in the right place, then it can have a negative impact on the user experience.



9) Size and Screen Density:

An application is designed in a manner such that it is able to fit on your screen. There can be subtle differences in the screen size. In some instances, it may be hectic to make sure that the app fits your screen well. Some of the popular screen sizes are 1920 X 1080, 1200 X 768, 1280 X 720.


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Today around 2 billion people are using smartphones. This number is expected to rise to 4 billion by 2020. The number of mobile devices is more than PCs and around 70% of people spend their time browsing on the apps. The opportunity is huge and the market is large, so when developing an app for your main business you should keep the above points in mind.
If you’re looking to hire android developers or hire iOS developers for your smartphone app then do contact us. We have the most experienced professionals on board who are ready to assist you in developing your smartphone app.


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How to hire an iOS Developer

In this article, we are going to discuss the various options that are available when you hire an iOS developer, the procedure for hiring an iOS developer, and what all things you should keep in mind when you are about to hire an iOS developer.
You should assimilate and understand the different roles as well as responsibilities of various iOS developers and know what skills to look for when it’s time to talk about how exactly to hire iOS developers.

There are three options that you can consider:

  • Form a group of in-house iOS developers
  • Hire a software outsourcing organization or company
  • Hire a freelance iOS developer

Which one is the most suitable step for you, let’s analyze and find out.

When to form an in-house development team of iOS developers

There are many companies who have outsourced their development projects in the past have now considered setting up an in-house development team for their projects, Skype, Slack, Opera are some of the big giants involved in this transition.


If you have just started a company, it is considered to be a more balanced solution for you to outsource your project and put the in-house development team together when the viability point is reached. What does this mean? This viability comes when you have launched a product in the market and see that investors and users have started taking an interest in your project. This fact may attract you to monetize your project or may indicate that you should start attracting funds or generating profits from it.


Thus, you should start allocating resources to hire dedicated iOS developers along with some of the technical staff to work in house as well as keeping the entire team afloat. This is not a one size fits all strategy but still is a good option.


On the other hand, hiring an in-house tech staff is considered to be more reasonable for some SME or medium-sized companies and enterprises who specifically builds products that majorly involves complex business logic and requires constant cooperation between other developers and departments.


Definitely an in-house team has advantages and disadvantages.



  • There is ample opportunity for you and your developer to cooperate with one another.
  • There are no limitations with respect to communication and distance.
  • Developers get full knowledge about the product as they do not work on other projects.
  • If you offer them good employee benefits, they’re likely to be productive and work efficiently on whatever project they have been given.


  • The in-house team is on the payroll which means that you need to pay them even if you do not have any work or tasks to be done for them.
  • It can be quite challenging to hire the right talent for your project and also remember that they prefer to leave from time to time so be prepared to find new developers again and again.
  • You need to pay for other stuff as well such as office rent, electricity, equipment, telephone, hardware, software and so on.
  • They enjoy vacations, and sick leaves and other employee benefits your employees will enjoy while you pay them.


When to Hire an Outsourcing Company.


If you are looking for an efficient and a cost-effective way to hire iOS developer then you should always pay attention to Software Outsourcing Companies

As the basic rule applies, there are two models

You hire a software outsourcing company for iOS app development (One or more developers) and you can pay them in accordance with a per hour rate of the company for each individual. This model is sometimes called out staffing or a dedicated team. In case you pick this model then there will be management aspects that will lay on your shoulder, and the hired developer can work as both a part of your team and carry out the tasks.
You can contact Company representatives, as well as explain your requirements, and then they build an app from scratch. In this case, all the management tasks lay on the company


Pros / Advantages

  • If you have an urgent requirement for finding and hiring an iOS developer then outsourcing can be one of the best options that are available for you.
  • There is no need to worry about vacations, sick leaves, office space rent, or any other factors that may halt the development process.
  • Unlike freelancers, developers who work in a firm can communicate with one another and share their experiences.
  • As a rule, the hourly rates for freelance developers compared to experienced developers working in a firm are the same and sometimes even lower.
  • It is still cheaper than hiring an in-house developer and you also do not have to pay taxes.
  • The entire management process lays on the project manager and you can get constant feedback from him/her.

Web & App Development Service

Cons / Disadvantages:

  • In case the company that you have picked is located in a different country, then you may face some delays in communication, which can be solved by simple communication schedule.
  • There may occur some cultural and language barriers with some countries.


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When to Hire a developer who is freelancing

Freelance developers is quite a widespread option that is available when it comes to any kind of services. It is no big deal to hire a developer who will be able to make an app for you. When it comes to long term requirements, freelance iOS developers are not always fit to be a good option when you are looking towards long term cooperation.


It is more reasonable to hire freelancers in order to complete a project that has set requirements and time frames. For example, you can hire freelance iOS developers for any kind of bug fixing and performing tasks related to adding some additional features to a ready-made app. HowYou will find dozens of websites from where you can hire developers. The most viable option is UPWORK, this being the most popular and credible one. What’s more, this is the most appreciated platform for finding freelancers; you will find an ample amount of talented developers here. Also, the website has a very flexible search filter for anyone to find an incredible resource talent here. It also has an option to carefully explore and scrutinize freelancer’s profiles. It is important that if you are a small business that you are using advice from bloggers like Sebastian Friedman on how to manage freelancers within your business. This should allow you to make the most out of this method of gaining experienced help.


We can also recommend you to use LinkedIn to find and hire iOS developer. This is the main idea of this professional social network, to be able to find and hire developers when you need them. There are a lot of freelance developers looking to work on iOS projects. It is quite simply not only to hire developers but also any other specialists by merely entering the position you are looking for in the search bar.


You can also use other social networks as well if you have experience looking at the talent and project that they have done in the past. GitHub is another platform where you can check plans and hire developers based on their past work.


Advantages of this method

  • The freelancing market is full of developers with varying levels of expertise and experience. You will not find it challenging to hire the right developer for your iOS project.
  • Hiring a freelancer is often comparatively cheaper than many other available options.
  • You do not have to pay any salary to a freelance worker in case you do not have any work for him/her
    You do not have to worry about office space, taxes, vacations, sick leaves, and so on.

Disadvantages of this method

  • Freelancers are on their own for developing projects. They cannot cooperate with other developers and team members when it comes to participating in a project as jointly as say, outsourced workers can or an in-house team can.
  • There is no guarantee that the freelancer will abandon the project and will leave you hanging in the middle of the development phase.
  • Failed deadlines is often a widespread problem that occurs among freelancers.
  • There exist language and culture barriers problems when it comes to working with freelancers
  • You cannot be sure that the freelancer is entirely dedicated to working for your project and will not have any side projects.
  • The work of a freelancer simply states that there will be frequent changes to the project, and your freelancer will simply switch to another plan if he/she gets stuck on a problem where there is no viable solution available or simply gets bored working on a single project.
  • To learn whether your developer has the required expertise, you can always check the iOS developer’s portfolio or simply ask about the expertise directly. In case you are considering an outsourcing company, look for a dedicated page on projects or a case study for a particular project.


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So now you may have understood the various benefits that one can have when you are going to hire or outsource iOS developers for your new project. If you are looking to get certified for an iOS app development course then do check out iphonedevelopmentguide.com. You will get the best expertise for any kind of iOS app development project big or small. You can also hire iOS developers in Dubai, UAE. If you are looking for any kind of iOS training in Mumbai, then also contact us for the best iOS guidance under the watchful eye of expert professionals.

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