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How to Hire a Web Application Developer


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Every once in a while, the organization that you work for may have a requirement for software applications in order to automate their work as well as increase productivity. It is possible that you might not have a clue about where to hire expert software developers. Software development consists of the following fields: standalone software applications, Web applications as well as mobile applications. Out of these, the web application development is the most popular one that seems to be in the lead for overtaking the different segments.


Web application development is the most prefers stream of software development that has been popular in recent times. This is because the software is rendered on the end user’s screen through the use of the internet or the web. This makes it platform-independent. The end-users system if it is configured with low-end hardware can also run the web application very easily.


One can easily find software developers for different platforms but the first thing to know is how many types of software developers are there and who should be hired in order to resolve their problems.


Types of Software and Web developers


Front End Development



Angular Development:

The angular framework has been extensively developed by Google, this framework is based on the TypeScript language and works with Document Object Model (DOM). The current stable version of angular is 8.0, over the past years, angular has developed huge community support because it is a great framework for developing complex code components.


React JS development:

React JS is a framework that is developed by Facebook. The framework is based on the JavaScript Language and works with a virtual DOM, that is able to render the changes when the code components are modified. Comparatively, the development time is less than major frameworks.


Vue.JS development:

Vue.JS is a framework that is developed by Evan You. This framework is also based on JavaScript and works with the Virtual DOM. Like React, Vue also renders only the changes when the code components are modified. Vue has recently become popular due to the small learning curve and the high code reusability that makes the development process easy and takes much less time.


D3 JS development:

D3 is known as Data-Driven Documents framework, this is a JavaScript-based library that produces interactive and dynamic visualizations in web browsers. It makes use of the widely implemented SVG, HTML5 as well as CSS standards, compared to many other libraries, it offers fine-grained control over the final visual result.


Canvas JS development:

Canvas is able to support 30 different types of visualization charts that render across devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OS and Windows PC’s. This allows developers to create rich dashboards that seamlessly works across devices without compromising on the maintainability and functionality of web applications.


Back End Development

Back End development means that the functionality built with the code will render on the server-side. Back End can be developed with the use of Object-Oriented Programming as well as using the JavaScript frameworks. The most popular frameworks among the developers that are trending are as follows:


Java Development:

Java has been developed by Oracle and is the oldest and the most widely supported programming languages. It is the most popular language among developers. The security, support as well as the functionalities offered are endless with makes it a little difficult to work with but the latest version of Java has eliminated these problems



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PHP Development:

PHP has been influenced by Java, C, C++, and Perl and is one of the oldest and widely supported programming languages. It has a huge development community that helps users with their programming problems and tasks. PHP is used in the development of Facebook but the main problem with this framework is that it requires external libraries for implementing a high level of security.


Node JS development:

Node JS allows developers to use JavaScript to write command-line tools and when it comes to server-side scripting, running the scripts in order to produce the dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the client’s web browser. The motive behind developing Node JS is to be able to build projects that could be debugged in runtime and could reach zero downtime.


Where to find Web Developers and Web Application, developers?

The web developers could easily be found on the freelancing platforms, and they can be hired from companies that offer offshore software development activities. The best part about recruiting web app developers is that you are not stuck with a single developer. If you feel that the developer is not good enough in order to match up to your expectations then you can always ask the company to change the developer or assign you some other developer.


Freelancing Websites:

You can always check out the freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork that provides developers for your work projects. This gives you a chance to select a varying range of experience and expertise for developers. Note that you need to check the past projects that they have done and their contribution towards the project and their role that they played is important to assess whether the developer is able to deliver your project within the stipulated time.


Hire an outsourcing software development company.

If you are looking for a more versatile solution where you don’t have to take care of the project details than simply hire a software development company that will work for you to design and develop the project as per your expectations. Hiring an outsourcing company means that you can work with a wide range of experienced and professional developers who will take care of your project from start to finish.

Hiring a company also means that you do not have to take care of details such as attendance, leaves, office expenses. etc.


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So now you know that there are different aspects involved when you are about to hire a freelancer or a company for your web application development activities. I hope you found this article informative, this will surely help you to select and analyse the best developers and companies for your web software project. If you look to hire a web app developer or looking for web development companies in Mumbai then do contact us. We have the most experienced and professional developers ready to onboard for your web app project.

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How to hire an iOS Developer

In this article, we are going to discuss the various options that are available when you hire an iOS developer, the procedure for hiring an iOS developer, and what all things you should keep in mind when you are about to hire an iOS developer.
You should assimilate and understand the different roles as well as responsibilities of various iOS developers and know what skills to look for when it’s time to talk about how exactly to hire iOS developers.

There are three options that you can consider:

  • Form a group of in-house iOS developers
  • Hire a software outsourcing organization or company
  • Hire a freelance iOS developer

Which one is the most suitable step for you, let’s analyze and find out.

When to form an in-house development team of iOS developers

There are many companies who have outsourced their development projects in the past have now considered setting up an in-house development team for their projects, Skype, Slack, Opera are some of the big giants involved in this transition.


If you have just started a company, it is considered to be a more balanced solution for you to outsource your project and put the in-house development team together when the viability point is reached. What does this mean? This viability comes when you have launched a product in the market and see that investors and users have started taking an interest in your project. This fact may attract you to monetize your project or may indicate that you should start attracting funds or generating profits from it.


Thus, you should start allocating resources to hire dedicated iOS developers along with some of the technical staff to work in house as well as keeping the entire team afloat. This is not a one size fits all strategy but still is a good option.


On the other hand, hiring an in-house tech staff is considered to be more reasonable for some SME or medium-sized companies and enterprises who specifically builds products that majorly involves complex business logic and requires constant cooperation between other developers and departments.


Definitely an in-house team has advantages and disadvantages.



  • There is ample opportunity for you and your developer to cooperate with one another.
  • There are no limitations with respect to communication and distance.
  • Developers get full knowledge about the product as they do not work on other projects.
  • If you offer them good employee benefits, they’re likely to be productive and work efficiently on whatever project they have been given.


  • The in-house team is on the payroll which means that you need to pay them even if you do not have any work or tasks to be done for them.
  • It can be quite challenging to hire the right talent for your project and also remember that they prefer to leave from time to time so be prepared to find new developers again and again.
  • You need to pay for other stuff as well such as office rent, electricity, equipment, telephone, hardware, software and so on.
  • They enjoy vacations, and sick leaves and other employee benefits your employees will enjoy while you pay them.


When to Hire an Outsourcing Company.


If you are looking for an efficient and a cost-effective way to hire iOS developer then you should always pay attention to Software Outsourcing Companies

As the basic rule applies, there are two models

You hire a software outsourcing company for iOS app development (One or more developers) and you can pay them in accordance with a per hour rate of the company for each individual. This model is sometimes called out staffing or a dedicated team. In case you pick this model then there will be management aspects that will lay on your shoulder, and the hired developer can work as both a part of your team and carry out the tasks.
You can contact Company representatives, as well as explain your requirements, and then they build an app from scratch. In this case, all the management tasks lay on the company


Pros / Advantages

  • If you have an urgent requirement for finding and hiring an iOS developer then outsourcing can be one of the best options that are available for you.
  • There is no need to worry about vacations, sick leaves, office space rent, or any other factors that may halt the development process.
  • Unlike freelancers, developers who work in a firm can communicate with one another and share their experiences.
  • As a rule, the hourly rates for freelance developers compared to experienced developers working in a firm are the same and sometimes even lower.
  • It is still cheaper than hiring an in-house developer and you also do not have to pay taxes.
  • The entire management process lays on the project manager and you can get constant feedback from him/her.

Web & App Development Service

Cons / Disadvantages:

  • In case the company that you have picked is located in a different country, then you may face some delays in communication, which can be solved by simple communication schedule.
  • There may occur some cultural and language barriers with some countries.


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When to Hire a developer who is freelancing

Freelance developers is quite a widespread option that is available when it comes to any kind of services. It is no big deal to hire a developer who will be able to make an app for you. When it comes to long term requirements, freelance iOS developers are not always fit to be a good option when you are looking towards long term cooperation.


It is more reasonable to hire freelancers in order to complete a project that has set requirements and time frames. For example, you can hire freelance iOS developers for any kind of bug fixing and performing tasks related to adding some additional features to a ready-made app. HowYou will find dozens of websites from where you can hire developers. The most viable option is UPWORK, this being the most popular and credible one. What’s more, this is the most appreciated platform for finding freelancers; you will find an ample amount of talented developers here. Also, the website has a very flexible search filter for anyone to find an incredible resource talent here. It also has an option to carefully explore and scrutinize freelancer’s profiles. It is important that if you are a small business that you are using advice from bloggers like Sebastian Friedman on how to manage freelancers within your business. This should allow you to make the most out of this method of gaining experienced help.


We can also recommend you to use LinkedIn to find and hire iOS developer. This is the main idea of this professional social network, to be able to find and hire developers when you need them. There are a lot of freelance developers looking to work on iOS projects. It is quite simply not only to hire developers but also any other specialists by merely entering the position you are looking for in the search bar.


You can also use other social networks as well if you have experience looking at the talent and project that they have done in the past. GitHub is another platform where you can check plans and hire developers based on their past work.


Advantages of this method

  • The freelancing market is full of developers with varying levels of expertise and experience. You will not find it challenging to hire the right developer for your iOS project.
  • Hiring a freelancer is often comparatively cheaper than many other available options.
  • You do not have to pay any salary to a freelance worker in case you do not have any work for him/her
    You do not have to worry about office space, taxes, vacations, sick leaves, and so on.

Disadvantages of this method

  • Freelancers are on their own for developing projects. They cannot cooperate with other developers and team members when it comes to participating in a project as jointly as say, outsourced workers can or an in-house team can.
  • There is no guarantee that the freelancer will abandon the project and will leave you hanging in the middle of the development phase.
  • Failed deadlines is often a widespread problem that occurs among freelancers.
  • There exist language and culture barriers problems when it comes to working with freelancers
  • You cannot be sure that the freelancer is entirely dedicated to working for your project and will not have any side projects.
  • The work of a freelancer simply states that there will be frequent changes to the project, and your freelancer will simply switch to another plan if he/she gets stuck on a problem where there is no viable solution available or simply gets bored working on a single project.
  • To learn whether your developer has the required expertise, you can always check the iOS developer’s portfolio or simply ask about the expertise directly. In case you are considering an outsourcing company, look for a dedicated page on projects or a case study for a particular project.


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So now you may have understood the various benefits that one can have when you are going to hire or outsource iOS developers for your new project. If you are looking to get certified for an iOS app development course then do check out iphonedevelopmentguide.com. You will get the best expertise for any kind of iOS app development project big or small. You can also hire iOS developers in Dubai, UAE. If you are looking for any kind of iOS training in Mumbai, then also contact us for the best iOS guidance under the watchful eye of expert professionals.

Save upto 40% on Web Development Services

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4 Ways Hiring Android Developers Offshore Increase Productivity

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While living in the age of digitalization everyone here would be well aware of the differences between iOS and Android. You can hire Android developers for all your app requirements. The use of smartphones has successfully caught up everyone’s attention. To customize your digital life the progress of the brands has marked their success not only in smartphones but also in watches, cars, and television.
With the increased demand for developing mobile applications, especially for business purposes organizations are opting to recruit developers to level up and match their calls.

A website of the company plays a critical role as it is represented as the face of the company. Therefore, it becomes necessary for business owners to hire or outsource developers who are reliable and match up with their expectations.
Outsourcing, therefore, has become a superb choice for companies who have years of experience in application and website development. Hiring the right developers to design your Android website is a crucial aspect of the mobile app development process. You should look for the developers with some experience who understands and fulfills your needs. To deliver you a platform that is both scalable and robust to produce friendly, and highly responsive performance.

Before you move ahead and learn about the benefits offshore Android developers provide to increase the profitability and productivity of your business companies. Let’s read out what offshore means and how it is profitable.

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What Do You Mean By Outsourcing?

Outsourcing also termed as ‘contracting out’ refers to a business practice in which a company hires another organization or its individuals to perform and handle tasks for their own company. The practice of outsourcing is conducted for people’s time by contracting with a third party service.

Initially, outsourcing was recognized as a business strategy during the year 1989. However, with time and use of service, it became increasingly popular and become an integral part of business economics. Moreover, outsourcing has provided a great way for startups, founders, and entrepreneurs to search talented employees at a considerable amount. Businesses prefer outsourcing as it helps you provide efficient employees at a much-reduced cost.
Let’s take a look at many of the few advantages of how hiring Android developers offshore can help you increase your and your teams’ productivity.

1) Low Cost

When you hire in-house employees your company and work budget by-default rises and you couldn’t help it increasing more. While owning a company the first and the foremost fact for a businessman is to save money whenever it is possible. Even behind hiring people, their main motto is to increase their company’s profit by investing less and making more. And to do so, instead of hiring employees for the full time you should go for hiring them on a contract or project basis.

Offshore employees are already much more experienced and knowledgeable. Which further save you spending your time and expenses on their training. While hiring companies or employees you will be paying them only when required (depending on your project). Thus hiring offshore developers from India improves the performance and efficiency of your services at relatively lower prices. Offshore developers from India to save both your time and money while improving the operations of your company.

2) Business Oriented Strategy

After working over multiple projects and websites for various themes of subject and business industries programmers start recognizing the problems by simply seeing the application or website. It keeps you updated with all the latest tools and updates. It makes you efficient enough to handle any phase of the challenge you face while working over the project. It efficiently manages your company and job of work.

It makes you build a strong team of developers to work over your project. Which further benefits you in cases where even if an employee gets sick or could not turn up for a day or two your project keeps going without getting affected. Unavailability of one or two developers doesn’t affect you holding up your project. You do need a strong busy Focus on Business

Hiring professional or specialist developers increase the focus of your other team members. It moves your teammates to pay more focus on the project activities by developing their interest. By hiring developers specially for one particular project makes your other employees focus on the remaining project. They accordingly thus can fix and manage their duties of work.

4) Easy to Market and Handle

As compared to permanent workers, employees who are hired delivers you better quality projects. And that too using the least resources, saving both your time and budget. Therefore hire as many developers you want, they will end up giving you profits without making you fall into any losses.

Professional developers end up improving your business agility with their experience of developing high-quality web applications, enhancing the growth and productivity of your company. Now, if you’re not sure about your business agility and how professionals could improve it, you can always find a good article on business agility and do some research to find out which parts of your business are working effectively and which parts need improvement. By hiring developers you can set fixed limits of budget for each project to successfully count your profits.

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Hope this blog post about how Hiring Android Developers Offshore Increase Productivity helps you take better decisions for your projects. Offshore outsourcing playing an essential role in increasing the productivity of your business provides more privileges to IT and software companies. With minimized risk tenancies and maximum flexibility, offshoring helps developers offering custom solutions.

If you’re thinking of creating and hiring Android developers, you can discuss your ideas with our highly talented developers at Nimap Infotech. With good experience of knowledge, they will provide you the best solution for your projects.

If you’re looking to get yourself trained for a full-fledged iOS app development course, then contact us We have expert trainers to help you with your mobile app development journey. You want to learn iOS app development or android app development it’s your choice. Looking for mobile app development training, well your search ends here. We have world-class trainers available to guide you for the android app development course. We have the best iOS training company faculty ready to guide you in your endeavors. Learn from the best experts in the industry. Contact us now.

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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Android Developers Offshore



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Because of the growing digitalization and smartphone craze, you must be very well aware of what Android is and how it functions. Developed by Google this mobile operating system is based on the modified versions of Linux kernel and other open-source software. Android development and its upcoming progress has taken all app development companies by storm. This is the age where Android has around more than 80% market share in the field of mobile operating systems all around the world. Therefore there are many companies and aspiring businesses that are looking to develop android apps for this emerging and growing market. There has been a spur in developing android apps for nearly all kinds of businesses and forms. If you have a business, chances are that there will be an app available on the play store for supporting your business operations and facilitating as well as managing your customer base.


Initially, the software is designed for smartphones and tablets that are for the use of touchscreen mobile devices. However which further got developed with the specialized user interface. Like Android TV, Android Auto, Android wear watches, Android games and many more. For business purposes, Android App development leads to increased productivity with better ROI on the business. With the ecosystem spread across all android devices you can now seamlessly sync all your personal data as well as your preferences to be constant across the devices that you use in your daily lives.


Outsource Android Developer visit: https://nimapinfotech.ae/


What Does Offshore Mean?


Offshore in simple terms is known as the process that provides or outsources digital services to overseas companies. Offshore outsourcing removing the headache of hiring simply outsources their digital services for a particular time period. Depending on the time or project when a company obtains its services from outside the country. This means that you can hire developers and pay for the services of developing an app for your business as well as create an awesome environment for your customers to interact with your business. This can be of utmost profits for your business and what you do.


Thus obtaining the services to work for your company from outside the company where it is established is known as offshore outsourcing. The biggest advantage it provides is that you can hire services from low-cost region to get your work done at a very low-cost price.


Do you know How to develop an app for android?

The process of involving or outsourcing digital services to overseas companies is known as offshore development. Using the process of offshore outsourcing business enterprises will receive custom-built software and dynamic web and mobile applications without getting any headache of hiring.


Often, the terms offshore and outsourcing appears interchangeably but there are some subtle differences that exist.


Advantages of hiring offshore developers include:


  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Minimal risks
  • Talent Acquisitions
  • Tax savings
  • Quality
  • Managed services
  • Time-saving
  • Access to best skills and technologies
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Saves time and efforts


Here’s a list of ways showing how hiring Android developers offshore can increase your mobile development team and business’ productivity.



1) Effectively Delegate Tasks

task delegationWhile you expand your business development it is natural to hire developers for handling your increased work. If you think multitasking can help you it can only be done to a certain extent. For handling each task properly you need to hire developers.


However, if you don’t want to take risks with your budget and want to go smart with your business. You can think of hiring offshore developers.


Android app developers offshore allow you to add members in your team to evenly divide your work tasks. Hiring developers from offshore provide you more flexibility in your work. Offshore developers help you add developers to your team with different goals, knowledge, talent, and the environment. It helps your teammates learn more things from them.


2) Control

ControlIf you have a big project you can even hire and make a small team of your offshore developers. The team will work according to your instructions in the way you want your project to be.

Giving you complete control over your team you can plan, decide, and develop strategies to guide how your team should work. It will help you take complete control over your project operations.



3) Enhances Productivity

Enhance ProductivityWith the development of Google’s latest version – KitKat, Android opened many opportunities for their customers. Combining both the search technology and data on mobile devices it introduced many new features. With the use of these Android developers can access all the information, data, contacts and other apps such as Gmail, Chrome, Search, Drive, and Maps. Also, Google’s personal virtual assistant will help you learn about many new things.


Leveraging this technology any Android developer can create and design a good app of their choice. It makes the Android platform enhance its productivity and overall user experience.


4) Individual Services and Security


Depending on the needs of your work and projects Android developers will go the in-depth study to the needs of the application. Offshore developers will always provide you suggestions that are new to improve your application.

However, the only challenge one will face while hiring an offshore Android developer is security. Hiring offshore developers is very common increasing the chance of fraud and threats.


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Therefore always be professional when it comes to working. No matter how well you know the offshore developer always signs an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with them. It will keep your companies information safe and free from the reach of the wrong hands.


5) Exchanging Rates Difference

Exchanging Rates DifferenceThe difference in currency rates adds great benefit in increasing your income. Helping both the developers and owner difference in the currency rate will always serve more profit. This is just one example as to why people would look for the cheapest way to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as well as physical currencies if they’re wanting to try and make some profit. The same principle can also be applied to using different exchange rates to bolster income.






6) Error-free Projects

error freeHiring a developer offshore benefits you as they are always experienced. They work with high standards of proficiency and reliability. They will always take your work seriously to complete it as soon as possible. This guarantees your error-free submission of projects.









Thus hiring an offshore developer assures you excellent project deliveries. Offshore developers are filled with different skills. Bringing different talents in one room will generate your ideas in a completely new way. You can tell and add all the extra features that you want to show up in your work. They will always work on your projects putting 100% efforts.


Hire the best Android developer to design your app in the most innovative way. If you do not have much knowledge about Android development applications hire Android developers or offshore android developers who can guide you. You can also hire android developer in Dubai, UAE.

Read more about Android development services at Nimap Infotech to know more about Android solutions. Our Android developers are always ready to help you meet your needs.

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