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How can augmented reality be used in Education and Training

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Many of us are aware of games like Pokemon Go and what their capabilities are. We also know how AR works thanks to such type of games and snap chat. But the magic done by AR does not end there. AR is successfully being used in other fields such as education and military training, medicine and health care, etc.

In this article, we will have a look at some use cases where augmented reality is heavily used in the education and training fields. Let’s find out what AR brings to the learning experience.

Industries that use augmented reality for education and training

Today many industries are considering the use of AR solutions for enabling faster and much effective learning. Let us have a look at the use cases of augmented reality in education for the following fields.

1) Augmented Reality for classroom education

Using AR in any classroom education can easily turn a boring and dull lecture into an interactive and engaging lecture that can really benefit the students in their learning experience. As a result, the classes have become much more interactive and arouses the interest of the students.

AR helps the students to remember the information that they have just learned about the subject. We can review a few examples of augmented reality in the classroom and education.


There is an app called Dinosaur 4D+ that uses AR and a set of flashcards.Users of the app can scan the flashcards in order to see 3D dinosaurs. Students are able to see dinosaurs in action, rotate them, and zoom in and zoom out. The app is also designed to provide information about each dinosaur.

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Elements 4D uses AR technology for making the act of learning chemistry more fun, interactive and engaging. Students have to create paper cubes from special element blocks. Then they have to place the paper cubes in front of their device’s camera in order to see the chemical representation of the chemical elements, their names, and their atomic weights. For exploring the elements, students can bring together two cubes of different elements and see their chemical reactions in order to find out if they react with each other.

History and Science:

Google expeditions have been providing for both VR and AR tours that allow the teachers to use augmented reality in education. With the use of AR technology in mobile devices, users are able to bring 3D objects inside classrooms and then walk around to explore them.

These objects can be as immense such as tornadoes, volcanoes or even DNA and as simple as cars and bikes. Google Expeditions can cover various subjects and is able to offer more than 100 AR expeditions throughout the circulatory system, history of the technology as well as the moon landing.

2) Augmented Reality for Medical Education and Training

Medical students are able to improve both their knowledge and their skills by taking advantage of augmented reality and virtual reality. This might be the sort ore are several which inclue the follosowing:

Cr of human models that allows the medical students to learn anatomy in depth
Providing training opportunities for medical students using th help of simulators

Practising surgeries on virtual patients.

Human Anatomy Atlas is an app that allows students to explore the human body and understand how it works. The app is capable to show 3D models of the human body and enables students to rotate and interact with them. Human Anatomy Atlas provides more than 10000 anatomical models and presents information in 7 different languages. The app also provides a test bank for conducting quizzes in order to help the students to check and improve their language as well as knowledge.

Touch Surgery is an app based on health that specializes in providing surgical simulations.
Touch Surgery has collaborated with DAQRI, an AR company in order to launch an AR platform that lets users practice surgery on virtual patients.

Nowadays there have been many historical projects that have been created for medical education and training that makes use of the Microsoft HoloLens, mixed reality (MR) smart glasses. There is the HoloAnatomy app developed by Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic. This app has helped medical students to learn anatomy by making use of their own bodies as medical holograms and mirror their movements.

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3) Augmented Reality in the Space Industry

The space industry has always been the first to adopt advanced technologies. No wonder this industry has been exploring augmented reality. Technologies such as AR and MR can help the astronauts with daily tasks such as maintaining a space station. Using goggles, workers can receive visual work instructions without the need to refer to user manuals.

Nasa has already tested project Sidekick that makes the use of HoloLens to perform virtual instructions and illustrations in order to help crew members to perform complex tasks. This approach has the potential to reduce crew training requirements.

4) Augmented Reality for Military Training

While training plays a vital role in the military sector. It can not always feasible to put soldiers in a particular location for training purposes. Augmented reality technology can help to create an environment for training soldiers and allow them to get trained more often.

It also helps save traveling costs and minimizes the need for special equipment, as AR can add virtual objects. Although this is not a replacement for traditional military training, there are already systems that eliminate the need to travel to remote locations and help soldiers to train without putting them in danger.


AR has been adopted by many industries and has been put to used to help people in learning and performing tasks easily. In the coming years, we will witness the boom of AR usage in virtually every field that uses computer simulation to learn and train users in their field.
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The 10 Real-World Examples Of Augmented Reality Technology

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Augmented Reality has been proved to be emerging as one of the key drivers that are behind technology and the economy. Some estimates prove that the total value of the AR market is supposed to reach $100 billion by 2020.

This is because AR apps, handsets, headsets, as well as smart glasses hold the promise to add a high amount of value to virtually any industry that implements it. To help create this type of technology, the use of a high density interconnect pcbs, is important to implement. From retail to manufacturing, all these industries are benefiting from AR technology. AR is already showing great potential to solve some of the biggest problems and pain-points that exist, and we would not have to wait until 2020 for AR to make a big impact across all domains and verticals.

From education to distant or remote work, here are 10 business cases for AR technology that are set to come up in the distant or near future.

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Medical Training:

From operating MRI equipment to perform complex surgeries, AR technology holds immense potential in order to boost the depth and effectiveness of imparting medical training in many areas. Many leading medical institutions have already adopted the use of AR technology to help assist students to learn and undergo training that helps one dive into the human body in an interactive 3D format.


In today’s retail environment that depends on physical activity, shoppers are using their smartphones more than ever for comparing products that they are browsing. World-famous Brand in motorcycle manufacturing Harley Davidson is one great instance who is looking to make the most use of this trend. They have developed an AR app that shoppers are able to use in the store. Users who are looking to buy a motorcycle in the showroom, and customize it to their requirements to see what features and colours they might like on their vehicle.

Repair and Maintenance:

One of the biggest use cases that make use of AR technology is the Repair and Maintenance for complex machinery and equipment. Whether the machinery is an MRI scanner or a car motor, maintenance staff have already begun to use AR headsets and glasses while the staff performs their jobs to provide them with useful information on the spot, and suggest potential fixes, and point out troublesome areas. This use-case will only get stronger with the passage of time as machine-to-machine IoT technology grows and can feed information directly to AR headsets.

Design and Modeling

From interior designing to architecture and construction, AR has been helping professionals very much and immensely for visualizing the final products during their creation process. Use of headsets has already enabled architects, design engineers, and professionals step directly into their creation of buildings and spaces in order to see how their designs might look like in the real world, they can even make changes virtually on the spot. Urban planners might also get to remodel entire city layouts depending on how they look using the AR headset visualization. Any designing or modeling job that may involve spatial relationships are a perfect use case example for AR technology.

Business Logistics:

AR presents a variety of opportunities in order to increase efficiency and cost savings across many areas of business logistics and supplies. These may include transportation, warehousing and even route optimization. Shipping company DHL has already implemented smart AR glasses in some of its warehouses where lenses are used to display to workers the shortest routes within a warehouse to locate and pick a certain item in order to ship it. They provide workers with much more efficient ways of working and going about their jobs is one of the best ROI use cases that define what AR can do for the sector. These up-and-coming technologies when coupled with the likes of maintenance management software for warehouses and other facilities can then greatly improve the logistics of an operational warehouse that never sees downtime.

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Tourism Industry:

Technology has already gone a long way in advancing the tourism industry in recent years. Review websites such as TripAdvisor to informative websites like Lonely Planet. However, AR presents a huge opportunity for travel brands and agents to give potential tourists an even more immersive experience before they decide to travel. Imagine taking a virtual tour about how a place will be going to look like before actually travelling to that place, for example, a leisurely stroll around Paris to see what museums or cafes you might like to visit. AR promises to make selling trips, vacations and travel a whole lot easier in the future.

Classroom Education:

While technology such as tablets already become widespread in many schools and classrooms, teachers and educators alike have been using AR to ramp up a student learning experience utilizing AR technology. The Aurasma app, as an example, is already being used for classroom training so that students can view their classes via a smartphone or a tablet for a more richer and fulfilling learning experience using AR technology. Students learning about astronomy get to see a full map of the solar system or those inside a music class can be able to see musical notes in real-time as they learn to play an instrument.

Field Service:

Whether it is a small device such as an air conditioner, or as large as a wind turbine, everyday field service technicians are getting dispatched in order to repair a piece of mission-critical instrument that needs to get up and running as soon as possible. Today these technicians arrive on site equipped with AR glasses and headsets and view whatever that they are repairing and get to more quickly diagnose and troubleshoot the issue with a piece of machinery or equipment. And instead of having to manually go through a user manual, technicians can go about their business hands-free to get in and out faster than ever.

Entertainment Properties:

When we talk about the entertainment industry, it is all about building a strong relationship with your character and audience. Properties such as Harry Potter are immensely successful because the readers of the book and the watchers of the movie feel like they already know the characters and are hungry for additional content. Entertainment brands are now able to view AR as a great marketing opportunity to build deeper bonds between their characters and the audience. Pokemon Go is a prime example of this. The older versions of the game, like this Pokemon Diamond ROM Download for NDS which you can get online, had great character design and detailed world-building. However, since the game has begun using AR technology, it’s brought the characters of the game into the real world. Furthermore, the makers of the sensational game Pokemon Go are soon planning to release a Harry Potter-themed AR game that fans can get to interact with day in and day out.

Public Safety:

Whenever an emergency arrives, people will immediately reach out to their smartphone to see what is going on, where to go, or whether their loved ones are safe. Moreover, fire responders arrive at the scene of a fire or an earthquake to see who needs help and what is the best way to take them to safety. AR is showing promise in solving both pieces of the puzzle. First responders who are wearing AR glasses can be alerted to danger areas and show in real-time the individuals that need any assistance and enabling them to be aware of their surroundings. For those in need, geolocation enabled AR can easily show them directions and the best route to safety, safe zones and areas with firefighting or medics.

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AR is continuing to come up with supporting innovative ideas and techniques to augment and amplify our daily lives. In the coming years, AR is going to achieve new heights and be used in almost any vertical or domain. If you looking to hire a company for developing robust AR solutions then contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. You can also Hire Augmented Reality Developers in Dubai, UAE. We have the most proficient developers onboard for your project.

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Augmented Reality- The Driving Force Behind Todays Technology


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Augmented Reality may not be as exciting as the real world or as a virtual reality roller coaster ride but the use of this technology is proving to be a very effective tool in our everyday lives. Augmented reality is yet to make a big splash in the sex industry, unlike virtual reality where a number of different accessories are already exciting people all over the world!


There has been a wide range of applications for augmented reality for example, social media filters and surgical procedures. Augmented Reality is rapidly growing in popularity because it is capable of bringing the elements of the virtual world inside our real world, thus being able to enhance the things we see, hear and feel. When we compare with other reality technologies, augmented reality lies in the middle of a mixed spectrum of reality, Similar between the real world and the virtual world.


Let’s discuss what Augmented Reality is all about.

Augmented Reality is a bettered or an enhanced version of reality where live direct or indirect views of the physical real world are computers augmented with some superimposed computer-generated images over user’s view of the real world thus enhancing one’s current perception of reality.


Augmented Reality Explained in Simple Words
The origin of the word called augmented is to augment, and that means to add or enhance something. As far as Augmented Reality (AR) is concerned, graphics, sound and even touch feedback is added to our natural world in order to create an enhanced user experience about the real world.


Unlike virtual reality, which mandates you to be present and inhabit an entire virtual world, augmented reality uses your existing natural world and simply overlays virtual information on top of it. As both the real world and the virtual world coexist, users of augmented reality are able to experience a new and improved version of the natural world where virtual information is used as a tool in order to provide assistance for everyday activities.


Applications of Augmented Reality can be as simple as a simple text notification or as complex as an instruction on how to perform a life-threatening surgical procedure. They are able to highlight certain features, able to enhance understandings, as well as provide assistance and timely data. Cell Phone apps and business applications produced by companies make use of augmented reality are a few other examples where the technology is driven by augmented reality.



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Real-world Examples

AR applications have become the backbone of the education industry. There are many apps that have been developed which have embedded text, videos as well as images and also has a real-world curriculum.
Printing and advertising industries are developing apps that are able to display digital content on top of real-world magazines.
Using the help of AR, travelers are able to access real-time information of historical places just by pointing their camera viewfinder to subjects.

AR is very helpful in the development of translation apps that are able to interpret the text in other languages for you.
Location-based AR apps are the major form of AR apps, Users can access information about their nearest places that are relative to their current location. They can get information about the places they choose based on the user’s reviews.
Using the Unity 3D engine, AR is being used in order to develop real-time 3D games.


There are many benefits that Augmented Reality brings to the table:




AR is helping students achieve enhanced learning results through visualization and enables full immersion in the subject matter. Instead of reading theory in books, students can see, understand and engage with book concepts in real-time. As a result education becomes much more accessible and fun.




AR is being used in the medicine industry widely. AR enables surgeons to perform complex surgeries with ease and provides data about the human body abnormalities in real-time, Doctors use and diagnose patient illnesses by using this data. This data is superimposed to see key patient data with digital images.



With the help of AR consumers can know the size and the appearance of the product in realistic ways before making a decision to purchase the product. It also tells how the product will look and function in the buyer’s location. For example the app Dulux Visualizer, consumers are able to try out a shade of paint for their room before they make the decision to buy it. Using a smartphone camera, they would scan the room and visualize as well as virtually paint the room with any colour.

Professional Training:

AR accurate reproduction, as well as simulation of on the job conditions, can help workers master the skills practically required for the job. This includes allowing professionals such as teachers, physicians, soldiers, police officers to practice and hone new skills before applying them in real situations.


Auto Repair:


Using an AR app that is installed in a mobile or tablet, mechanics making repairs on today’s highly complex vehicles are able to see superimposed images and information on their devices, this allows defective parts to be located quicker and repairs to be broken down into a series of simple steps that can be done manually.


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Augmented Reality has a multitude of benefits that is helping technologies deliver much more than what has been planned. It has helped the medical science and education industry tremendously and is continuing to benefit from the use of AR in the tourism and hospitality sector. With whatever AI has provided us till now, we are very sure that this technology will dominate the world of technology for a long time to come.

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