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Application Of Artificial Intelligence in Business

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Artificial Intelligence has now made a tremendous impact on society. It was once a notion that was confined to only Sci-Fi Movies and research papers. Now has slowly but steadily made its entrance into our society.

Today there have been numerous applications that run on Artificial Intelligence. These applications are being used to make our lives easier and more comfortable. From Apple’s Siri to Google’s Deep Mind. Consider Siri for our example, Siri uses NLP or Natural Language Processing in order to interpret voice commands and being able to respond accordingly.

Google’s Deep Mind, on the other hand, uses Deep Learning. Deep Mind is able to make connections as well as reach meanings without relying on the pretext of predefined behavioral algorithms, instead, it learns from raw experiences using data as a medium of its inputs. In fact, by implementing findings from Deep Minds Google was able to improve the efficiency of its own data centres thus reducing the energy required for adequate cooling by 40%.

In the business sector, Artificial Intelligence is enabling businesses for working smarter and more efficient and faster thus enabling it to do more using significantly fewer data. As the technology, as well as the society, continues to advance, more companies, as well as organizations, are looking for much more powerful and sophisticated solutions that is going to improve and streamline the operations procedure.

Thus it is important for us to appreciate that artificial intelligence is nothing but an umbrella under which numerous technologies can reside. Deep learning, Machine learning, computer vision, robotics, artificial general intelligence, cognitive computing, natural language processing as well as knowledge and reasoning are just some of the main branches that have streamlined from Artificial Intelligence.

The current state of Artificial Intelligence

However, many of the applications of AI that we are able to see today are considered to be weak AI. This is because we have yet to realize their true potential. Weak AI, that is also known as Narrow AI is a non-sentient AI that is able to provide focus on one task alone. The applications of AI that are made available need to be though or in other words directed to be able to provide insights to a user’s needs.

Strong AI, on the other hand, refers to AI applications that are able to formulate human decisions without using any human input, apply intelligence to multiple problems and functions and be able to behave much more like a human. We are quite some way from strong AI

Yet despite current AI solutions not being true AI, the benefits, as well as the capabilities that they provide to us, are extraordinary, and many industries have already started incorporating some or the other form of AI in their day to day processes and tasks.

Current Industries are applying AI to their day to day operations
In some industries, AI is capable of providing automation for business intelligence and analytics processes and is able to provide a holistic view and end-to-end solution. In others, computer vision is being used to map as well as navigate terrain, and contribute to the development of smart driving cars that are able to learn to drive as humans do. Here are few of the examples of how AI is being used in different industries:

Application Of Artificial Intelligence

Banking and Finance:

Many banks use various types of applications of AI in order to detect fraudulent transactions or activities. The AI software is given a very large sample of data that includes fraudulent and non-fraudulent purchases and is trained in order to determine whether a transaction is valid based on the data. Over time the software is able to become increasingly adept at being able to spot fraudulent transactions based on what it had learned previously.

Retail-Online Customer Support:

Many websites are now being able to offer some or the other form of chat functionality where you are able to talk to customer service representatives or sales representatives. In many instances, it is just some form of automated AI script that begins these conversations. These AI chatbots are capable of understanding the natural language that is human conversations and can readily assist customers in finding out what they need to know as well as extracting information from the website, or directing them to the appropriate page or persons for further support.

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As cyberattacks are increasing in frequency, more sophisticated tools are used to beach cyber defense mechanisms. This is one of the reasons why businesses usually outsource their it support cardiff because they need trained professionals that can help keep their system secure. In industries that hold sensitive data about their clients and operations, they can experience hundreds of attacks a day. Human operators are no longer being enough. Top organizations across the world are investing heavily into cybersecurity and businesses all over the US are finding themselves in need of a company like Scarlett Cybersecurity to improve their security measures. This is to be able to ensure that their confidential data is protected. Real-time threat detection, mitigation, and prevention is ideally what is needed for businesses. And AI can deliver these results.

Using machine learning algorithms and feeding those algorithms with great quantities of data. IT and security experts can be able to teach the AI solution to be able to monitor behavior, and detect anomalies. This is to adapt and respond to threats and issue alerts. AI has risen and quickly become a key component in business security infrastructure and businesses are storing data gathered from employees into a secure Digital ID network. AI is able to provide multilayer security and strategy that is robust and sophisticated. AI is going to be used heavily to help man defend itself from cyber attacks as well as predict attacks before they occur. It is no doubt that AI is proving to be beneficial to man.

Preparation for integrating AI solutions across departments

Organizations that are able to respond rapidly to opportunities in AI will have an advantage. This advantage is in the landscape of the future. But because AI is evolving rapidly. The challenge is to ensure that the business has the necessary strategies and plans to support AI capabilities. These capabilities are available to the masses, and the right AI technical infrastructure is produced to support it. For many businesses, it is not a question but it is rather a target when to adopt AI. On that basis monitoring and development of AI technology and planning far in advance is essential to adopt AI successfully.

The optimum strategy is to be able to observe, learn as well as experiment with the current implementation of AI. Investing heavily in AI technology can turn out to be ineffective. This can be damaging to the business’s adoption and utilization of future based AI solutions. Instead of trying to determine how your business can benefit from AI solutions. How you can build it to drive efficiency into core business processes. Start with the outcome that you want to achieve in order to modernize your environment. Remember AI would not necessarily replace human operators anytime soon. But it will enable and empower organizations to do much, much more. WIth the integration of AI solutions, it is going to help mankind to simplify tasks and jobs.

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Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing and is going to take the world by storm. Organizations can leverage the use of AI for bettering its processes and to increase productivity. AI is not going to replace humans in jobs but is going to help us increase our efficiency level. We hope that you liked this article and have enjoyed reading it. If you like to undergo an artificial intelligence course in mumbai then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. You can also hire python developers for the implementation of artificial intelligence work in your projects. Artificial intelligence is developed and is continuing to be developed to augment and amplify our lives. This goes without saying that AI is helping human beings. This is to carry and process work resulting in efficient and simplified processes that helps humans. AI is really helping human being to really get on with their lives.

So this was Application Of Artificial Intelligence hope you like.

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Technical Approach To Artificial Intelligence For Beginners


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Artificial Intelligence has given numerous advantages in this computer age. In this article, we will see what is artificial intelligence and what drives it. How it will impact the digital revolution ahead.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability given to any machine to perform cognitive functions such as perceiving, learning, solving problems as well as reasoning. These machines are said to have AI built into them.

Artificial Intelligence exists when a machine is said to have the cognitive ability. The proposed benchmark for a machine to have AI is the human level of reasoning, speech as well as vision.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Levels:


There are three basic levels for Artificial Intelligence:

1) Narrow AI: Artificial intelligence is said to be narrow when the machine is able to perform a particular task better than a human being. The current research of Artificial Intelligence is here now.


2) General AI: Artificial Intelligence reaches the general state when the machine is able to perform an intellectual task with the same accuracy level as a human would.


3) Strong AI: Artificial Intelligence is said to be strong when a machine can beat humans in many tasks.


Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost all industries and has been giving a technological advantage and edge to all the companies integrating AI at a scale. According to McKinsey, AI has the avid potential to create 600 billion dollars in value for the retail sector, bring 50% more incremental value in banking as compared with other analytical techniques. In the transportation and logistics sector, the potential revenue jump is 89% more.


Subsequently, if an organization uses AI for its marketing activities, it can very well automate many of the mundane as well as repetitive tasks, allowing sales representatives to focus on tasks like relationship building, lead nurturing, and many more such tasks. An organization named Gong provides a conversation intelligence service. Each time a sales representative makes a phone call the machine records transcribes and analyses the chat. The VP can use AI analytics and recommendations in order to formulate a winning strategy.


In short, AI provides a cutting edge technology to deal with complex data which can be impossible to handle by a human being. AI automates redundant jobs and allows a worker to focus on the high level, value-added tasks. When an organization implements AI on a scale, it leads to cost reduction and revenue increase.


History related to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword today, this term is not new. In 1956, experts from different backgrounds decided to organize a summer research project on AI. Four bright minds lead the project John McCarthy (Dartmouth College), Marvin Minsky (Harvard University), Nathaniel Rochester (IBM), and Claude Shannon (Bell Telephone Laboratories).


The primary purpose for this research project was to tackle and use “every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence that can in principle be so precisely described that a computer machine can be made to simulate it.”


The proposals of the summit included


  1. Automated computers
  2. How a computer can be programmed to use a language?
  3. Neuron nets
  4. Self-Improvement


It led to the birth of the idea that intelligent computers can be created. A new era began, that was full of hope- Artificial Intelligence.


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Types of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence can be divided into 3 sub fields.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is nothing but an art of study of algorithms that is able to learn from experiences and examples.

Machine Learning is based completely on the idea that there are some patterns that exist in the data that were identified and used for future predictions.

The difference shown in hard-coding rules is that the machine learns on its own to find such rules.


Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning. Deep learning does not mean that the machine learns from more in-depth knowledge. It means that the machine uses different layers to learn from the data. The depth of the model is represented by the number of layers in order to learn from the data. For example, Google LeNet model for image recognition counts 22 layers.

In deep learning, the learning phase is conducted by using a neural network. A neural network is nothing but an architecture where the layers are stacked on top of each other.


AI vs Machine Learning

Most of our smartphones, even daily use devices or even the Internet uses Artificial Intelligence.

Very often, AI and Machine Learning can be used interchangeably by big organizations that want to announce their latest innovations. However, Machine Learning and AI are different in many deemed ways


AI is the science of training and developing machines to perform human tasks. The term was invented in the 1950s when the scientists began exploring how computers could solve problems on their own.


Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a computer that is given human-like properties. Take our brain, for example, it works tirelessly and seamlessly to calculate the world around us. Artificial Intelligence is the concept that a computer can mimic human behaviour. It is said that AI is the largest science that is able to mimic human aptitudes.


Machine Learning is a different subset of AI that trains a machine on how to learn. A machine learning model looks for patterns in the data and tries to conclude. In a nutshell, the machine does not need to be explicitly programmed by the people. The computer is given some examples and the computer learns what to do from those samples.



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AI has broad applications-


  •     Artificial intelligence is used to reduce or avoid the repetitive task. For instance, AI can repeat a task continuously, and tirelessly. In fact, AI never rests, and it is indifferent to the task to carry out
  •     Artificial intelligence improves an existing product. Before the age of machine learning, core products were building upon hard-code rule. Firms have introduced artificial intelligence in order to enhance the functionality of the product instead of starting from scratch to design new products. You can think of a Facebook image. A few years ago, you needed to tag your friends manually in the photo. Nowadays, with the help of AI, Facebook gives you a friend’s recommendation.



AI will continue to dominate the world helping humans to solve the day to day challenging tasks with ease. AI is developed and is continuing to be developed for the sole purpose of augmenting our lives and amplifying our productivity and tasks multiple folds.

We hope you understood the sole purpose of Artificial intelligence and why it is being used to help human lives achieve their goals. If you want to hire Artificial intelligence Developer you can contact Nimap Infotech by sending an email at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com

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Artificial Intelligence

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In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is to make machines do what the human brain does for us. Learning, reasoning & correction. Quite simple, no?


It is said that a person learns from his mistakes. Everything around us that we see, smell, and hear is kind of data that our brain takes as an input and then learns something out of it. The process keeps on going until eternity, There’s no end to a learning process. We learn, we make mistakes and then we improve our decision making.


That’s what most AI experts are trying to achieve. When someone says AI, Robots are the first thing that comes in our mind, But that is not what AI is all about. The concept is broader than we think. 


If you are someone like me who is interested in learning Artificial Intelligence, then I am going to talk here about how you can approach learning AI.


How can you approach to learn Artificial Intelligence?


During recent time AI and ML field have evolved rapidly. Experts are daily working on new technologies to make the process simpler for you. 


Today it is easy to find packages and libraries that you can work with while developing your own AI.


Understanding the basics




To get into any field, it is necessary to understand what the field is about and how things are going to work. Above given link is to understand the basic concepts of machine learning and how things are actually going to work. Being a subfield of Artificial intelligence it is strongly recommended to get hands-on many of algorithms of machine learning.

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Selecting a problem


As you go along with learning, You will find so many things like different algorithms, process and what not. As you explore more, things start getting more complicated. Hence it is necessary to have a predefined goal which will make it easier to select the options that are best for your problem. (It is also necessary to have prior knowledge about various different methods to solve the problem, at least introductory part.) Having a problem also engages you more into implementation and practicals rather than just reading. 


A common problem that most people face when starting is that they keep on collecting the information only while not understanding how the implementation is done for a real-world problem. 


Sometimes it is hard for us to come up with a problem to solve if you do not have prior experience with the domain. Sites like Kaggle ( https://www.kaggle.com/ ) provides a lot of problems and datasets to practice. 


Making your own solution.


Once you have a goal in your mind, you can start implementing various methods to achieve your goal. It is not necessary to come up with the perfect solution at the very first try. Hence start making a simple solution to the end while exploring various methods to approach a problem. 


However, a problem most people face in this process is that while selecting the method to solve the problem you spend much of your time with methods that you are already aware of and don’t move towards other methods. In such cases, cloud services like IBM Watson – Knowledge Discovery can help you a lot. By simply uploading your data into Watson, It can give insights about your data that you have not already thought about. 




Collecting data, cleaning data, training data and finding results from the data are the things that you can do while making your own solution.


Evaluating and Improving your solution.


Once you get to the solution, evaluate the results and check how accurate is your solution. As I mentioned earlier, It is not necessary to get the perfect solution at the very first try. Once you finish with the first phase of your solution you will start understanding difficulties that came in every step and flow of your entire project.

Try to Improve your solution.


Share your solution


In every project what you have done till the end can’t be always right. There can be so many things you might have done wrong. Hence you should always share what you have done with others and get their opinion about how you can improve our solution and what mistakes can be avoided. Kaggle is the best site to share your solution.


Extras –


As it is the most evolving technology in the market right now it is not just limited to computer technology but is also equally used in every sector like health, education, marketing, entertainment and so on. When it comes to AI there are many key terms used along with it such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Analytics, and Robotics.


Machine Learning carries the ability to learn from its experiences. ML an application of AI mostly deals with the thinking part of AI. Its analytics analyze data to provide an obvious output.


Here are some of the techniques that can be helpful for you for building and implementing Artificial Intelligence –


  • (Artificial) Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Heuristics
  • Vector machines
  • These are the commonly used techniques in AI. 


All these techniques are boarder term which can’t be explained in one line.


If you are really interested in learning AI, Here are the following sources you can follow –


Siraj Raval : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWN3xxRkmTPmbKwht9FuE5A 


Edureka : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMUxmLyrhSk&t=16240s 


Following links are for beginners who want to get into AI. They can learn the basics from Edureka’s video. Siraj Raval is the best guy who can keep you updated with new information in AI and also keeps you motivated. Along with it, I strongly recommend you to follow machine learning and AI forums to connect with the community. 


Hope the above information about how to start with AI appears useful. And beginners find it easy indulging learning AI without facing any serious issues. 


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Artificial Intelligence on smartphones– why it’s important

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We often wonder what machines can do for us. How machines work and accomplish and what we with our day to day tasks. Machines are being around us to augment and amplify our lives for doing tasks that seem to be difficult.

For example, using artificial intelligence Robots can understand and interpret human voice.

AI has been a hot topic of debate right from its implementation in Computer games. It has now made its way into smartphones and can accomplish a lot of tasks such as interpreting and understanding voice commands, Identifying photographs taken and naming places according to pictures taken. AI has also made the smartphone software sophisticated. Because of this, it can process and analyze the optimum settings required to take photographs under extreme lighting conditions such as low light and night photographs.

It also helps you automate daily tasks such as identifying photographs, automating communication with messages and boosting performance in games.


AI has been so much better at identifying and analyzing pictures that, now it can sort and organize memories such as Vacation photographs and tourist places. It’s a technology that can automate daily tasks and augment our lives for the sole purpose of simplification.


Let us discuss some Basics about AI


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, AI for short is not a new concept in the world of technology. It has given the ability to think like humans. Using the system of programs and information or applications AI became a new concept in the world of technology. 


Using AI machines are able to perform a variety of different tasks which are mostly observed through human intuition such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, and gathering knowledge among others. It is like making the machines think smartly and basically giving them a human touch and in a way more human-like.

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AI has been a part of many devices in the past few years from smart homes to app inside your phone. Companies like Google and Amazon have come up with smart home devices that assist people with the day to day tasks with products like Alexa and Google Assistant.


Businesses having an online presence through company websites have also integrated chat boxes and online answering bots to automatically answer any customer queries depending on the given information.


How AI found its way into smartphones?


In order to perform human-like functions at a much faster and more efficient rate that has been heavily portrayed in the mainstream media. Creation of robots is associated with Artificial Intelligence. Because of AI, these machines learn things about the environment they’re in and carefully adjust and adapt to the situation to meet the needs of the users. Such a process is called machine learning.

With the process of development, machine learning has now not only just limited to AI robots. But it has branched out to what people are thinking, inquiring about and saying to other people. Because of the primary reason, that is Internet AI has made its way to other devices and is much more accessible to us. 


Machine Learning has now been incorporated into many home devices. Websites such as Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have used ML into their algorithms. The technology behind AI constantly learns about people and their behavior, their interests and day to day activities.


The newest devices that have AI integrated into them are smartphones. Companies such as Google and Apple have also looked into integrating AI into the processors of their newest flagship smartphones, namely the iPhone and the Pixel series of phones. In 2019, many brands of smartphone manufacturers have integrated AI into their phones. With the view of enhancing the user experience even further. Huawei and Asus have used AI into their smartphone cameras for smarter responses to the environment around the user.


It has been quite possible that the smartphones could also lead the transition of devices towards Machine Learning. And also using Artificial Intelligence in the near future.


What do we get from AI smartphones

Artificial Intelligence opens up a host of new possibilities for technologies. LIke humans in terms of processing insights and thoughts. What AI does is that it allows machines to learn more about humans. Such as that it tailor fits the processes and capabilities to match us, from smart applications to search engines. When treated properly AI can actually deliver better results and outputs. In a more efficient way of dealing with problems which people face almost every single day.

The only disadvantage is that in order to learn about the behavior of the user, AI gets access to all the data stored inside smartphones. It can lead and invade your privacy.

Since people access their smartphones at every chance they get. People who have knowledge about how AI works have the potential to abuse what they know. And can also use it for their own personal gain. Either through illegal activities such as cyberstalking, cyberbullying or online attacks such as hacking and phishing.


The Future of AI

2019 is looking like the year of AI technology with the unveiling of smartphones and revamped smart devices in order to upgrade the user experience. Artificial Intelligence provides you wide usage of possibilities across varieties of platforms.


For example, the use of intelligent cameras in smartphone prevents you from the hassle of adjusting the camera settings. It prevents you to change and adjust your settings for clicking the perfect picture shot. Sometime in the near future, AI could also exist on game controllers or mirrorless cameras to adjust according to your needs. Considering all the benefits that AI promises to offer we should be aware of the dangers of using AI to the fullest. As it can also lead to our careless actions.


Indeed the future is bright for Artificial intelligence- as long as we use it for the right reasons.


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