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Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two commonly used technologies that companies use interchangeably. They are not the same thing but the perception that they look similar can often lead to confusion among these terms. Both these terms come up very frequently when the topic is Big data, analytics and when the broader waves of technological change that is sweeping the world.


Let us get to the basics of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML):


Artificial Intelligence is the broader concept of machines that are capable enough of carrying out tasks in a way that we consider as “Smart”.


Machine learning is the current application of AI that is based around the idea that we should provide machines access to data and letting them learn for themselves.



Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite a long time, the Greek myths have contains many stories of mechanical men designed to mimic human behavior. European computers that were invented in the olden days were used as logical machines by reproducing the capabilities such as basic arithmetic and memory Engineers saw their Job fundamentally as attempting to create mechanical brains.


As the technologies evolved, our understanding of how our minds work has progressed, our concept of what constitutes AI has changed. Instead of increasing complex calculations, the main work in the field of AI constitutes mimicking human behavior and decision making capability and carrying out tasks in human ways.


Artificial Intelligence is nothing but imparting human intelligence and behavior to a machine that allows them to act in a smart way. Many games and modern robots interact and function using Artificial intelligence. There are two types of AI, these are Applied AI and General AI. Applied AI is far more common. This AI is designed to smartly and intelligently trade stocks and shares or imparting the capability to manoeuvre an autonomous vehicle is something that would fall in this category


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Generalized AI is something that imparts machines the capability to handle any task in common, but this is where some of the most exciting advancements are happening today. This is also the area that has to lead to the development of Machine Learning, This is often lead or referred to as a subset of AI. It is really more accurate to think of it as the current state-of-the-art.

Let us dive deep into what are the subtle differences between AI and ML:

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the way to imparting human intelligence to machines in such a way that they are able to mimic human behavior and cognitive thinkingMachine learning means allowing machines to learn through experience by allowing them to access to different data sets that enable machine to predict patterns inside the data.
AI is human intelligence that has been demonstrated by machines to perform simple to complex tasksML provides machines the ability to learn as well as understand without being explicitly programmed
The idea behind AI is to program machines to carry out tasks in more human ways or smart ways.The key to teaching computers to think and understand as humans do is the concept of machine learning
AI is based on the characteristics of human intelligenceML is based on the system of probability
AI is used in healthcare, finance, aviation, transportation, marketing, education, media, etc.ML is used for optical character recognition, web security, imitation, learning, and so on.
Artificial Intelligence is a method of data analysis that makes your model intelligent.Machine Learning is a method of data analysis that is able to automate analytical model building.
Artificial Intelligence results in knowledge or making your system intelligent.Machine learning results in the creation of more data.
The aim is to extend the probability of success.The aim is to extend accuracy.
AI is the higher cognitive processML permits the system to be told newer things from the knowledge base
The goal of AI is to simulate natural intelligence in order to solve complex problemsThe goal of ML is to learn from the data on certain tasks in order to maximize the performance(reduce the error) of machines on these tasks.
Artificial Intelligence is a decision-making capabilityML allows the system to learn new things from the data that is presented to it.
Artificial Intelligence can be interpreted as the ability to incorporate human intelligence to machines.Machine Learning can be interpreted as  empowering computer systems with the ability to “learn”
AI leads to developing a system in order to mimic human behavior for responding to circumstancesML involves the creation of self-learning algorithms that are able to make a decision based on the data that is provided to them.



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So you see that there is a vast difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We hope that you have found this article useful and have gained some knowledge about AI vs ML topic. If you’re looking to take up artificial intelligence and machine learning course in Mumbai then do contact us. We have highly experienced professionals to guide you in your AI and ML venture.


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