Kotlin vs Python

Kotlin vs Python: Detailed Comparison


Firstly, when choosing a language, we need to decide on the merits and demerits of that particular language. How does it perform? What are the advantages offered to programmers and developers? How these advantages can be leveraged. Particularly, When choosing a particular language, we need to decide upon the features that our applications are going to have. In order to help you to decide which language is going to be best for you. We have compiled this list of functionalities and benefits. This will help you to decide better which language (Kotlin vs Python) is apt for your programming tasks and needs.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is developed to be an open-source language. Moreover, this means that there is no license or subscription needed to use the language for your programming needs and uses. Everyone and anyone is free to use the language as per their needs and uses. Kotlin is also a statistically typed programming language. This means that Kotlin uses and employs a JVM or a Java Virtual Machine in order to get things done. It also works flawlessly on various different platforms.

To begin with, a programming language is going to be statistically typed when the type of the variable used is assigned rather than at compile time instead of run time. Variables used in Kotlin get their value types directly at compile time when the program code is compiled in the compiler. Particularly, this language is known to be fully interoperable with Java. Kotlin is able to provide us with a very concise and different combination of object-oriented as well as functional programming features.

Kotlin is developed by the well-known company Jetbrains. It was first launched to the general public in February 2016. This language is majorly used for server-side development, client-side application development as well as for any android app development.

Now let’s check out the major reasons why should you use Kotlin for your android development projects or any projects.

Why should you use Kotlin- Kotlin vs Python?


  • Create less code:

To begin with, Kotlin is known to create less code in order to get the same tasks done swiftly and faster. Subsequently, every developer and programmer aims to write and create less amount of code that is able to accomplish the same objective or tasks need to be done. When you use kotlin, the same tasks can be done in much less amount of code thereby improving app performance. Thus kotlin gives you much better results compared to any other programming platform or language.

  • Ease of adoption:

If you have any kind of project that is developed using the android platform or the java language. Then Kotlin makes it much easier for you to shift your entire programming code to Kotlin. Therefore, you can use it for your projects that are of different kinds and types. Any project that is developed using java for android is thus enables to be shifted to the Kotlin platform and language has been designed to be much easier and flexible. Thus this makes migration from one platform to another much easier when you use Kotlin for your projects.

  • Supports and enables functional programming:

Kotlin has been designed from the ground up to fully support functional programming and designing. Furthermore, this allows developers and programmers to design and process tasks quickly and easily. Whatever objective that developers are trying to achieve can be done using a set of functional programming features and techniques quite easily and swiftly by developers and programmers.

  • Full compatibility with Java: 

Developers and programmers are free to use and employ any framework and tools that make use of Java. Wherever there is a need to use Java Tools and frameworks, you can do so. This is because tools and frameworks that work well in Java also work well with respect to Kotlin. Kotlin is designed to be fully interoperable with the Java language.

  • No runtime overhead:

Kotlin makes use of a small library. Hence there is no runtime overhead as most of the tasks are accomplished directly at compile time instead of runtime. In the run-time situation, the program is directly executed without having any overhead or tasks remaining to be completed. This enables objects to be mapped to the program at compile time only instead of run time.

  • MultiPlatform compatibility:

Kotlin is able to support not only Android app development but it also provides support for platforms such as Gradle and JavaScript.

  • Less Error-Prone:

Kotlin design and development is done in such a way that it is less error-prone for developers and programmers. This is because some of the common coding errors are eliminated directly. Moreover, because developers and programmers have to write less code, there are very low chances for them to actually cause an error. Due to this feature, it is also easy for Kotlin developers to debug the code and eliminate any errors or bugs that might have crept into the code.

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What is Python?

Python is created to be an object oriented language as well as a high-level programming language. This language was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. This language was released to the general public in the year 1991.

Python can accomplish a lot of different things. Things and tasks such as:

Software development, System scripting, Server side web development, Handling big data and performing many complex mathematical calculations. All of these tasks  accomplished using Python.


Why should you choose Python-  Kotlin vs Python?


  • Third-party library and modules availability:

There are many third-party modules that are available for Python. So python should easily extend to provide additional features and functionality as per your requirements. Chances are that whatever that you are trying to achieve using Python, there may be a library tool that is available for you to accomplish the same task.

  • Open Source and Community development:

Python language designed and developed under the OSI standard and approved license. This means that you are free to distribute and use the language as per your will and needs what it may be.

  • User-friendly Data Structures:

Python has provided developers and programmers a built-in list of data structure and this helps construct data structure at a faster rate during runtime.

  • Productivity and Speed:

Python has provided developers and programmers with an object-oriented design, test processing capabilities as well as its own testing framework, all of these functions contribute to better speed and productivity.

  • Many language support provided:

If you want to run mathematical or statistical programs then Python is an apt language. Even the language for statistical operations named R language runs on top of Python infrastructure very easily and swiftly.

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Kotlin VS Python-  Comparison


Kotlin Python
 Statistically typed language providing OOPs and FP paradigm It is one of the most popular high level programming languages
Unicode support is present Unicode Support is also present
 Kotlin does not provide an Interpreter Python provides an Interpreter
Kotlin provides Cross Platform application support Python also provides cross platform application support
You can use HTML5 as the template language You can use Django, Chameleon as template language.
Kotlin is a compiled language hence a compiler is provided Python does not provide a compiler as it is an interpreted language.
Kotlin Native used as a front end language C# used for front end language
The operating system server is Android The operating system server is cross-platform


Likely Reasons to Use Kotlin:


  • Compose Less Code-

Every designer wants to compose the most un-conceivable code actually achieve the goal. Kotlin permits composing the least code and hence improves application execution.

  • Simplicity of Adoption-

It is extremely simple to move work-in-progress Android application code to Kotlin.

  • Upholds Functional Programming-

Kotlin upholds utilitarian programming by permitting engineers to deal with assignments effectively and rapidly.

  • Full Compatibility with Java-

Developers can involve all Java libraries and systems while coding in Kotlin.

  • No Runtime Overhead-

Kotlin has a little library and the majority of the truly difficult work done at the hour of arrangement.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility-

Kotlin upholds Android improvement, yet it is additionally viable with JavaScript and Gradle.

  • Less Error-inclined-

Kotlin users create less mistakes in light of the fact. The actual language kills a couple of normal coding blunders. Also chances of blunder decreases when the designer needs to compose less code.


Motivations to utilize Python


  • Outsider Modules Availability-

Python bundle Index contains outsider modules to advance communication with a few dialects and stages.

  • Broad Support Libraries-

Python has a huge standard library that incorporates web conventions, string activities, working framework points of interaction, and web administrations. Regularly utilized programming assignments prearranged in the library which decreases the pointless work of composing.

  • Open Source and Community Development-

Python language created under an OSI-endorsed permit allowed for utilize and circulate including business reasons.

  • Easy to use Data Structures-

Python has an implicit rundown of information structure which assists develop information with organizing at a quicker rate during runtime.

  • Efficiency and Speed-

Python has object-arranged plan, test handling abilities and its own trying structure, all of which add to the better speed and usefulness.

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People Ask Asked:


  • Can Kotlin replace Python?

Many of Kotlin’s features are similar to those of Java, which it is fully compatible with. While Kotlin can be used for some tasks that Python can do, is not a direct replacement for Python. In addition to web development, data analysis, and scientific computing, Python is an interpreted language often used for scientific computing. While Android apps are compiled and statically typed with Kotlin. It is likely not necessary or advisable for you to switch to Kotlin if you are already using Python for a specific project or task. For most Android apps and projects that integrate with Java-based systems, Kotlin is a good choice, but it may not be suitable for all.


  • Are Kotlin and Python similar?

No, Kotlin and Python are two different programming languages with different syntax, features, and purposes. Python has a dynamically-typed, object-oriented syntax and a broad library that makes it easy to get started with such a wide range of tasks. While Kotlin offers a succinct syntax and excellent support for functional programming.

Even though Kotlin and Python are powerful programming languages, they are not directly interchangeable since they are designed for different purposes. A careful evaluation of these languages is important if you plan to use them for a particular project.


  • Is kotlin better than python

Kotlin is primarily used for creating Android applications. It is a statically typed and compiled programming language. Fully interoperable with Java. Besides its concise syntax and expressive functionality, it also has many features that make it easier to write safe, maintainable code. A high-level, interpreted programming language, Python, on the other hand, is widely used for web development, data analysis, and scientific computing.


  • Is Kotlin as fast as Java?

Kotlin code is compiled to Java bytecode, so it should perform similarly to Java code in most cases. Nevertheless, the performance of some Kotlin or Java codes is affected by a number of factors, including the algorithms and data structures used. The hardware and operating system, as well as the compiler settings.

Kotlin is designed to improve upon some of the shortcomings of Java and make it easier to write safe and readable code. There are numerous features that make it possible to write efficient code and perform well. Including inlining, optimization flags, and support for inline classes.



We have shared with you the best reasons for Kotlin VS Python.  Why is either of the languages used for your development and programming purposes? It all comes down to personal preferences and what you are trying to achieve using either language. If you want to hire Kotlin developers or hire Python developers then contact us with your requirements at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements.