ReactJS and Node JS

Why Developers prefer ReactJS and NodeJS for Development


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Back in the day, there used to exist a technological barrier that prevented businesses to reach their customers. That time has been long gone, and the current situation presents an ample amount of opportunities. Today’s JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS and NodeJS provide a high quality development environment for developers.

Today’s era is highly competitive as well as technological that goes above and beyond our imagination to give the best experience to customers. One the upcoming and latest trends is to keep engaging customers on their devices that they use very frequently. Hence there is a boom in mobile application development, in recent times.

Many of today’s applications exhibit a demand of development by using JavaScript and hence many developers prefer using Node.JS and React.JS in order to create high quality applications that provide high performance usage.
Node.JS development company is able to offer a variety of different and convincing features as the Node.JS environment is best for development of server side applications.

JavaScript code is able to run flawlessly using the Node.JS environment that is deployed on the Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. Comparatively, React.JS offers a straightforward interface design as well as a smooth and consistent learning API.


How Developers and Companies Benefit from ReactJS?


ReactJS development companies offers both technical and professional services. ReactJS provides developers with a consistent and easy to use interface design which is straightforward and a smooth learning API. It provides noteworthy performance gains over other JavaScript frameworks. React.JS provides a swift and consistent updates and creates a virtual DOM with a patching mechanism.

It is able to use the latest data and compares it with the preceding versions, that lets only a nominal list of update portions to be made to the real DOM.

ReactJS is also able to provide synchronization with relation to the data that is changed without having to re-render the complete website on every change. It is superior in code reuse and is considered to be the best for JavaScript debugging.

ReactJS being a framework developed by Facebook you can be assured that you will always get the support that you want. Whether it is building single page applications or using it for hybrid mobile applications, ReactJS will always be able to stand and support your coding endeavours.  It has many tools and plugins that are developed in order to allow programmers and developers to customize the framework according to their requirements.  ReactJS has always had a decent and thorough documentation that has helped developers and programmers whenever they encounter any kind of issues in coding or want to find information about a particular concept.

Why NodeJS is precise for data driven applications?


JavaScript is filled with many different features that are exciting such as an all inclusive library that is filled with rich JavaScript modules. Additionally it provides an asynchronous model that makes NodeJS a very light programming language that makes it ideal for data-driven applications. This provides the flawless functioning in all the devices that it runs on.

Since Google Chrome provides support for Node.JS and is built over its V8 JavaScript engine, the library enables fast code execution.

NodeJS has always been able to support scalable applications. And web development efforts that helps the programmers to really take their applications forward. It supports various tools and plugins. These helps to customise their framework and help programmers to implement concepts. It also helps to solve real life problems in computing easily and efficiently. NodeJS has a thorough documentation that helps programmes to learn newer concepts quickly and easily. They are able to implement these concepts efficiently in their programming and development aspects.

Why is the combination of React.JS and Node.JS always ideal?


Developers are always keen to prefer the combination of ReactJS and NodeJS in order to develop reusable user interface modules

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library that is commonly used as the View in the MVC architecture. It is commonly used as a JavaScript virtual DOM as it is faster than other DOMs.

Even though ReactJS is specifically designed to be used in a Browser, ReactJS development companies prefer to use it to render in a server using the combination of NodeJS. The data as well as the modules are ideal for managing and maintaining large applications as well as improve readability across various devices.

Developers have implemented Nodejs and Reactjs applications easily and have got scalable results in time.


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JavaScript is dominant as the Go-To Programming Language


Usually, developers are very much familiar with the alternatives of JavaScript but it seems that they do not use them actively. There are many other programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Pearl that are present in the market that have equal potential. However JavaScript still remains as the go-to programming language for a huge base of developer clans.

If one is able to use NodeJS primarily as a backend web application, then JavaScript becomes the main programming language for the development of the entire project. The use of a single programming language thus eliminates the time-consuming task of duplicating the code between the browser and the server. This makes the development efforts to be simplified and the overall process to be easy.


Major Takeaways


The businesses that are keen on developing fast and smooth applications. These have higher performances should always go for a combination of NodeJS and ReactJS.

This blend not only gives them the opportunity to use pre-loaded and open source libraries.  But they can also leverage the complete efficiency and perfect support provided by the huge community base.


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So now you know that it is best if companies adopt to using NodeJS and ReactJS for developing JavaScript applications. If you’re looking to hire ReactJS developers or are looking to hire NodeJS developers then do contact us at with your requirements. You can also hire Reactjs developer in Dubai. We have talented team of developers ready to onboard your project.