Distinguishing between UI vs UX

UI vs UX – Knowing the Difference


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You must have heard about UI and UX, it is very common of people using these terms interchangeably. People, designers, and clients often use them in a combo like UI/UX design.

On the basic level, if you define, UI or user interface refers to the series of visual elements like screens, buttons, pages, and icons. Helping people to enable and interact with products and services you are offering.

UX or user experience, on the other hand, refers to the internal experience that people receive with the functioning of commands or services.

However, one thing you need to get clear with is that though both the terms are usually placed together, they are not the same. Before we look up to UI vs UX comparison. Let’s know what is UI Design and UX Design.


What is UI Design?


User Interface refers to the graphical layout of an application or website. It tells you about the physical appearance of applications or websites.

The user interface helps you interact with the products or services digitally. It consists of everything screens, keyboards, sounds, images, sliders, text entry fields, lights and everything the user interacts with.

It refers to space where humans and machines interact. Before designing any website or application developers first try and imagine its visual design. How is it gonna look or appear, accordingly everything else is designed like its content, buttons, videos, etc. All types of visual elements, interactions, and animations are designed.

Thus it all depends upon the graphic designers to make sure the application’s interface looks attractive and eye-catching. They need to make sure if all the elements are properly united and are serving the purpose or personality of the app.

A good and attractive UI design helps attract users to proceed further and experience pleasant product experience. The goal behind this interaction is to allow effective operation and control of the gadgets or machines from humans ended. It further feeds the input back to the operator to process decision making.


What is UX Design?


UX stands for user experience, it begins its process where the UI ends. Where UI designers work on the appearance and looks of the user interface, UX designers, on the other hand, decide how the user interface will operate. Therefore determining the structure and functionality of the interface it decides the functions and programming of the interface.

User experience is a process of researching, developing, and improving the aspects of user interaction with the company’s product or services to satisfy its users. Therefore for designing a perfect website or app, it is important for the designer to have a holistic understanding of how the users prefer to interact with the application.

Thus the main aim behind its working is to improve the customer’s relationship with the company and its products. Above all, improving the user’s experience with the functioning of the service helps you create a product that is useful, valuable and easy to obtain.


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Let’s take a look at things that helps you construct a good-looking UX design –


  • Good visual decision
  • User-friendly Approach
  • User Profiling
  • Consistency
  • It should guide, encourage, and educate
  • Your UX design should be more interactive
  • It should notify the user with extra features and connections

Why is it Important?


User experience was evolved to make improvements in UI. The popularity of the app depends on both its appearance and functionality. Thus if you’ve given appealing look to your app or website but not worked much on its navigation then its frightful functioning may end up its popularity. In order to make an app successful, you should focus on both of its appearance and functionality. It should be both friendly and smooth in functioning.


Difference Between UI and UX(UI vs UX)

UI stands for User Interface UX stands for User Experience
UI is what you see in front of you Whereas UX describes the whole experience
Focus on Visual Design Focus on Interaction Design 
Requires more knowledge on technical, graphical and colors designs Requires more knowledge on Wireframes and Designs
The role is built more on Layouts and Creativity The role is built more on User Research
UI makes interfaces attractive and beautiful UX makes interface useful
UI makes emotional connections UX helps you accomplish tasks and goals
UI is a second step, before designing the research process gets done. UX is done first to guide the development of the product. 
Tools mainly used by UI designers – Balsamiq, Sketch, Zeplin, etc.  Tools mainly used by UX designers – Optimizely, Apptentive, UXPin, etc. 


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Since both the terms UI and UX(UI vs UX) are interchangeable it is often considered by people that both are the same. Listening to this many designers may get upset. Both UI and UX are completely different in their functions of work however you can relate and use them one with the other. 

For mechanism, you need a layout and for running a layout design you need functions. Thus, you can very well understand their importance in each other’s work. 

Therefore you can say both UI and UX are different but are part of the same story. To popularise your website or application you need both UI and UX. 

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