Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Android Developers Offshore

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Android Developers Offshore


Because of the growing digitalization and smartphone craze, you must be very well aware of what Android is and how it functions. Developed by Google this mobile operating system is based on the modified versions of Linux kernel and other open-source software. Android development and its upcoming progress have taken all app development companies by storm. The article highlights the top five advantages of hiring Android developers for success.

This is the age where Android has more than 80% market share in the field of mobile operating systems all around the world. Therefore there are many companies and aspiring businesses that are looking to develop Android apps for this emerging and growing market. There has been a spur in developing Android apps for nearly all kinds of businesses and forms. If you have a business, chances are that there will be an app available on the Play Store for supporting your business operations and facilitating as well as managing your customer base.

Initially, the software is designed for smartphones and tablets that are for the use of touchscreen mobile devices. However, it further got developed with a specialized user interface. Like Android TV, Android Auto, Android wear watches, Android games and many more. For business purposes, Android App development leads to increased productivity with better ROI on the business. With the ecosystem spread across all Android devices, you can now seamlessly sync all your data as well as your preferences to be constant across the devices that you use in your daily lives.


What Does Offshore Mean?

Offshore in simple terms is known as the process that provides or outsources digital services to overseas companies. Offshore outsourcing removes the headache of hiring simply by outsourcing their digital services for a particular period. Depending on the time or project when a company obtains its services from outside the country. This means that you can hire developers and pay for the services of developing an app for your business as well as create an awesome environment for your customers to interact with your business. This can be of utmost profit for your business and what you do.

Thus obtaining the services to work for your company from outside the company where it is established is known as offshore outsourcing. The biggest advantage it provides is that you can hire services from low-cost regions to get your work done at a very low price.

Do you know How to develop an app for Android?

The process of involving or outsourcing digital services to overseas companies is known as offshore development. Using the process of offshore outsourcing business enterprises will receive custom-built software and dynamic web and mobile applications without getting any headache of hiring.

Often, the terms offshore and outsourcing appear interchangeably but some subtle differences exist.

Advantages of hiring offshore developers include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Minimal risks
  • Talent Acquisitions
  • Tax savings
  • Quality
  • Managed services
  • Time-saving
  • Access to the best skills and technologies
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Saves time and efforts

Here’s a list of ways to show how hiring Android developers offshore can increase your mobile development team and business productivity.

1) Effectively Delegate Tasks

task delegationWhile you expand your business development it is natural to hire developers to handle your increased work. If you think multitasking can help you it can only be done to a certain extent. To handle each task properly you need to hire developers.

However, if you don’t want to take risks with your budget and want to go smart with your business. You can think of hiring offshore developers.

Android app developers offshore allow you to add members to your team to evenly divide your work tasks. Hiring developers from offshore provides you with more flexibility in your work. Offshore developers help you add developers to your team with different goals, knowledge, talent, and the environment. It helps your teammates learn more things from them.

2) Control

ControlIf you have a big project you can even hire and make a small team of your offshore developers. The team will work according to your instructions in the way you want your project to be.

Giving you complete control over your team you can plan, decide, and develop strategies to guide how your team should work. It will help you take complete control of your project operations.

3) Enhances Productivity

Enhance ProductivityWith the development of Google’s latest version – KitKat, Android opened many opportunities for their customers. Combining both the search technology and data on mobile devices it introduced many new features. With the use of these Android developers can access all the information, data, contacts and other apps such as Gmail, Chrome, Search, Drive, and Maps. Also, Google’s virtual assistant will help you learn about many new things.

Leveraging this technology any Android developer can create and design a good app of their choice. It makes the Android platform enhance its productivity and overall user experience.

4) Individual Services and Security


Depending on the needs of your work and projects Android developers will conduct an in-depth study to the needs of the application. Offshore developers will always provide you with suggestions that are new to improve your application.

However, the only challenge one will face while hiring an offshore Android developer is security. Hiring offshore developers is very common increasing the chance of fraud and threats.

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Therefore always be professional when it comes to working. No matter how well you know the offshore developer always signs an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with them. It will keep your company’s information safe and free from the reach of the wrong hands.

5) Exchanging Rates Difference

Exchanging Rates DifferenceThe difference in currency rates adds great benefit in increasing your income. Helping both the developers and owners with differences in the currency rate will always serve more profit. This is just one example of why people would look for the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as well as physical currencies if they want to try and make some profit. The same principle can also be applied to using different exchange rates to bolster income.

6) Error-free Projects

error freeHiring a developer offshore benefits you as they are always experienced. They work with high standards of proficiency and reliability. They will always take your work seriously to complete it as soon as possible. This guarantees your error-free submission of projects.


Thus hiring an offshore developer assures you excellent project deliveries. Offshore developers are filled with different skills. Bringing different talents into one room will generate your ideas in a completely new way. You can tell and add all the extra features that you want to show up in your work. They will always work on your projects putting 100% effort. Enhance your app development strategy with the top 5 benefits offered by Hiring Android Developers.

Hire the best Android developer to design your app most innovatively. If you do not have much knowledge about Android development applications hire Android developers or offshore Android developers who can guide you. 

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