Process flow to become iOS developer

Steps to become iOS Developer



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The iOS app developer is one of the hottest jobs out there in the market. But how to become an iOS developer. Here is a detailed and step by step tutorial on how to become an iOS developer.


STEP 1) Always be passionate and curious about any iOS app development


Learning is a boring task and can get cumbersome, so arouse your passion for iOS app development. If you have passion towards the things being learned then you will find it easy enough to master it. In recent years the iOS app development job has always been one of the hottest jobs in the world. People who used the iPhone has always attracted to its efficiency as well as simplicity, stable and smooth features. If you want to learn iOS app development then you must love this programming job first.


STEP 2) Get acquainted with the basic design principles


iOS app development is well-received with its elegant, consistent operation as well as the concise interface. Apple has released a concise document for the human-computer interaction called the human-interface guidelines to help developers design the app. ( This is a must-read tutorial for every iOS app developer. We have summarized the 7 iOS design rules and 5 design principles.


7 iOS design rules:
The operation should be easy and fluid
The navigation structure should be clear.
Ensure aesthetics integrity
Simple terms should be used
The primary function should be highlighted
Consider the direction (Users sometimes use the portrait mode, and sometimes use the horizontal mode)
The touchpoint should be suitable for the finger-tip size (44 X 44 pixels)


5 Design Principles
Special attention to be paid to the screen size and screen resolution
Four basic UI components (Navigation, Status bar, Content, Submenu)
Icon size should be kept consistent
Font-size should be made comfortable to read
Slicing should be focussed more upon (Slicing is an important part as far as app design is concerned It is related to the achievement of the APP interface with a variety of performance and adaptability.)



STEP 3) Get Yourself a Mac

You should get yourself an Apple computer or a MacBook Air. You will be able to learn the design philosophy using this machine. If you have enough money, you should get yourself a MacBook Pro. A MacBook Air will also suffice for a beginner. And Of course, iPod and iPhone are also important devices to get in order to test your App.



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STEP 4) Learn the basics of Programming: Swift and Cocoa Touch


This step is indeed the hardest one. Many programmers and developers are still using Objective-C, but we highly recommend learning Swift. It is simpler than Objective-C, Its syntax is concise, cleaner, as well as clearer and many programmers, love it. Using Swift, it is much easier to build an iOS app based on the Apple platform.

Swift is intuitive as well as a powerful programming language for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Writing Swift code is fun and interactive, the syntax is expressive and concise, and the language includes modern features that developers love. Swift code is safe by design, yet it produces software that runs lightning-fast.

Cocoa touch is one of the most important UI frameworks that is needed for iOS development. It is very powerful and gives a lot of basic tools and APIs which can be used directly. The unique and powerful interface of iOS justifies that Cocoa touch has the same unique design. Using UIKit you will be able to access special GUI controls, buttons as well as full-screen views on iOS. You can also control the application using multi-touch gestures and accelerometers. You should learn Cocoa touch while mastering the basic concepts of programming



STEP 5) Learn Source Code Control Management (We recommend using GIT)


SCCS is a very important part of software development. This allows users to get the original source code as well as make contributing changes to it. There are two common source code control management tools that are being used today, SVN and GIT. GIT is the most popular source code control management tool.


Here are the reasons why many developers use GIT:


GIT is a distributed code control system, while SVN is a centralized system
GIT is easy to manage without the usage of a server in the local library. SVN can only be used through the server in order to complete the code management.
It stores the code as metadata while SVN stores the code as a file
It is much faster than SVN
GIT needs to put .git file in the root directory while SVN uses .svn file in each and every directory



STEP 6) Learn how to use the iOS tool


Xcode(iOS development tool)

Xcode was developed by Apple and it the IDE that runs under the Macintosh Operating system. It provides an Integrated Development Environment in order to develop Mac OS X and iOS applications. Xcode supports source code for the programming languages C, C++, Swift, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java and AppleScript. You will find the compilation done by Xcode very fast. Every operation is quick and easy. Xcode can deploy your application to your iOS device. Xcode provides a friendly as well as convenient application development environment so that you can develop excellent iOS applications.


Mock plus (Prototype Design Tool)

The prototype design is an indispensable part of the development process of an iOS application. Perhaps you may think that this is the work of a designer. But prototype designing is a much-needed process for the developer so that you can communicate in a better way to the designer. Mock plus is the easiest to use the prototyping tool.



STEP 7) Start making your iOS app


When you have done mastering the basics of programming and design principles, you can start making your first iOS app. It is normal that you won’t be able to make a killer app in the beginning, but over the course of time, you will discover what you are good at. Write concise as well as beautiful code to please and impress your employer.



STEP 8) Upload your App to GitHub


Github is a social platform to share code. Github is the most popular source code sharing tool available out there. It has rapidly become the most prominent way of managing software development as well as discovering existing code. What’s more, this is a good learning website, you can see other source code in there too.


STEP 9) Publish your app on the App Store


iOS developers should learn how to publish their app on the App Store (Whether it is your application or your Company’s application). The main purpose of this is not to get downloads or purchases but to learn how to publish and host your app on the App Store.



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There you have it, you have mastered yourself how to develop an app for the iOS platform. Now only you need to become proficient at it. This will take time but it eventually pays off in the long run. If you are finding all of these things to be tedious then you can think of hiring iOS developers for your project, you can contact us. You can also contact us if you require any kind of guidance for pursuing an app development course in Mumbai