React Native vs Kotlin

React Native VS Kotlin


Understanding the comparison, React Native Vs Kotlin

Firstly, technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Newer technologies are coming to replace the older ones and this has made coding and programming much easier and simpler. So, React Native vs Kotlin is the topic of the day where you would understand two new technologies that have changed the pace of mobile app development.

In particular, React Native is the newest addition to the React family of frameworks. React native is a mixture of react framework and native javascript libraries that helps aid development efforts for mobile apps. This framework and language enable hybrid mobile app development that suits both Android as well as iOS applications. Kotlin is the second official language supported by Android applications. Google announced it in this decade. It is the only language to replace Java that was long being used as the main Android development language until now.


React Native vs Kotlin


React Native

React Native is a combination of React framework used to building web and mobile applications using JavaScript It includes Native declarations that is supported by JavaScript. Together they form React Native framework that is used to develop hybrid mobile apps that run using a combination of native technologies along with the React framework. React Native is a framework for coding and writing real native mobile applications for iOS as well as Android.

It easily facilitates to reuse code across the web and mobile applications. This framework enabled programmers and developers to build truly native applications using their classic all time favourite javascript. They use this to build rich mobile UI components using declarative components.

In order to use React Native for mobile app development you need to use and install NodeJS and NPM(Node Package Manager). These tools are for installing React Native dependencies.  You also need to do further configurations to smoothly run the software package.

Is React Native Better Than Kotlin?


  • Faster to build

The biggest selling point that has an advantage for React Native is its shorter development time. Now here is the question that how is it faster that enables it to have shorter development time? So the main answer is that it uses reusable components that are easily ready to apply to code that results in time saving and can be reused. An example to this is FlatList: this is a component that is provided and included by react native. This component gives you the same functionality as Androids RecycleView or iOS TableView


  • One Code base, two platforms

This feature enable you to develop apps for two totally different platforms and that too using a single code base. This single code base works flawlessly with the development efforts of both Android and iOS platforms. React Native enables developers to build apps for both iOS and Android platforms all from the same framework. However, there are some functionalities that Native SDKs provide.  These are still to be implemented and written specifically for React Native.


  • Hot Reloading

There were times when multi platform app development required the developer to manually execute and compile the code in order to see the changes to the code. Now with react native, all the compilation is done automatically, and changes are seen in real time for the code base.  Compared to native app development where even a small minute change requires the entire application to be restarted and executed.


  • Smaller teams

Comparatively Native app development required two dedicated teams for both Android and iOS app development. When you use React Native for app development, the team size decreases as they know javascript is used for app development.


  • Migration for Web to Mobile

If a developer is thinking to migrate from web development to mobile development then it is easier for him, when using react native as the major or core framework remains the same. This results in an easier migration from the web platform to a mobile platform.


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Why React Native Is Not Good?


  • Prior Knowledge Required

The major drawback of react native app development is that it requires prior knowledge of Javascript. It is used to combine native code with that of hybrid apps. They will need to code their custom components the same way as it is done with Android apps using XML files


  • Less Secure

React native as it uses JavaScript for app development is known for being less secure as JavaScript itself being fragile.  For example mobile banking applications developed using react native can be less secure and susceptible to intruders and hackers.

  • Limited 3rd party libraries

When it comes to using third party libraries there are limited libraries that are available. In native app development, you can use all APIs but when using react native you have limited access to APIs as they are not readily available.


Kotlin language was developed by JetBrains and used by Google to develop as an official language under Android application development. This is a newer programming language that runs under the JVM or java virtual machine thereby enabling development for android apps.

Is Kotlin Better Than React Native?

The code in kotlin provides exactly precise as well as concise compact code. It has fewer chances for making errors by the developer. It provides fewer lines of code for the same functionality as that written in Java for Android.

  • Reliable Maintenance and Support

Kotin was developed by the great IDE development company JetBrains, which provides many popular tools for IDEs including Android Studio, and other tools. Therefore there is no doubt that it will provide impeccable support for Kotlin as well. Major releases and updates are provided on time and in regular intervals.

  • Less Code

There is one major rule the less you code for the same functionality the minimal chances for you as a developer to make errors and bugs. Therefore it’s well known to provide the same functionality as that of Java to perform the same task or operation.

  • Reliable Language

Kotlin undergone extensive testing before release. Well known for its reliability and efficiency.

  • Compatibility with existing code

If you have a native app developed under using java language then you can use the feature of interoperability where kotlin code works in tandem with java code. The code is easily interoperable as it executes under JVM.

Hire Kotlin Developer

Why Kotlin Is Not Good?


  • Learning Curve

Some amount of learning curve involved when learing Kotlin as there are some subtle differences in syntax and the usage of the language.

  • Smaller Community

Kotlin community compared to React natives small because the language was released in this decade and will take time to reach its maturity stage.


React Native VS Kotlin


React Native Kotlin
React native used as a cross platform app development framework Kotlin used as an Android app development language
This is a framework and tool This is a language
Uses single code base Also uses single code base
Can develop for Android and iOS simultaneously Can only develop for Android
Cost of development is less Cost of development is more
Produced by Facebook Produced by Google
Provides great community support Provides Great community support



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React Native vs Kotlin Comparison Based On Several Factors:


  • React Native vs. Kotlin: Performance Comparison-

Native apps created by React Native are almost identical to those created by native tools. So they run faster than hybrid apps whose code runs inside a web component specific to the platform.


Using JavaScript and native modules, developers can create apps on iOS and Android that feel and look native. And React Native gives a native-like experience on both platforms.


In contrast, Kotlin is a programming language that allows developers to build platform-specific codebases and share business logic written in it. Kotlin-based apps are faster than React Native apps but not as fast as React Native apps.


  • React Native vs. Kotlin: Development Environment-

React Native offers developers a range of features, such as ready-to-use components, hot reloading, and native development capabilities. In addition to native UI, experienced developers can use JavaScript to build Android and iOS apps with the same codebase.


Meanwhile, Kotlin Multiplatform allows developers to reuse multi-platform logic and write platform-specific code. Whenever necessary resulting in a faster and more convenient development process.


  • React Native vs Kotlin: Developer Productivity-

It takes time to learn a framework or technology and, the features that help to make work easier, how long it will take to build something useful. Kotlin, known for developing some of the best IDEs.


React Native builts, Reactjs, a JavaScript library. To pick it up, you need intermediate JavaScript skills or at least an understanding of the Reactjs framework. Otherwise, it is a very steep learning curve. A significant advantage of React Native is its “hot reload” functionality which allows instant updates without recompiling the code. You can also reuse up to 70% of your JS code for an iOS app.


  • React Native vs. Kotlin: Popularity-

It is curious why big tech companies are using either Kotlin or React Native to build Android apps. When comparing Kotlin’s popularity with React Native. It removes repetitive tasks from the development cycle and speeds up the overall process. Allowing developers to work on a single codebase that can run on multiple platforms.


Facebook (obviously), Facebook Ads, Bloomberg, AirBnB, UberEats, Instagram, Discord, Discovery VR, Townske, Walmart and Wix are already using React Native.


In addition to Amazon, Pinterest, Netflix, and Twitter. Many companies also use Kotlin for Android development. These apps are popular and have great features, so there is no way to argue with them.


  • React Native vs. Kotlin: Community support-

In addition to the React Native documentation being sufficient to get you started, there are a lot of online courses, tutorials, and blog posts that will get you started. One of the biggest tech companies, Facebook, developed this framework with a team of engineers working to fix bugs and improve it. Because this is a new alternative, the limited libraries and community support Kotlin. These libraries are constantly improving and working on it.



So we have discussed the various differences and similarities between Kotlin and React Native. If you are looking to hire react native developers or hire Kotlin developers then contact us at with your requirements.