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Online Advertising Trends For 2023


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The media and marketing landscape has been constantly changing continuously and has been shifting from offline to online platforms, as detailed on sites like New websites, apps as well as tools are introduced to the public day by day and your target audience group moves along with it. This offers you an opportunity to use online marketing in a much more targeted and effective way. To help you get started, we discuss 5 major trends in online advertising in this article.

Database Marketing

Database marketing means to collect customer data and using it efficiently in every possible form of communication to your customers. The more you know about your potential customers, the more specifically the marketing campaigns can be organized.

For example, purposes, consider segmentation that is based on behavior (email opens and clicks, active, not active), demography or any additional data such as interests or product preferences. All of these data can be used to send targeted messages, that is able to result in higher involvement, more activity and results in a higher conversion rate.

Digital marketing is a growing and an emerging trend. This trend is going to be heavily followed in 2021

Tips for filling a database

Creating a set database and building it is not easy and can cause a mess if you do not tackle this structurally well.

Here are a few tips

Decide in advance which fields are you going to use and leave out the rest

Pay heavy attention to the quality as well as the uniformity of the data.

Regularly make updates to your data.

Advanced Targeted Marketing

The database marketing phenomenon keeps continuing in advanced targeted marketing. Because, in addition to your own database, there are ample opportunities for you to reach the target audience such as display advertising and search engine advertising.

Through the use of tools such as Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, LinkedIn ads, you can easily show your message to your target audience that is interested to receive your communication. For example, it is possible to target language, demographics, location, keywords, and websites based on the topics.

Companies will heavily target users and customers whom they feel is interested in their products or services.

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising uses search engines such as Google and Bing. These engines provide you with an opportunity to rank above the organic search results using paid ads. These advertisements consist of a header, subheading, description, and URL. You can enter the keywords you want to be found in yourself. How often your Ad will be displayed depends on the amount or bid you specify as well as the quality score of your Ad. The latter is used for entering keywords that do not match your ad or the landing page of your ad.

Search engine advertising is also being invested heavily upon. The trend to rank in the top search results is among the greatest in competition. This is using both organic and paid marketing tactics.

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Display Advertising

Display Advertising provides a focus on advertising with visual elements that are often called banners. They come in many shapes and sizes. The channels on which you can use them are many in number. You can use the Google search engine network, but you can also advertise on trade websites. Which channel do you choose depends on your target group and your message.

An interesting development using this trend is the use of re-marketing when you approach groups of users who have visited your website before and whom you already know certain things about. This makes it possible to customize and tailor your message even more specifically to the wishes and interests of your target group. Companies are also now using display adverts with a view of increasing brand awareness towards their products and services.

Social Advertising

As the name suggests, in social advertising you can use the advertising possibilities given by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms are apt towards reaching a larger targeted audience through paid ads. The advertising options on these platforms are expanded considerably in recent years It is possible now to use remarketing strategies via these platforms, as they provide you an option to send sponsored messages through Sponsored InMails.

Also in targeting ads you can choose from a wide range of options in addition to demographics and interests. It is now possible to upload your own lists on these platforms as well, the possibility to target existing groups even if you are not the administrator.

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Sponsored Content

Native content marketing that is also called native advertising or sponsored content is becoming an increasingly used form of content marketing and advertising. The message is integrated into the form or style of unpaid content and therefore is often perceived as less overt by visitors. Examples include promoted posts, advertorials, infeed advertising, and other SEO marketing techniques such as niche edits and backlinks.

When using this form of advertising it is quite important to think about transparency. Moreover, it is important to mention that the content used is a piece of paid advertising. If you choose not to do this, this can have a negative effect on both the advertiser and the publisher, especially when the relevance is not that great.

Lead Generation

The last trend is the one that has played a major role in online marketing for a long time. How can you better measure the success of your marketing efforts and campaigns? The definition of a lead varies from the point of view of different companies and sometimes varies for each campaigns. Sometimes leaving an email or a phone number can be enough. Whereas other companies only count a lead when a specific request is made. Campaigns with lead generation as the primary goal can be realized with many forms of advertising.

Some examples are:
Show a popup to simulate signing up for a newsletter
The possibility of requesting for a quote
A call button on mobile websites
Fill in an email.

Generating leads does not make sense when there is nothing done with it. If you’re looking to Get SEO clients or any clients, in fact, you need to follow up on your leads and put them to good use. The time lead management comes into the picture.  This is the moment that the marketing and the sales team takes action on the leads. Thereby trying to convert leads into customers. This is done manually but there is a lot of online software available for setting funnels. This is with automatic messaging that matches the leads. When building these funnels, some people find it useful to check out free sales funnel templates to get examples of how they could approach a sales funnel so they can have different ways to test against each other. This improves the likelihood of finding the right funnel for their clients.

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These are some trends in online advertising that has currently found to be booming in 2019. The most shared strategies have found to be successful in the advertising field has been shared with you. If you found this article to be informative then do check out our other articles as well, also if you have a requirement for digital marketing services you can contact us at