Laravel vs Lumen

Laravel vs Lumen: Which PHP Framework is Best?


In this article, we will discuss the similarities as well as the differences between Laravel vs Lumen.

Firstly, laravel is an open-source PHP based framework designed for web development specifically. The framework is free to use. Taylor Otwell is the creator of the framework. Laravel follows the MVC or Model View Controller architectural pattern. Therefore laravel is easy to understand. Its MVC capabilities make web development in PHP much more robust.

Lumen is a micro framework and this means that it is smaller, simpler, leaner, and faster. Therefore it is primarily to build micro-services that have loosely coupled components. This reduces the complexity and enhances the improvements much easily.



Laravel is easy to understand. It is a robust MVC framework. MIT licensed the framework and therefore made available initially in the year June 2011. The framework was born and made using the PHP programming language. Laravel is able to provide a rich set of features and functionality for developing various other features. There are many security features that are provided by Laravel. When the case is about web security, the security features are very good when the web attacks are prevalent.



Lumen is a micro framework created by the Laravel founder Taylor Otwell. The overall functionality of Lumen translates to being a smaller, simpler, leaner and faster version of the complete web application framework. The Lumen framework has a foundation level that is the same as that of Laravel with most of the similar components. Lumen offers less configuration and different routing parameters in configuring the web applications. This helps to accelerate the web development at high speed.


Difference between Laravel and Lumen (Laravel vs Lumen)



It is an MVC based Full stack web application framework  It is a micro framework for the creation of microservices
Laravel is a PHP based full-stack web framework Lumen is a lighter version of the Laravel framework.
It supports integration and usage along with the PHP programming language Lumen supports integration by addition of third party tools or packages to enable new features
Laravel supports any operating system or platforms Lumen also supports many platforms as it is derived from Laravel.
Laravel handles fewer requests compared to Lumen Lumen handles more requests per second compared to Laravel.
The community size of Laravel is huge compared to Lumen Lumen’s community size is small compared to Laravel.
Laravel is licensed under MIT license Lumen is also licensed under the MIT license as it was derived from Laravel
Response time is high compared to Lumen Response time is less compared to Laravel
The speed of Laravel is less compared to Lumen Lumen is all about performance and speed.



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Key Differences between Laravel and Lumen

  • Laravel is a full-stack web application framework that provides support for a lot of third-party tools and frameworks. Lumen is a micro framework used to develop microservices.  It supports API development that has the intent of providing high speed and low response time.
  • Laravel requires different kinds of configuration for the server. It requires other tools to be used along with the application. Whereas Lumen micro framework is a lighter form of Laravel that is able to provide specialized features such as API development, templating, cookies, routing, logging, HTTP sessions, etc.
  • Laravel provides features of clean architecture, growing community, open source, dependency injection that is available for the PHP framework. Whereas Lumen provides the features of eloquent, restful support, API feature, as well as easy to use.
  • Laravel performance can be good in the case of SQL queries and tuning the database on the application level.  Compared to Lumen performance, which declines in the case of SQL queries, and has fewer features compared to Laravel.
  •  Laravel has different specifications in the case of the ORM framework which is eloquent. It provides access to Blade. Whereas Lumen has no specifications that have been derived from Laravel directly.


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  • The Laravel framework has its own command-line interface which is built-in with the framework. Whereas Lumen is a feature rich micro framework.
  • Laravel provides an excellent built-in Object-Relational mapping framework. Whereas Lumen is easily upgradable.
  • It is good for building RestFull APIs. Whereas Lumen is one of the highest performing microservices framework API for building microservices.
  • Laravel provides good documentation to work with. It initializes the project kickoff. Whereas Lumen has no clear documentation but is easy to use.



Finally, so you see that each of these frameworks (Laravel vs Lumen) have their similarities and differences shown to you. If you found this article useful then please check out our other articles as well. There may be personal preferences when you choose to use one framework over the other. It all comes down to how you want to implement your development environment and what features do you need or require. You can Hire Laravel Developer for your Web Development.

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