iOS 13 vs iOS 12

iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Which Apple Operating System Is Better?


It is said that the newer version of any software is better than the older version of the software that is available. This is true for all kinds of software including operating systems that are available. In this article, we are going to discuss which operating system is better for you for your iPhone. Why you should choose to upgrade your software for your iPhone.


iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Availability and compatibility


iOS 13 was in public beta for quite a while now. After testing it has confirmed to be the newest operating system for iPhones. iOS 13 will not be compatible with phones running iOS 12. You should have an iPhone 6S or an iPhone SE or later devices or an iPod touch 7th Generation.

Following are the devices that are incompatible with iOS 13: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, all of these devices can easily run the latter operating system easily that is iOS 12.


iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Signins and Dark Mode


The two of the most highly touted features as well as these features being the biggest provided for iOS 13 are Dark Mode and Sign In with Apple. The Dark Mode is a feature that enables a black midnight color theme that can be used by any app of your smartphones and works with all of your native apps. This will also be available for third-party developers to integrate into their apps.


This mode is designed to go light on your eye as well as to make using your phone easier and more battery-friendly. This low light mode can be configured to come active at sunset or at a specific time that you can set. There is a quick toggle that you can activate in the control center. Of course, you can also decide to use this theme all the time.


The sign is also a new feature that is included with iOS 13, this feature is similar to FaceBook Sign in or Microsoft sign in or Google’s Sign in. Any app that you use will be able to use this custom Apple sign feature that the developers can use to integrate with your applications.


iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Performance


iOS 12 offers significant performance boosts over iOS 11 in comparison, but iOS 13 takes the things to the next level. Apple claims that apps launch upto 2 times faster-using iOS 13 while the Face ID is upto 30% faster. App downloads and updates are set to become a lot smaller from this update, and this will apply to iOS 12 as well.


iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Siri


Siri aims to get better and better with every newer version of the Operating system. iOS 12 is known to enhance translation skills, massively improved its ability to make suggestions, Added Siri shortcuts and that lets you create custom actions that the user can trigger using a specific phrase. Siri is even capable to suggest some shortcuts that you might like as it tries to learn your routine.

With iOS 13 all of the above still apply, but it is even better than ever, as Siri can ask to follow up questions when you are running a shortcut if any extra information is needed. The ability of Siri to make suggestions has also been improved further. For example, it can suggest some shortcuts based on time and locations.


And you are going to enjoy interacting with Siri much more because its sound has been enhanced to make it sound more natural. All thanks to the neural text to speech technology.



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iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Camera and Photos


The camera and photos are two of the main areas that have been given a lot of focus on iOS 13. These features were not the main focus in iOS 12 but they were not completely ignored either.

The camera has got a portrait Lighting mode as a part of iOS 12, while QR code reading has been automatic, as well as the ability to search for specific photos has been improved and you can search by events and as well as use multiple search terms at once.


Now in iOS 13 you can change the intensity of light in Portrait Mode, as well as a new monochromatic feature has been added, that is photos can now be taken in black and white color. There also has been a redesigned editing experience that allows you to review each individual effect. It makes use of new editing tools right in the Photos editor app such as “Vibrance”, “Noise Reduction”, “Perspective correction”


The biggest change comes from how the photos are displayed with a new photos tab that can highlight shots from specific days, months or years.


iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Maps


Apple has added more details to Maps in iOS 12 along with things like more accurate location entrances and much more up-to-date information, as well as switching to using its own mapping information instead of relying on third parties.


With iOS 13 through Maps, now it allows you to take a look at places at the ground level, in 3D similar to Google Street View.


You can get real-time transit information and in select locations, there are more realistic and detailed maps. You can also now easily access your favorite locations, so setting up navigation is quicker and easier.


Messages, Reminders, and Memoji


Apple has now redesigned the reminders app for iOS 13 and has given it a completely new interface, support for attachments as well as smart lists, which is tuned to automatically organize and display reminders given you the choice to view just those that are relevant to you today.


Messages are improved too, Apple lets you personalize your messages and interactions with animations and Memoji features, which allows you to create a cartoon version of your own face.

As for the messages app itself, you can share your photo and name but can choose to do this with everyone or just your contacts or with no one.


iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Augmented Reality


iOS 12 added ARKit 2 which allows for shared experiences in AR opening doors to all sorts of multiplayer AR games and apps.


With iOS 13 Apple has now moved to ARKit 3 which allows AR content to realistically pass behind or in front of people in the real world, making it more realistic


This allows AR experiences to use both the front and the rear cameras at the same time, as well as track multiple faces and using Reality Composer you can create your own AR scenes using simple drag and drop controls.


iOS 13 vs iOS 12: Other features


There are numerous other features that have made some changes to how these features work such as Grouped Notifications, screen time information, improvements to Do Not Disturb,  a new Measure app, as well as some small updates to most of the stock apps.


You will be able to find all of these in iOS 13 too but with further addition and updates, for example, CarPlay, voice controls, Safari, Notes as well as the App Store, Apple Health and Apple Music have been updated in ways small or large.



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So now you know that updating your iPhone with the newest version of iOS is worth the deal or not. As far as features are concerned, and from the security point of view. It is better to keep your phone running the latest version of iOS so that you have all new features and bug fixes accessible at your fingertips.