Importance of UI & UX

Importance of UI & UX in Mobile App Development


Firstly, there are several millions of mobile apps on the app store and play store today. Some have acclaimed success while others are struggling in the highly competitive field. The thing that is common among successful apps is that all these apps have an exceptional look and feel. All of these successful apps provide and prove to give an exceptional user look and feel that entices different users so it’s important to know the Importance of UI & UX.

Many users are looking to have an excellent look and feel so that they can feel good when using the app. An engaging and visually appealing app is usually a combination of giving an efficient user interface (UI). It also provides a great user experience (UX). Many professional mobile app developers will tell you this. They will tell you that an app has to be developed that puts an emphasis on UI/UX design. This is the start where you can get exceptional success for your app.

An excellent user interface instantly creates an attraction for your app, while a splendid user experience will provide a lasting impact on your user’s mind. It is therefore critical for you to get both UI and UX right the first time when you are developing the app and want your app to be successful.

This mobile app development blog will provide you a gist of what it is by describing UI/UX. As well as highlight the various reasons why do you need a great UI/ UX design. How it can contribute to the success of your app.  We will explain further what makes an excellent and great UI UX design. So let’s start with the Importance of UI & UX.

User Interface (UI)

UI is the element that refers to User Interface. This element describes the appearance of an application when a user interacts with the app. User Interface makes sure that the user is able to easily interact with the application. User Interface contains elements such as apps design, graphics, and well as presentation.  A good User Interface should be attractive to look for various users.

User Experience (UX)

The User Experience is composed of human feelings and emotions that get across when he or she uses the app. It comprises of the perceptions, feelings, emotions, and various different preferences during and after using a particular application. When the app’s simplicity, accessibility, and usability enhance the user experience, you have got satisfactory attention from your user. In order to create an effective and attractive UX design, you should perform thorough research about the needs and requirements of your target audience.

Reasons why UI UX design is critical for your app:

Comming up and creating an efficient UI/UX design should always be a top priority for your app development. This requires you to perform thorough research and perfect prior planning for you to assimilate and understand the needs and requirements of your target audience. Your target audience will eventually be your users. You need to focus on the problem that your app tries to solve for your target audience. Regardless of what your needs are, you should come up with a design that works flawlessly and connects with your users in the efficient way possible. Here are some noteworthy reasons why you need a good design for your app development efforts.

Enhances customer satisfaction which improves ROI

An exceptional design is able to provide your customers with engaging content and give easy navigation.  This enables your customers to get a high degree of customer satisfaction for your app. It satisfies them with the services offered by your app. In turn, satisfied customers will always recommend your app to their friends and relatives. This provides you with indirect marketing by word of mouth for your app. This can lead to an increase in your customer base. This helps you to get loyal customers for your app, which in turn become loyal to your brand. They have a chance for becoming returning buyers which in turn increases the Return On Investment or ROI for your business.

Helps you connect and understand your audience

Before getting down to create a perfect UI/UX, you need to understand the needs and requirements of your clients. The design that you create should be giving proper focus to your target audience. Your app should attract the audience you are building the app for. A perfect UI/ UX provides you the ability to segment your audience, and this is critical and crucial in understanding the overall needs of your audience. What your audience wants should be the priority for your app design.  Understanding the needs and requirements of your audience will make it easy for you to convert customers into loyal customers for your app. As this in turn increases actual sales for your brand.

Builds Your Brand from the Ground Up

Investing in an efficient UI design that is not only good but exceptional, helps you to attract and increase customer satisfaction. You end up with happy clients. People like working with brands that make them happy and satisfy the needs that they have. They will provide you with valuable feedback which you can use to improve your product further. The product can be the app you are developing for your target audience. By doing this you can invest in further improving and enhancing your application. This will further increase the credibility of your application. The client or target audience creates a good relationship with your brand. The overall result of this is the growth and value that your app creates which increases brand value and brand name.

Save Money and Time

When you choose to invest in a great UI/UX design, there are going to be minimal chances for your clients to find any kind of problems with your app. As it is rightly said a perfect product will not require frequent updates and improvements. This helps you to save valuable time and money which otherwise you would have to spend in developing an update for your app. Upgradation requires you to invest some time and money in finding out the areas for you to improve your app further. This can further put the load on your business efforts.


How UI/UX design creates success for your mobile app?

Mobile application users prefer to use those applications that are engaging and entertaining as well as easy to use for them. Most of the successful applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram have tirelessly offered their users seamless and pleasant experiences as well as an easy-to-navigate and eye-attractive User Interface.  Developing an application from the ground up that has a great UI/UX is going to be the starting point for your development efforts. This is the stepping stone for your app’s success. Most users prefer to use an app that is user-friendly and one that has great functionality over the one that is less attractive.

An exceptional user interface provides users with a realistic and pleasant feel when using your app. It helps users to maintain and absorb a constant flow of information that is uninterrupted.  More and more users will get aroused for using your app and will be interested in it. This effectively leads to a boost in conversion rates for your app. Therefore it is critical and crucial for you to hire an experienced and professional UI/UX designer who can make sure your mobile app has a good and pleasant user interface. It will provide an excellent user experience for your target audience.

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Important UI UX elements to consider during the development of the mobile app

There are some important elements and aspects which define your UI/UX experience for your mobile app. Here are some basics that you need to consider:

  • Retain Uniformity:

Always make sure that the user interface that you provide users with your mobile app is uniform in nature. Make sure the layout for your app is consistent across all viable platforms. It should have no difference when the user uses your app in terms of layout and interface.

  • Use a simple design:

Always simplicity is the key to creating a great and exceptional user interface. It should not be difficult for your users to use the app. As most of the features, they will use should be seamless and easy to understand.

  • Provide Fast Loading time:

Ensure that your app does not consume time when loading on mobile devices as this can be the greatest deterrent for your target audience. Having a quick loading time for your app ensures that your users stay on the app and continue to use it thereafter.


  • Use Standard elements:

In order to increase the user’s confidence in your app, make liberal use of elements such as buttons, check boxes, icons, and colors. The elements should be eye-pleasing and attractive. When users look at it, it should not have flashy colors and complex elements on the user interface.


  • Use Visuals and large formats:

As large visuals and formats prevent any distraction for your users, ensure that you make liberal use of them.  This enables your app to have easy navigation and accessibility for your users.


  • Use few fonts:

Ensure that you use fewer fonts in your application, and these should be consistent across all layouts internal and external.


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Conclusion (Importance of UI & UX):

So these are some basics that help you to have a great UI UX for your target users. Having followed these basics is key to having more users for your mobile application.

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