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How to Promote Your Business Successfully with Hashtags?


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We have been using hashtags everytime. And we use it consistently for Instagram and Twitter. You might also use them in some other places such as Facebook and Pinterest. But it is essential to use hashtags for getting better reach and results. When hashtags are used strategically, hashtags can provide you with a number of benefits. They can easily be used to get content to a larger audience that is size-ably bigger, target a specific, concentrated and focused group of people, boost your SEO tactics, and use hot trending topics to your advantage, and many other things.

To get the best out of your hashtags and boost your business, use the following tips for marketing campaigns.



1. Boosting the organic reach of your digital marketing posts:


Instagram has implemented a new algorithm that makes it much harder for users to expand the organic reach of their posts. If you see the amount of growing number of users on Instagram, it can become very difficult for you to make your posts visible. 

The best weapon that you can rely on is, hashtag, aside from influencer marketing. Hashtags help Instagram to categorize your content, and get it in front of your preferred and intended audience.

You need to keep in mind that you cannot and you should not overuse hashtags, as it can lead to a shadow ban, which is a practice followed by Instagram. In other words you posts won’t show up in search results even if it has the right hashtags, Here is how you can use it and make sure to not over use it to increase the reach of your posts


Use precise hashtags: #WCFinals is better than #finals

Make use of relevant hashtags. Your hashtags need to connect to your target audience, and not just someone who wishes to exchange for likes and follows.

Observe what the people around you are doing: Check out which hashtags your competition and your followers are using, and borrow the ones that seems to be the most effective.


2. Create Branded Hashtags:


This can be the most important thing that you can do for your campaign. Branded hashtags, just like what the name indicates, contains the name of your brand. But they can also contain your company slogan, name of a specific product, or one of your campaigns. There are the two key benefits for using hashtags. The first one is ability to monitor the performance of your campaign, by just focusing on branded hashtags. The second one is user generated content. Every time a user uses one of your branded hashtags, they are increasing your presence on social media.


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3. Join Trending Topics:


Trending topics can easily benefit your marketing efforts to a much greater and significant extent, since they are able to engage a high amount of users. The right hashtag for a trending topic can easily boost your product views, service, brand or content in front of a massive audience. They can also be seen by the audience who are not a part of your target audience that results in better brand awareness.

You can also easily use hashtags in order to join trending topics in any one of the two ways. One way to do this is to do them during holidays, because it can be very easy for your business to latch onto holiday trends as well as topics, regardless of your niche.

If you are not able to find a connection between your industry and a trending topic, you can tailor your content so that it is able to fit the topic



4. Join a conversation on Social Media:


This one is going to be similar to joining a trend. You need to be able to start a conversation that is going on and taking place on social media by using the right hashtags. For example, you can use hashtags that feature your local cricket team or the playoffs, and you can voice support for a good cause or simple jump on the band wagon when the situation is about getting formal  or informal for national holidays. In other words your industry needs to be connected in a relevant way.


5. Promote Contest and Giveaways:

Contests as well as giveaways are known to boost engagements. People like to come and compete for contests to win giveaways, but even more they love discounts and free stuff. When it comes to giveaways its is always better to several smaller ones than one massive giveaway, because it will help you in order to build a momentum around it. Contests on the other hand  results in a lot of user generated content with your hashtags in it. And this translates to better awareness about your brand.


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6. Raise awareness about a particular topic:


Hashtags, that can easily spread awareness about an important topic not only has the ability to go viral, but they also results in a lot of user generated content. At the same time, you, and your community will be able to spread awareness about your company. Even more important, you can also do some good, and your company will be viewed as socially responsive.



These are the tactics that you can use when you want to use hashtags for getting a higher amount of reach for your business. You can use these tactics to better your digital promotion posts for your business.You can do many hashtag marketing for getting more reach for your content. If you like this article then do check out our other articles as well. If you want to know more about how our digital marketing services can help you then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com