Healthcare Mobile App Development Why, How, and How Much

Healthcare Mobile App Development: Why, How, and How Much


Healthcare Mobile App Development

Firstly, people are solving their daily life problems using their smartphones. They are getting answers to their vital questions by just utilizing their smartphones. Also the healthcare vertical is also no exception to this phenomenon. Especially when the covid pandemic has gripped all of us. People have started depending on utilizing remote services. With the growing situation of chronic diseases, the mobile-based health industry is surviving and growing in the US and so is the rest of the world making the future of the healthcare mobile app development vertical look bright.

There are also some other factors that this industry of mobile app development look auspicious and attractive for investors and entrepreneurs.  After watching the amount of competition mobile app development companies have to face.  It makes perfect sense to pay attention to mobile app development.   Right from market research to designing and then development, and finally maintenance.

Let’s briefly go through the essential points of healthcare app development. After this, you will have a clear mindset and a comprehensive account of what it takes to develop a healthcare app. What makes it different from other apps of a similar type.

The Various Benefits of healthcare apps for You

What is a healthcare app? Healthcare mobile apps are specific apps designed for you to address your various health issues and provide you with a way of living through addressing the health issues that you face. These apps are designed for you to accomplish health-related tasks.  These apps provide mobile health features and provide solutions such as fitness and meditation apps. Healthcare apps provide a wide range of solutions that cover the areas of fitness and meditation as well as provide essential services that help you to take care of your health and fitness. There are also sophisticated healthcare apps that assist medical professionals one on one in recognizing and identifying as well as solving different medical issues.

Many people are engrossed in work, solving the daily problems such that they neglect to take care of their health. Here are the core areas of healthcare apps development that can be a real life saver. These can be of immense help to issues and problems related to health large and small.  If you want to avail of healthcare services in India then you need to visit the health institution, fill forms, wait in line and perform a series of different actions. Compare that to performing a few taps on your phone and avail of the service virtually. The choice is obvious.

These healthcare apps offer a wide number of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Benefits of mobile healthcare apps for patients

  • Keeping a maintained diary
  • Getting updated information on medicines and vaccines
  • News related to healthcare
  • Reviews and point-of-views
  • Easy online consultation with doctors
  • Seamless booking of appointment and process
  • Various services such as reminders to take medicine and calorie counters
  • The convenience of creating an electronic medical record on your phone

Benefits of healthcare apps for entrepreneurs

  • Increased customer loyalty by providing value-added services
  • Increased engagement by building close relations with your patients
  • Seamless booking of appointments
  • The easiest way to gather customer information, as everything is done automatically
  • Save valuable time, using apps that integrate with central databases, doctors can view patients’ history and medical problems.
  • Create a product that helps in saving valuable lives and improve their health.

Healthcare App Market Research

Before we set out to dive deep into the subtle nuances of healthcare app development and design, it is important to do your market research. Doing this can greatly affect and influence the development of your mobile healthcare app for the healthcare industry or vertical.

Firstly Identify the problem and your target audience

Particularly, the first step in the development and creation of a medical-based app is to keep in mind what all aspects and features will your app have. Everything depends on the end-user. All of the things should be done from the perspective of the end-user.

It does not matter which type of app you choose to make, this is a great way to attract and retain your patients and provide them with valuable information. Your product should not focus on the features and goals but rather focus on the end-user and their health issues, their needs and problems, addressing their pain points.

Before you get on with the single design decision or starting to write a line of code, it is better to analyze your target audience, their traits, their characteristics, main goals and objectives to achieve.  After you have collected this information, you will be able to set the priorities straight and assess what features and functions you can provide to your customers. How will they benefit from the unique features and functions that you provide them in your app?

You need to answer the following questions:

  • Which problem will my app solve?
  • Who will be using my app?
  • What characteristics does my target audience have?
  • Are there similar solutions present in the market?

The solution

You need to try to focus on solving the problem that is present, take one problem at a time, and address that. You should not try and create a universal and general product that addresses all possible problems and provides a general solution.  In the case of mobile healthcare apps, you should test the relevancy of your idea, and how you will be integrating and providing healthcare services to your customers. You should take the help of someone who has deep domain knowledge in this field and uses their industry-specific knowledge.


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Know your Competition

Firstly, we recommend you make a list of all of the competitors you have before you submit your app to the relevant app store.

Particularly, gather their basic information, reviews, launch date, user ratings, etc. You need to study user and customer reviews as this will help you to analyze the better interests of your audience. It is highly important for you to highlight the major flaws of your competitor’s apps and how you can fix them with your app solution. How will it be different from all the other apps that are out there providing similar services to customers?

By studying your competitors, you will be in a better position to offer a unique solution and even address the problem that was present in their competitor apps. You need to have a unique selling point and proposition for your app to be popular and well known among the public and the masses.

Determine which platforms to use and technologies to employ

After you analyze your target audience, the next step for you is to select a particular platform. You will use it to develop your app. You can go the native route or develop a cross-platform app depending on which platform you select. Cross-platform will help you have a single code base to be developed for your app. The choice of the platform depends on various factors, such as economic and user-oriented. For example, older users are less likely to be tech-savvy and use wearable technology.

It is possible for you to reach and target a maximum number of users, and you can either do this by developing a cross-platform app. Or by developing native apps for each platform that you need to address.  Your target audience will tend to prefer one platform over the other. Check out the statistics on websites such as Statista and others.

Will your app require the camera to be used or need a GPS feature. These are the subtle nuances that will power the functionality of your app, you need to check. The major point is that you do not need to address everything right at once, but should plan ahead o your schedule which will serve you well.

Choosing a monetization model

Apps that are developed for medical institutions are not regularly monetized, as they serve as an additional service provided by the party for the patients.

If you view your app as a major product, you need to think about how you will make a profit from it. Think about how you will benefit from the app, before designing the product. This is because the way it is created or designed will define the way it will be monetized for profit.

Particularly,  paid healthcare apps are monetized by the mean of subscriptions. Moreover, the vast majority of medical apps are sold depending on the subscription that your users will use.  Free apps usually serve and monetize their platform usually through ads, and offering premium features that only paid people will use.  If you prefer to offer free as well as premium features then this strategy will benefit you immensely as many app developers follow the same.

Build an MVP and thoroughly test it

When it comes to app development, the market is riddled with many apps. Timing is important and crucial for you. Check if similar companies are planning to launch a similar app like yours. Designing an MVP is crucial and testing is even more critical for the success of your app. So thorough test it. You can release the app for a select few users as their feedback and experience can be used to further improve your app then release it to the masses.


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Healthcare Mobile app development is a crucial and critical field as it helps to provide many medical services and eases the lives of consumers and customers.  Entrepreneurs realize the gravity of opportunities that this vertical have and are planning to provide value to users and customers in a unique and different way.  Companies must come forward and truly benefit from providing services to people through healthcare mobile app development.


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