How Google Flutter Became The Frontrunner In Mobile App Development Race?

How Google Flutter Became The Frontrunner In Mobile App Development Race?


What do modern smartphone users and mobile users require in an app? Is it a beautiful design, better performance, or smoother animation. The answer to this question is all three. App developers are always expected to create newer features for apps +that do not compromise on its performance and its speed.

This is the very reason why Google created Flutter- in order to make it easier for app developers to create and develop the best app that is possible.

Google’s UI toolkit Flutter was released back in 2017. Flutter makes use of the Dart object oriented language, which is the fastest growing language by upto 532% between 2018 and 2019. All thanks to Flutter itself.


Flutter is an open-source and Free SDK along with many widgets and tools. It is used to develop apps for both iOS as well as Android. Now if you are going to ask an app developer about what he/ she likes about it, the primary thing that they might talk about is how easy it is to grasp and how one can use a single type of codebase for two platforms. Let’s talk about things that you will learn when using Flutter.


The Dart Programming Language


Dart is easy to learn and very beginner-friendly. Users will have a joyous experience while using it. Compared to Flow and TypeScript which you use in React Native, it is much easier and has a simple syntax. Using a good compiler, there are fewer hidden runtime error messages. A developer should also appreciate a strongly typed language even if you are using it for a medium-sized application.


Architecture and State Management


When Flutter was a newly introduced technology, it was harder to trust the architecture and the state management tools, but as time passed, in 2019 more and more complex Flutter apps have been developed and written. Some developers follow BLoC, which is complex, and there are RxDart and Redux which is not simple as well. People coming from Android or React might find it much more comfortable since they may be used to this.


Hot Reload


Flutter’s Hot Reload helps developers to experiment, build UI  as well as add features and fix bugs quickly and this makes it as easy as possible. With the addition to speed, it is reliable. This Hot Reload feature has been the best in its class.


Complex Layout is Easy


Developers that are already using layout libraries like React, CSS Grid, Flexbox, etc will not have any problems learning Flutter’s layout. Flutter is a lot similar to this well known web-based layout concept. Also, the User Interface Logic in Dart and Flutter is proved to be excellent for writing reliable code.


Less Focus on Widgets is Required


A lot of attention has been given to Flutter’s widget tutorials on their website. Eventually, developers have already started to write more full-fledged Apps and have gone beyond implementing pure UI as well as the animation for it. This is the reason why more end to end tutorials must be mentioned on Flutter’s website. There are more advanced Dart features and architectural patterns that could be learned. Flutter goes beyond just widgets.



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App for Both iOS and Android Platforms


App developed for these platforms takes time, it can take time to submit apps for each platform, especially Google Play and iTunes Connect.


Too Many Widgets


There is a hell lot of widgets present on Flutter. There are widgets for simple processing, and this makes Dart code nested when it is time to implement more complex layouts. That is the reason why it is recommended to learn simple widgets first and then do the rest as and when it is needed.




For simple projects or the kind of projects that you want some time for developing where there is a shortage of enough backend developers, firebase can be a good choice. But if you are a small team, it can become a problem if there is a surge in traffic and the Firebase bill shows up that is calculated on usage-based.


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It is without a doubt that Flutter is here to stay. Flutter might have the edge when we look at the overall aspects that include installation, ease of usage, setup and configuration, community support, testing support, DevOps, and so on. Considering what Flutter has to offer for budding and aspiring developers, and with no signs of slowing down, it has proved that it is here to stay for a long time If you are looking to hire Flutter developers or want to develop a cross-platform app for both Android and iOS, then do contact us at We have the most talented and experienced developers ready to onboard your project in record time.