Flutter: A Trendsetter in 2020?

Flutter: A Trendsetter in 2023?


Flutter has emerged as the main platform to develop cross platform apps. The environment supports a single code base for designing apps that are both Android and iOS compatible. Flutter has already won a mighty grail of software development programs and projects and is one of the fastest growing mobile app development tools. In this article, we are going to discuss the main advantages that make Flutter a popular development tool, and also we will check if it is viable and justifiable to switch from another platform to this tool.

If you are looking to develop cross platform apps that keeps the same level of performance as native apps then flutter is a right choice for you.

Here are 7 reasons why Flutter is the main emerging development trend of 2020:


1. Same Business Logic and UI in All Platforms:

The main advantage that Flutter possesses is its common UI patterns have been extracted out to reusable widgets. By doing this it eliminates the need to individually set UI properties such as color, styling, and so on. We can easily adjust the UI as well as the business logic globally by editing the code for both iOS and Android Flutter apps. When you use flutter you only need to maintain and look after a single code base. The code base remains consistent throughout the project. Irrespective of whether you are developing for iOS or for Android using Flutter framework.


2. Time is saved:

Thanks to Flutters Hot Reload feature, there is no need to spend time on development as one does in regular programming. You are able to apply all the changes instantly without losing the current application state. Building UI, Fixing Bugs, adding newer features without any need to compromise on speed as well as development which reduces the efforts put in for Quality Assessment is one of the main reasons why you need to choose Flutter. The Hot reload feature is the main reason why developers love flutter so much. You do not have to wait for your code to compile when you are working on flutter project.


3. Similar to Native App Performance:

Flutter apps are coded and written in a language called Dart, and this eliminates the need for using a JavaScript bridge and allows for compilation to native machine code. This enables compiling and releasing an application at a much faster rate than you would do it with React Native, as an example. Flutter compiles directly to machine code. The compilation that is done is speedy and swift. You get native apps like performance without compromizing speed and efficiency. The code compiled is quite efficient.


4. Custom and Animated UI is available for any complexity:

Using various widgets to your advantage you can create a complex User Interface that looks the same on different versions of operating systems. With the large library of handy animations that can be easily implemented using the Flutter’s animation support, your application will look polished as well as smooth. And everything that you see on the screen can be customized as per your liking. Customization of your code is really easy whether you are working on a UI based project or any other project for that matter. Also implementing animations are done to be really very easy. You can add different animations easily to your user interface.



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5. Perfect for An MVP (Minimal Viable Product):

A minimal viable product is being one of the most efficient approaches to validate a business idea. It provides you with a handy help in preventing any business failures. As you are able to easily get feedback and attend to the needs of the customers. Provided with a high speed, ease of integration as well as a flexible UI, Flutter has been the perfect choice to create a mobile MVP. You are able to design quickly as well as launch the application at a much faster rate into the market.

This allows you to beat your competition at record speed thereby allowing you to be the first one to enter the markets. Its has never been so easy to create a product or an app that you can launch in the market at a faster rate. Your development team does not have to put redundant efforts to create an app. You can develop apps in less amount of time and launch them in the market at a swift pace. This allows you to bring newer ideas first into the market thereby allowing you to get credibility for your company for it.


6. Hot Reload Feature that enables and facilitates designer-developer cooperation:

Apart from being a joyous experience for developers and programmers, hot reload is extremely beneficial for designer-developer cooperation. Just imagine a developer who is able to suggest some amount of changes on UI.  And as soon as the designer does them, they both can immediately see if those particular changes fit into the application or not. Any amount of changes to the initial design or the user interface can easily be seen both by the developer and the designer.


7. High App Responsiveness:

Flutter Apps are able to run smoothly on any platform functioning properly with no changes to the Dart code. And this enables the preservation of outstanding design on the different platforms. Flutter app development has already been able to move forward from mobile and enabled to open newer opportunities for both web and desktop that are active in use today.


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With all these above-listed advantages. We can undoubtedly name Flutter an indeed game changer in the world of cross-platform app development or development world. These 7 distinctive features make it competitive enough for the place of best in class among other mobile app development tools. In case you feel that you need to develop and build a product and you need a team– feel free to contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. We have the most talented pool of developers ready to onboard your project and help you launch your app.