Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends to Watch Out in 2022


Firstly, the coronavirus pandemic has raised some unviable questions about how the technology workforce will function without the presence of going to offices. This question has raised concerns of many of the top brains of companies heading CTOs and CIOs. Particularly, It has been a most empowering and a go to experience to upgrade their customer experience with the help of technology. Organisations are moving towards maintaining and keeping a digital presence for their customers in front of the competition. With a large range of cybersecurity options being available too, this is becoming a safe and efficient way to work. The landscape offered by technology is dynamic. While the pandemic has forced many companies and organisations to make use of digital drivers. We all are going to witness the next shift in terms of having the digital transformation take place amidst the pandemic. This new shift has introduced various patterns that will take care and become the next normal.


Digital Transformation Trends

Here are 10 Top Digital Transformation Trends happening in 2022.


  • Digital Banking experiences:

Gone are the days when you need to needed to carry cash to manage your daily expenses. With the down of new technology, it has now become common to replace cash with other forms of money. Namely plastic money or cards, even cashless transactions through the new age UPI and pinless transactions are becoming the new norm. Financial institutions are going under more stress in order to provide enhanced digital experiences.

And carry out many transactions for the customer to make their purchases are satisfied. This is the digital revolution powered by the banking sector where the ultimate winner is the customer. There is no doubt that this is beneficial for the customer. Particularly, he won’t have to worry about paying bills and shopping for essential needs to survive this pandemic.

Experiences of the digital banking avenues will be fortified and helpful for the customers and consumers altogether. With the introduction of the UPI or Unified payments interface, people can now conduct easy and swift payments for all their payment requirements and needs. It is due to this payment method, the payments done by customers prefer to use UPI.

  • 5G will go mainstream:

With the telecom sector already in a boom, there is a chance in India that new implementations of 5G technology will go mainstream. Sources have touted that this can be made available in the second half of 2022, so all hopes crossed. We can witness a new age where there will be no limitations on the speed of the internet. And everyone will be able to harness the power of knowledge provided by the internet.

  • Cloud technology adopted:

With the emergence of cloud storage, it is the new normal that cloud services and technology will be adopted by the masses for general use. Services such as file storage, data processing and even data management shall be leveraged. These  provided to the general public for their daily activities.

Now everything is going to be cloud based. And it is the right time for companies to embrace cloud technology.

The embrace of cloud technology has caught up lately and every company and organization is looking to implement and use it. Services like dropbox, Google Work Spaces that have become a hit has slowly grown in popularity as it has become mainstream and many consumers and customers prefer to use and leverage these services.

  • Online shopping will become normal:

Because the pandemic has taught us to take care by working and sitting at home, it is possible for daily groceries and items to be bought online. So online shopping is going to increase as we can see amid the pandemic. This vertical is born to increase the future of online shopping thereby providing a seamless and great shopping experience. With attractive offers and discounts, public attracted to the world and the comfort of shopping while sitting at home.

  • Video Call and online conference becomes a trend:

If you wanted to meet someone and conduct meetings, a phone call would have sufficed. But now it is seen to be a growing trend in modern technology that voice calls, and video calls on zoom as well as on google meet is catching up with the new trend. Therefore it is viable that people are socializing more through video calls and conferences for friends and family to know their whereabouts and acknowledge their safety.

People have started using online video calling and online conference services to a great extent. As it bridges the gap and eliminates the geographical boundaries and limitations. It is easy now with the help of technology people can chat and talk to near and dear ones on a real-time basis. It feels as if the person with whom we are talking to has not left our room. The experience is like we are talking physically to a person, on the smartphone.

  • Local shops and Retailers are going online:

With the digital age booming, it is seen that small shops and small retailers are setting up their own online stores in the view of spreading and growing their business. Customers are now preferring to shop online through these websites instead of physically visiting the store. Therefore the online business is growing at a fast pace. And many online stores are coming up to compete against each other. This surely has caught up and become a trend for 2021.

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  • Preference of OTT platforms over local Cable TV:

OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix has made it to the masses, this trend is catching up where people are now embracing OTT platforms over digital cable TV. Gone are the days where people used to watch television, now is the age where people subscribe and watch their favourite shows over the comfort of their mobile devices and at any time convenient.

It seems as if the entertainment mode has shifted from the cable TV setup to using technology right on your phone.

Now with the emergence of OTT or over the top platforms, once can watch TV shows and favorite serials right on your mobile phones using OTT platforms like HotStar, Zee Five, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, and many more.

The daily or monthly money paid for cable tv services can now use the same way without missing your favorite entertainment medium.

  • Work from home becoming normal:

People are preferring to work from home over the comfort of sitting at home. It has become the new normal that technology has enabled us. We can comfortably sit and home and work instead of visiting the office for work. Therefore it is good that people can work and earn their livelihood right from the comfort of sitting at home.

Working from home has now become the trend now with the pandemic causing so much havoc, it is essential that people keep their heath as a priority and take care of themselves. Stepping out of home for work has now become a thing of the past as the same work can now be done via the comfort of the home.

  • Everything-as-a Service is catching up:

Now with the advent of new technology and innovations happening, it is common for people to see and use daily services quite often. Right from household services, to ordering food. From scheduling a doctor’s appointment to listening music, everything is online and made available for public as a service.

This trend is catching up rapidly. And has enabled people to use these services quite often. 2021 will see people using these services and enabling their business to get digitally transformed. This is something that is going to happen right at the corner of time.

Every service we use labeled Everything-as-a-service.

  • Cyber Security is catching up:

Cyber security is an important aspect of technology. This usage and implementation of secure laws for the online world are cathing up. It has been important for companies to tighten their belts when it comes to secure work structure and infrastructure thereby enabling privacy and confidentiality. This trend is caught the public by surprise. Companies are looking to secure their digital infrastructures and enable a seamless and great experience for end customers.

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