Asp.NET vs Node JS

Asp.NET vs Node JS


Firstly, Whenever a new technology comes into market, it will always have its merits and demerits for its operations.

Secondly, Every single time, new technology enters the market and changes the way programmers develop applications. To solve different programming problems new technology has been introduced. Each technology focuses on solving a particular computing problem.

In this article, we are going to compare as well as contrast two different computing platforms ASP.Net and Node JS (Asp.Net vs Node JS). Let’s get to the basics of both Asp.Net and Node JS


What is Node JS?

Ryan Dahl is the inventor of Node JS. The language is open source as well as cross-platform. Node JS is a JavaScript runtime environment that is capable of executing JavaScript code at the server-side.

Earlier only JavaScript was used for any validation to be done at the client side only. With the advent of Node JS, it is possible to execute scripts for both the front end as well as the backend.

Particularly, Node JS is a platform built using Chrome’s JavaScript runtime engine. It helps to develop scalable networked applications.

It uses a nonblocking I/O model that is event-driven and this makes it an ideal option to develop data-intensive applications.

What NodeJS tries to achieve?

In other words, NodeJS was invented with one purpose in mind. To be able to add perfomance and scale with many different applications. It enables high performance along with higher stability and workability.

When it comes to designing and developing a high perfomance applications, Node JS always has remained a preferred choice of developers and web designers alike.

This technology can scale very competitively with increasing amount of users in such  a way that there is no difference in the operating and perfomance metrics of the web applications.


This type of event mechanism benefits the server to respond in a nonblocking fashion. Node JS is built on the V8 JavaScript engine. This makes it the fastest code execution library.

There is no buffering involved in Node JS. The application outputs the data in the form of pieces.

Subsequently,  Node JS is mostly used for single page applications. This makes use of unblocking or nonblocking fashion.

Node JS is used for high performance applications that scales very well. This is with respect to productivity and performance in high traffic environments.


What is is a web application framework developed by Microsoft, using this we can develop new generation websites using web forms, MVC, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, as well as templates, etc.

ASP .net is nothing but a server-side scripting language that produces dynamic web pages. It enables web developers to produce dynamic attractive web pages.

It provides a very easy to use, drag and drop website framework IDE in order to build the website compared to other frameworks such as Java, etc. ASP .net was first released in 2002 by Microsoft with version 1.


Microsoft perfomed many upgrades as time passed away. It is a successor to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages.

WebForms helps in developing web applications. is shipped with built-in web form controls which are responsible for developing the user interfaces.

They can mirror typical HTML widgets such as text boxes and buttons.

If these controls do not fit your needs, you are free to use your own custom user controls.


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ASP .net Node JS
The ASP .net framework mainly a web application framework developed by Microsoft Node JS, an Open source, cross-platform JavaScript Runtime Engine, and environment that executes JavaScript code on the server side.
Used for generating and developing a website using web forms, HTML5, CSS as well as JavaScript Used to develop server-side applications that run on the backend only.
ASP .net is very easy to understand compared to other programming languages. Development of a website is very easy using Node JS is a server-side JavaScript environment. It uses an asynchronous as well as an event-driven model and designed for the development of scalable internet applications notably web servers. Thus NodeJS is able to provide excellent performance based on the architecture of many internet applications.
Many websites existed in today’s world  developed using Node JS is useful for the maintenance and handling large volumes of customer data
Its first release came in 2002 Its first release came in 2009


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So we have seen the basic difference between the two language frameworks (Asp.Net vs Node JS).
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