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Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce


What comes into your mind when you think about Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the technology that is driving companies to perform smart activities that were never even imagined before. Firstly, AI is making a game-changer adaptation in the technology sector of IT. AI has already begun its journey of enhancing customer experience through various touchpoints. Artificial intelligence has proved to be groundbreaking for all of its innovational enhancements to technology. The major change that AI is bringing is to the E-commerce sector. What has been a major change is that it helps companies drive their e-commerce operations.

Particularly, E-commerce is the industry that has taken shopping to the next level. AI is constantly driving e-commerce to its edges through the changes that it has made to online shopping. Furthermore, with the help of AI-driven platforms like Microsoft Azure AI, businesses in the E-commerce sector are able to transform their customer support experience. And not only that, but E-commerce businesses can use the tools offered by the above-mentioned platform to create a customer-centric search, identify potential customers, build a new level of personalization, and establish a more efficient sales process. However, for that, they might need to hire employees who have the required knowledge and has a certification in Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (to learn more about the certification process, consider checking out this code- ai-900). Moreover, by hiring employees who have expertise in this field, entrepreneurs can further improve their E-commerce businesses.

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits and changes that Artificial Intelligence has bought to the e-commerce industry (Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce). Moreover, AI is driving major enhancements to the e-commerce industry and some of these changes will be discussed in this blog article.

Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

Sell better products

Artificial intelligence is helping companies to sell better products to online consumers. Through the use of enhanced technology companies like Amazon and Flipkart are projecting better products to their customers. Whenever a customer wants to shop online and get a product, he or she will search for it on the internet. Then whenever he browses social media or some online shopping website, he or she will see advertisements of products that he had initially searched on the internet. So these activities provide a more personalized and customized experience to the clients and customers. This helps in providing a better user experience and caters to overall better services by E-commerce companies.

When you use AI techniques you get the opportunity to sell better.

Customers prefer buying through chatbots

One of the major changes that customers are experiencing is that they prefer buying through chatbots. There are many examples and instances where general people and customers prefer buying online goods and services through the help of chatbots. This is because most of the customer engagement through chatbots are focused on solving customer queries and problems efficiently. It is going to happen that pesonalised online touch can be experienced by various customers through the use of chatbots. There are many companies that employ chatbots to deal with clients and customers as well as solve customer problems and pain points.

Statistics and research has shown that people prefer buying guidance using chatbots.

Warehouse management is made easy

When AI is used to manage different operations, there is also a major objective that is achieved. Warehouse management is made easy through the use of AI based technology. Order management and inventory management is simplified when e-commerce companies employ AI based technology to better help them to manage their stock. Personalised order fulfillment is done through the use of AI technology. This helps to locate and process order stock better and fulfill and complete orders efficiently and in less time.

Warehouse management becomes an easier task that helps organizations and their produce

Provides better targeting of ads for customers

When has it happened to you or occurred to you that you search for a product on the internet and the same ad follows and is seen by you on various shopping websites and platforms? This is because of personalised targeting of adverts through the use of AI based technology. AI technology is better helping e-commerce companies to upsell as well as cross sell their products to their customers through the efficient use of AI. These implementations help e-commerce companies to customise their add content and serve it better to their target customers. This provides a better scope for the customers to buy their products and service offerings. As this helps to increase the e-commerce companies revenue.

AI helps you to get and use better products in your day to day lives.

Provides device wide targeting for customers

AI based technology is present on not only e-commerce platforms but also on major other hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and laptops as well. AI makes it possible to track the customer and project personalised experience to them across all devices as well. This helps the customer to make better buying decisions and helps them to solve their real-life problems better. AI is also able to provide personalised experience to customers from the other side of the globe. This helps to expand the e-commerce company’s reach to a global target audience.

The ads and offers that is projected to you will be seen on all devices that you use.

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Enables personalisation of shopping experience

As we have already discussed, AI helps to tailor make the shopping experience of customers through interactive ads, better targeting of products to potential customers, as well as enhance the shopping experience of customers. This provides e-commerce companies to tailor make and create a personalised strategy for attracting customers to their products and services offered by them. For example, when the festive season is on, e-commerce companies can create attractive offers and discounts based on the browsing history of the customers. When customers get personalised experiences they are able to make buying decisions better.

Customers prefer better and personalised shopping experience through AI in ecommerce.

Empower store owners

Artificial intelligence is also able to empower small scale store owners and retailers. AI brings them and makes these small scale store owners to sell their products on a global online platform where they can target the global audience. This enables them to increase their sales and ultimately increase their profits. Not being physically present to shop for a product is the most interesting factor that can attract customers towards online shopping. Many retailers are able to get advantage of using a better platform and market their products all across the globe as well as provide a better experience to online shoppers through a wide range of products that they can offer.

There are a lot of benefits for store owners as to using AI to drive products towards customers.

Provide a global audience reach

AI presents a global platform to reach e-commerce companies. This is done through the use of efficient targeting, personalised experience as well as better managing stock and orders for these companies. Online shopping or e-commerce companies are able to better market their products to consumers and customers. Thus expanding their presence to a global audience through their platform. AI is constantly helping companies to increase their revenue and achieve better sales targets. Thus we can say that AI is helping companies to better grow. They serve their customers better as well as efficiently.

Using AI you can enable yourself to sell globally.

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We have seen the various facts and benefits of Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce. If you have any requirements to develop AI based apps then contact us at with your requirements. We have the most talented and experienced professionals ready to onboard your project and help you out.