Advantages of hiring remote developers in corona pandemic (A Developer working on laptop )

Advantages of hiring remote developers in corona pandemic


Corona has gripped the earth. It has been spreading through travelers coming from China and other infected countries. As a matter of fact, corona has got down the business to its knees. Many businesses are suffering due to the lack of customers coming to their business. Subsequently, there are many companies who are finding it hard to develop software for supporting their businesses. Amidst this pandemic, we will list to you why do you need to hire remote developers. For what reasons hiring remote developers can help your businesses.
The shift to remote really isn’t as daunting as it seems. From a boost in productivity to lower overhead costs, the benefits of hiring remote team members are tangible. Many businesses are looking into this recently. When businesses do employ remote workers, it’s so important that these people aren’t isolated from the company. One way of ensuring that doesn’t happen is by looking into unified communications as a service. That sort of telecommunication solution helps businesses to connect all of their employees together, regardless of whether some of them are working remotely.
This ensures employees can communicate and collaborate at all times, so people shouldn’t be isolated. Hopefully, that should make remote workers more productive, increasing profits. Here are more reasons why your business needs to hire remote developers in this time of the pandemic.

Remote developers are more productive

Remote work allows me to work in the environment and at the time I am the most focused, These are the words said by business leaders.. He adds that remote developer gives him the flexibility to organize his day in a way that he can work the most effectively. Remember that every individual is unique, and this translates to productivity levels across a 24-hour period, too.

If a developer is most productive between midnight and 3AM, then you may never be able to make the most of their talent if he or she is required to do a 9-5, or even 11-7 workday.

Try encouraging your team to work when they’re most “in the zone” – no matter the time of day. Instead of spending 4 hours waking up while completing a task at 10am, they may be able to easily run through it in 2 hours at 1am. This ends up being a huge benefit for you – both if you’re paying a developer per hour, as well as increasing the speed of completing a project.

You can find the right talent

Great developers are in high demand. This makes it especially difficult to find one if you’re looking for a very specific tech stack or niche technology, such as a developer skilled in a bleeding edge technology (e.g. progressive web apps) or someone to work on your legacy Fortran systems.

When opening up the option for remote developer applicants, you expand your talent pool significantly. This will allow you to recruit developers anywhere, including those who may not want to relocate for a role or enjoy the flexibility of working remotely.

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Lower infrastructure costs

Appealing and architecturally designed workplaces, in a great location, and fitted out with the best technology infrastructure and systems are very expensive to build. Hiring remote means you don’t need to spend company funds on a physical workplace designed to attract talent (and keep them engaged).

Instead, hiring remote developers means they choose the place that makes them happiest to work. Whether it’s a coffee shop, co-working space, home, or overlooking the beach in Spain. They bring their favorite laptop and reliable internet connection with them wherever they go – you don’t necessarily need to include these in your package either.

Experienced developers who work remotely are more motivated

When you empower remote developers with the right systems and a sense of autonomy, you’ll find they are more motivated.

The danger in hiring remotely is when you don’t have a solid onboarding process, or you are not prepared with the right systems in place to allow for fluid work and communications.

Leveraging cloud platforms like AWS or DigitalOcean will allow your developers to work without boundaries by adopting agile processes. And as a result will increase team cohesion, knowledge-sharing, and ownership. Modern communication tools (with automations) like Slack also help more experienced developers stay motivated and connected throughout a project.

Availability around the clock

We live in a world in which end users are accustomed to instant gratification and immediate notifications. If Facebook is down, people expect to be notified on Facebook’s Twitter feed. And the service to be back up in minutes, not hours. If there’s a bug in the software we’re using, then we need it patched now!

With the traditional work day, this is hard to achieve unless you have teams working the night shift. But why not consider working with remote developers? It’s possible to have a round-the-clock team, with overlapping schedule or changeover meetings. This type of arrangement not only satisfies work schedules and end-users. But it also supports continuous development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

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We have listed the very best reasons why we think that hiring remote developers is the next best thing that you need to do. With the amount of benefits that this approach offers, it will be no doubt that companies are looking for remote developers to develop their project.

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