5 essential tips for hiring reactjs developers

5 Essential Tips for Hiring ReactJS Developers


React JS is a popular web framework software developers use to create strong, enterprise-grade applications. Every business needs a website and an app, that is where ReactJS comes into the picture. ReactJS is a JavaScript library for creating interactive web pages and apps. Facebook and Instagram heavily use it. There are numerous reasons why Reactjs has grown so popular. One of the reasons is that it is straightforward to use for beginners. In this blog, let’s learn more about Reactjs and tips to hire Reactjs developers.


What is Reactjs and Why is It More in Demand?

ReactJS has grown in popularity due to its user-friendly programming interface, as well as its lightweight and adaptability. It enables developers to design big, readily maintainable online applications. React is popular due to its non-judgmental approach to UI creation. It enables developers to design reusable UI components that are simple to maintain and test.

React does not mandate how developers should build their programs or put components, therefore it can be combined with any other JavaScript library or framework. It also removes the need for complicated DOM manipulation, keeping the application lightweight and speedy.


Why is Reactjs the Best Framework for Developing Applications?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that can be used to create user interfaces. The library was originally intended to address some of the issues that developers face when constructing huge apps using dynamic data. Facebook designed it to make it easier to construct large-scale applications.

ReactJS was created to provide a declarative, efficient, and adaptable method for creating user interfaces. ReactJS has a large community that supports mobile app development and helps developers solve their challenges. This is because ReactJS has a clear and simple API that allows developers to grasp what they’re doing without thinking about the underlying implementation.


5 Reasons to Choose Reactjs for Web Application Development –


Here are the following reasons why Reactjs is best if you want to develop a web application. 


Less Development Time:

  • React.js allows you to divide your web app development into numerous independent components, making writing modular and clean code easier.
  • This, in turn, enables you to reuse code, resulting in less overall development time and more developer productivity.


Good Toolset:

  • React.js is an open source with a good toolset which includes Redux or Flux, as well as npm and Node.js for its backend.


Easy to Maintain:

  • Reactjs code is easier to maintain and update than other programming languages, due to its modular framework.
  • Furthermore, React is extremely versatile and readily scaled, saving you both time and money.


SEO Friendly:

  • Because of its rapid backend rendering, React.js web apps are better optimized for search engines, increasing their chances of ranking higher and providing a better overall user experience.



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Huge Community:

  • Facebook created React.js, which is continuously maintained and supported by the company as well as 1,000+ independent programmers.
  • React.js is completely trustworthy due to its strong corporate support and community.



Top Qualities to Look for When Hiring ReactJS Developers –

The popularity of ReactJS raises the standards for ReactJS developers in these competitive conditions. Furthermore, you seek developers with the requisite skills to complete result-oriented activities and meet specified duties. Right? So let’s talk about what these skills are. 


Technical Skills:

  • Candidates should be knowledgeable in advanced HTML/HTML5, Rest APIs, EsLint, Scsslint, and JSON.
  • They should be well-versed in React’s key concepts such as hooks, component lifecycle methods, class and function components, JSX, and props.
  • They should be familiar with a variety of technological platforms, including Jenkins, Zoho, and Jira.  


Adjacent Technologies:

  • You should hire a Reactjs developer who has extensive expertise working with numerous React-compatible technologies, such as the MERN stack.
  • He or she must be familiar with the Express-React combo and the MERN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS), which are required to manage server load, handle multiple requests, and construct full-stack JavaScript apps. 


Testing Frameworks and Tools:

  • Jest, Tape, Sinon, Chai, and Mocha are examples of unit testing tools and frameworks that React developers must use. They should be comfortable using Integration Testing tools such as Karma.
  • It is also required to understand how to use end-to-end testing frameworks and tools such as Cypress, Selenium, Puppeteer, NightwatchJS, CucumberJS, and Webdriver.
  • Furthermore, my experience in Ant Design, React-hooks-testing-library, and React Testing Library would make a valuable addition to your team. 


Javascript Build Tools:

  • Hire frontend React engineers who have used several JavaScript tools, including React Developer Tools – Google Chrome and Redux DevTools.
  • Developers should be able to extend the React library and work with build tools like Visual Studio Code, Webpack, NPM, and Yarn.
  • Ensure that they understand how to use these build tools to install and manage packages, optimize workflows, and control dependencies.  


Reactjs Workflows:

  • You should search for people who have worked on projects where state management was a priority, and their portfolio should include duties related to app performance improvement.
  • They should have a better understanding of popular state management frameworks and structures such as React Native, React Router, Mobx, Redux, Axios, and Context API.
  • Their knowledge of the latest improvements, such as hooks in React 16.8, would be an excellent addition. 


Flexible Running Curve:

  • React is a JavaScript front-end library that is open-source and well-supported by the community.
  • Indeed, it is one of the best web development libraries available. However, you must not ignore the reality that it is constantly evolving and changing.
  • As a result, you should make sure that the ReactJS developers you hire are adaptable enough to master new technologies and updates as they become available. 


React Fundamentals & Styling Strategies:

  • Hire ReactJS developers who understand what Create React App is and how it works.
  • Their skill set should include technologies such as JSX, NextJS, Babel, and more.
  • To style React components, they should be familiar with common CSS approaches such as CSS Preprocessors (SCSS, SASS, and LESS), CSS Frameworks (MaterialUI and Bootstrap), CSS-in-JS, and JSS. 



How Outsourcing Your Needs Can Help?

IT outsourcing companies can be your greatest source for hiring a Reactjs development team.


Comprehensive Services:

  • You can easily hire ReactJS developers and use ReactJS frameworks, tools, and technologies.
  • You will receive a comprehensive suite for website development, UI/UX development, support and maintenance services, CMS and eCommerce development, API and web service integration, and much more. 



  • You have ample freedom to disclose your needs, screen prospects, and select the skilled ReactJS developers of your choice.
  • You can delegate tasks to an extended team based on your project requirements – hourly, weekly, monthly, part-time, or full-time – and create world-class goods. 



  • The goal of outsourcing you require to protect your business-critical data.
  • We protect project information and reports with industry-standard security measures and sign NDAs for integrity.



  • When you hire a developer from an IT outsourcing company, you set a cost-effective environment for the whole software development cycle.
  • You can avoid the complexities of a lengthy hiring procedure, reduce risks, and lower development overhead expenses.


Quality Delivery:

  • Partnering with an outsourcing provider will allow you to deliver high-quality products while also reducing the lead time to market.
  • You’ll have a team of skilled specialists who will never compromise on product value and will only deliver the best. 



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With this article, we hope to assist you in assembling a comprehensive team by expanding your in-house capability or contacting an external software development partner. Nimap Infotech offers well-experienced  ReactJS developers who can meet your specific company needs and assist you in launching future-ready solutions. Reach out to us with your requirements, and let’s work together.