10 Reasons to choose HTML5

10 Reasons to choose HTML5


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Well, all know how daunting or hard it can be to learn a new language. All the concepts to be grasped can be difficult if you do not have the basic skills related to programming. When you go to learn a particular language, you shall encounter concepts such as polymorphism, inheritance, objects, classes, boxing, unboxing, etc. You need to make sure that your basic concepts are firm till the ground up a level. Learning HTML5 can open up a plethora of different possibilities for you especially if you are keenly looking to make Web designing as a career (check out quality web design services in horsham) or is simply looking to make your basics stronger by learning HTML5 and CSS3. You can get started off with your web designing career by learning the basics of HTML, how tags are used, what are the main tags, what elements make up a web page and how is it structured and formatted. How to embed multimedia features into a web page and make it readable and assimilation.

In this article, we are going to learn the main reasons that you need to learn HTML. Why is it so important to learn HTML.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, in which elements are coded using tags and these tags represent the information in a certain structure and format. Whenever a browser or a client computer requests a web page, the request is passed on to the server, the server processes the request and an HTML file is returned to the browser or the client’s computer. This file is read by the browser and then it is rendered depending on the HTML code inside it. Any browser can easily understand HTML. With its introduction in the 1990s, HTML has stood the test of time and has emerged as the de-facto language of the web. Nearly all of the world’s websites are created and structured using Hypertext Markup Language, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Thereby increasing chances of the Website you’re visiting mostly has been coded in HTML.

Let’s have a look at the 10 reasons why anybody should learn HTML. What makes HTML so compulsive and what are the benefits of learning this new language.

1) It is the language of the Web

HTML is the primary language that browsers can understand and communicate with the servers. There is no other language that browsers can understand. By learning HTML, you expose yourself to how the web works and communicates with the servers and with each other. HTML can teach you web server communication. HTML is nothing but a format where a web document is structured. HTML can help you to understand the basics of web programming and web designing. By learning HTML and CSS together you shall equip yourself to create modern and beautiful web pages that can communicate with the end user through dynamic forms. HTML can help you to simplify and understand the web concept easily. The entire web is coded using HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS languages. Thereby learning HTML provides you with a foundational base that you can use to learn the other languages

2) Better Understand the Web

Since HTML is primarily used to communicate with web browsers, by learning this versatile language you get to understand how the Internet and Web work. Knowing the basics of HTML and CSS is a skill that will help you to develop creative and interactive web pages. Whether you go into any field, designing, marketing, social media or any other field, this newly acquired skill will help you to master and create awesome web pages as well as creative landing pages to attract and engage consumers

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Marketers should learn HTML because it will help them to create attractive landing pages that can engage consumers. By learning HTML, you will be able to better understand how the web works and communicates with users. Imagine the web as a highway of information that is properly organized and routed to. You can use this information to convey messages, information structured in a certain way or format intended for reading and assimilation for users.

3) It is easy to understand and implement

Compared to any other languages such as C, C++, Perl or PHP, HTML is the simplest language to understand and implement. It basic tag-based structure helps web designers to create awesome and interactive web pages that you can use to attract customers and readers to your website. Users tend to learn the concepts and implement tags faster and easier. If you compare with the features offered by HTML5, there are many features such as video, audio, multimedia, that you can use and implement for creating awesome websites for anyone.

4) It helps you to make your web concepts firm

Learning HTML will make your web concepts firm, you will be able to understand how the browser or users communicate with the servers to request web pages that are served by servers. You will understand how the web actually works and how interactivity can be added to static web pages thereby making them dynamic. You will be able to visualize the entire structure of the world wide web in general as well as learn how a request is understood by a web server.

5) HTML enables you to learn the language of the web

HTML is the primary language used for communication. It is a markup language that helps to structure documents in a certain format. HTML helps to provide structure and format to a particular web document, therefore to understand how a web document is formatted, you need to learn HTML

6) HTML teaches you to format a document for the web

HTML can teach you how to put elements and tags to structure a web document. You can create interactive documents crafted for providing user interactivity and engagement. You will be able to create attractive landing pages for any kind of marketing tasks. You will also be able to learn game development using flash and animation through using HTML. There are many different things that you can do and achieve using HTML5. You can use and provide interactive videos, slide shows, animation graphics as well as multimedia uses for your web documents.

7) You can start a career in web designing

If you learn the basics of HTML, and if you are well versed with how coding the web document works, then you can look forward towards making a career as a web designer and developer. You can create stunningly awesome websites by leveraging the full uses of HTML and CSS to structure your web documents. You can create websites for a living and can easily grow up the ladder.

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8) Learn another language with greater ease

After learning and mastering HTML and CSS, you can rest assured that learning any other language where difficult concepts such as objects, classes, polymorphism, and the inheritance will be very easy to understand. You can grasp the concepts easily since they are interlinked with each other and it helps, in general, to grasp other concepts as well. It provides you with a building block foundation on which you can lay on top of it the various concepts that you will learn and encounter.

9) Create your own Website

You can also create your own website to showcase your web designing skills and let the world know that you are a master of HTML and CSS. Putting up a website for yourself will be very easy for you since you are well aware of how the web works and communicates with servers in general. You will have a portfolio that you can showcase to your clients. And having a website for your own can impress your clients as well as it can earn you potential projects which you can get your hands dirty with.

10) Earn Money.

You can start to earn money by working as a Web designer and developer. This is also a creative and lucrative option for earning money since there is a demand for web developers and designers in the market right now. It is a viable option now because there has been a rising demand for web developers and designers now in the industry.


We have seen the major advantages or benefits of what learning HTML offers to its users

We can assume that HTML is going to be continued to be used as the language of communication for the web. Therefore it is important for anyone to be well versed in the HTML language. We have also seen why HTML is used worldwide for Browser documents. Therefore it is pivotal that every designer and developer of web pages should know how to code web pages in HTML. If you’re looking to hire web developers or hire HTML developers for designing your website project then do contact us with your requirements, our highly experienced web development designers will get in touch with you to solve all your designing problems. We will provide you with a stunning website that will attract users to it.