Why You should opt flexi staffing solutions

Why You Should Opt Flexi Staffing Solutions


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Flexi staffing or flexible staffing is an arrangement of organizations where you can hire employees on a temporary or project basis.

With the increasing trends and technologies and the urgency of hiring employees on varying needs, the concept of Flexi staffing has largely grown in India. According to a random survey it is found today more than 60% of companies prefer hiring Flexi staffing. Including all the industry sectors rather than hiring permanent employees organizations are preferring to hire employees on a quarterly or yearly contract basis. In the coming future, it is more likely going to increase. Not to mention with things like WorkBright offering remote onboarding services, which makes it easier to hire employees without having to physically complete contracts, Flexi staffing has never been easier.

In the flexi staffing model, employees are hired on a contract or project basis from companies who facilitate this procedure of hiring. They are responsible for finding the right talent and making sure they are suitable for the role through procedures such as background checks. They are familiar with the California law on criminal background checks, or whichever state you are located in, so can save you the hassle of carrying out these checks yourself. Of course, you can always contact a third party, like Health Street, who can provide a background check for you if you want to know me about the Flexi staff working for you. These employees follow the on-boarding, pay-rolling, and documentation everything as per their official owner company where they are officially hired.

Flexi staffing bridging the gap between the organized and unorganized sectors help companies fill the resource gaps. Beneficial for both, it’s a win-win situation for both the employees and employers. Providing each other enough knowledge and experience they teach employees agility which is highly beneficial for people working in any sector.

Benefits of Flexi Staffing

Flexible staffing offers numbers of benefits to its users.

Companies generally hire them when they are surrounded by multiple projects. Therefore, Flexi staff is called when organizations are busy and need more employees to handle the workload. It helps companies save large amounts of money. Hiring employees only when required helps them save taxes, and they also do not need to take care of the employees’ other expenses. Therefore, if your company does not have any specialist to work on something particular demand you can simply hire employees, make the work done and let go of the flexible staff. However, thpan>

Every employee has a different style of working and use different tools for their work. Your employee’s staff get to learn many new things while working with flexible staff. Learning about various tools and mechanism your saff gets the best opportunity to get extra learning.

Flexi staff, on the other hand, is equally benefited as they get the opportunities to go to different places. Different compangiving them different experiences make them learn about various different situations and people. Flexi staff having more experience in handling different levels of projects gets increment in their salaries easily.

Varying companies enables them to adapt to seasonal and structural changes. Flexi employees getting vast knowledge of experience can work in any given situation and environment while producing good source results.

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Who Requires Flexi Staffing?

  • Organizations having small or medium business looks for Flexi staffing as it helps them save money.
  • Startups having low budgets with no market positioning looks for hiring flexible staff.
  • Freshers and graduates getting opportunities for working big brands on short term projects gain good working experience.
  • Employees having good working experience as flexible staff can work for multiple clients at the same time.
  • Professionals having special knowledge can also get opportunities to work for big brand companies.

Advantages of Flexi Staffing

Flexible staffing leaves you various advantages to learn and spread your expertise in your career.

Let’s take a look at some of the beneficial of Flexi Staffing :-

  • Hiring flexible staff employees organizations can hire a maximum number of people in their work environment.
  • Employees no need to work overtime as they are getting paid only for particular projects.
  • Maintaining cost of employees are generally low in hiring flexible staff.
  • Hiring flexible staff saves organizations time as they directly come and start working over the project without wasting any time.
  • In case companies do not like the assigned flexible staff work they can directly terminate them without paying anything.
  • Employees working as flexible staff tend to spend more time with their families.
  • Employees working as flexible staff are more focussed and happy as they do not follow any monotonous work pattern.

Why Prefer Flexi Staffing with Nimap

In order to meet the needs and demands, companies and organizations should offer the right solutions to their clients. To meet the clients demands our company is capable to take care of every aspect right from the recruitment to the exit modalities.

Understanding the concerns and risks of flexible employment Nimap promises you the successive result by offering you cost-effective solutions.

Flexible Staffing with Nimap gives you following advantages –

  • Flexibility in the workforce.
  • Suggests you well-experienced employees.
  • Able to outsource employees instantly.
  • Understands project’s seriousness.
  • Provides you cost-effective solutions.
  • Removes expensive contractual procedures.
  • Works according to clients choice of place and location.

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