Why You Should Choose Custom Software Development

Why You Should Choose Custom Software Development?


Firstly, companies need software to run their business. It is because the software helps companies and organisations carry our their day to day business activities. Software that helps companies perform their daily activities benefit them. Secondly, it is essential for business and company owners to pay special attention to their business processes. When companies go for designing processes, it is in their best to tailor make processes and activities. For this very reason, as companies operate and function, so should the processes and software be aligned to these rules.
Secondly, when companies formulate their functions and operations, owners decide about the daily jobs and tasks. As set processes take shape, so should the software be made to fit and accommodate the processes. Company owners should make it a point to create and develop software that can follow the processes efficiently and easily. When you compare it with off-shelf-software,  it is not something that a one size fits all workability that software owners try and fit. So when the question is about choosing a custom software, companies must make sure to design and develop software that can tailor fit their processes and activities.
Here are some of the benefits that you can leverage when you use custom software:

Flexibility and efficiency

Companies ensure and spend time in designing their functional processes. Therefore when you spend such efforts to design and develop processes. Custom software ensures that you get the speed and flexibility in performing the operations easily and efficiently. When you decide to go forward with the development of custom software, you easily get to use and tailor make the software to your liking. The business processes ensures its accommodated and utilised in the best way possible. Such software’s designed from the ground up to be fully functional to your business processes.

Cost effectiveness

Custom software is effective and budget friendly in the long run. This happens because custom software’s designed from the ground up to save costs and budgets. When you compare it with store bought software, you come to know there are certain processes and functions need to be tailor accommodated.  The overall cost savings you get when you use custom developed software compared to store bought software is just more. Of course, there is some form of investment happening in the beginning to develop such software. But the overall productivity and the speed as well as efficiency that you get is just unmatched. Your investment comes back to you and is fully recovered in just a matter of few years or months.


Store bought software is designed for functioning and analysing a group of areas and functions. If a hacker gets access to this software, he or she can easily break through and gain access to confidential data. As this software is used by many companies, the probable chances of attacks and intrusions is just higher in number. When you compare it with custom software, the risks and drawbacks associated with it are simply small and difficult to breach and gain access for hackers and intruders.

Support and Maintenance

Compared to the overall cost of maintaining store bought software  limited to a few years. And you need to spend more every year to get the same amount of custom support for the software that you bought off the shelf. On the other hand comparing it with custom developed software, you get access to lifetime support that is provided to you by the development company that built your software. This is far greater in enhancing and maintaining the productivity of your custom software for the life of your custom software. So in this case, your investment in custom software is far beneficial to you compared to store bought software.


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Better Integration with legacy systems

When you compare the amount of integration and compatibity of store bought software to legacy systems, there is a 50 50 percent chance that you get to ensure that the software is compatible with old data from your legacy systems. As you need to ensure that software can communicate and perform work with legacy systems. This cost is far greater to ensure this compatibility is maintained. Compared to off-the-shelf software, custom software being developed from the ground up ensures communication with legacy systems.  So that your business process function easily and efficiently.


Off-the-shelf software can be customised by to a lesser extent as it is not developed keeping your requirements and needs in mind. When you compare it with custom software, you will come to know that the amount of customisation offered for your custom software if far greater than what is offered by store bought software. This is because the custom software is desinged keep your specific needs and requirements in mind.  And is tailor made to your specifications. This is the unique ability provided to you. Hence it is essential and worthwhile to know that custom software is good for you.


When the question is about scalability, custom softaware beats all odds. There is a clear winner here as the amount of nodes and servers to be added to enhance performance is just far greater in number compared to store bought software. Ensuring that you get the best functionality for your environment, custom software goes out of limits to provide you what you need and want.  So using custom software is in the best interest for your business and operations. Store bought software just cannot match expectations here.


When you compare to the needs and possibilities of custom software, custom software meets all expectations here. Ensure that your business functions optimally and provides you with efficient functionality, custom software meets all expectations when it comes to business functioning. This is because it is designed from the ground up to serve your business requirements and needs.

You get the independence to tailor your business process and functioning to suit your business environment. Therefore efficient business functioning is in need for using custom software. This is in the best interest for your business and operations.


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Conclusion: So you see because of the above benefits, you should always choose custom software. If you would like to develop custom software then contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com. Alternatively you can also contact us at info@nimapinfotech.com with your requirements.