Why Use .NET Framework For your App?


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While it is imperative that you need a robust and well-designed to engage and connect with your users on the mobile app, do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to choosing various development frameworks and technologies for your app development? Vendors and companies that use ASP.NET for web development may present various features that may confuse you.

Here are some of the points that you must consider when you decide to choose a platform. It must be scalable, have a strong community of developers, cross-platform support, and have language interoperability, to name a few.

.NET framework is a programming model and a platform that supports smooth development, building and execution of apps. When you go to hire .NET developers for your app development, you will find a number of features of .net framework. The IDE used is preferred primarily as Visual Studio – a strong and stable environment, since the system has been around since 1990’s.

Features of .net framework

  • Ease of deployment

The environment supports smooth and safe execution of software and this helps in convenient deployment after development.

  • Reuse of code

It is an OOP based framework, hence the focus on modularity and code reuse is high. A rich set of libraries will help when you hire ASP.NET developers in India easier as the entire process of app development becomes faster.

  • Security

The backbone is the access-secure Microsoft framework and ecosystem, hence apps developed in .NET are secure with features like role-based security.

  • Cross-platform and multi-language support

The same app or website can be simply ported across various platforms and devices with minimal changes using the ASP.NET web programming. The same framework helps your app to connect with databases, websites, backend, and a host of other software systems for a seamless backbone on which to augment the capabilities of your business solution. So, the developers have to focus on your customization needs and not bother about the basic connectivity and integration aspects.

  • Compatible with the legacy system in your organization

The integration with legacy systems is based on the conversion to standard types with open interfaces such as XML documents (which can be opened by many programs from internet browsers to Microsoft Excel) and this is one of the reasons that .NET is a natural choice for many companies.

  • Reliability

The servers and the ecosystem is backed by Microsoft community and is quite reliable and robust. If you are ever unsure or worried that a Microsoft server or cloud may go down from popular use, there are many tools at your disposal. For example. monitoring Office 365 tools can help keep track of server strength if you are using an Office 365 intergrated service.

  • Support for cloud-based apps

The platform supports easy development of cloud-based apps, using Microsoft Azure as its preferred environment. Getting to grips with how Microsoft Azure works, and how it can benefit cloud-based apps, revising for, and sitting the az-400 exam may be in your best interest. Not only can it help to broaden your horizons, but it can also help you if you decide to have a career in this specific area.

  • Responsive design support

The .NET platform facilitates the use of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and capabilities in the Visual Studio environment that contain the basic templates for all types of screen sizes across various devices.

  • Native and hybrid app model capability

There is a rich set of many API’s that enable development of hybrid or native apps. Apache Cordova is an example of one such hybrid container. These are available as templates in Visual Studio for quick project development. Similarly, platform specific SDK’s with access to device API’s can be used directly to create secure and high-performance native apps when you hire ASP.NET programmers in Mumbai.

Of course, it all depends on the ability of the team that can make use of the gamut of facilities made available by .NET. To extract the maximum benefits, you can consider whether to hire web developer expertise by outsourcing or augmenting to an experienced mobile development company in Mumbai who can help you make scalable and engaging apps for your business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]