Why Android app development is great thing to learn

Why Learning Android App Development Still A Great Thing To Do?


Android app development is always a great thing to learn and pursue. Smartphones are the most required tool used in this digital world. Without it, one cannot even imagine their life.

However, among all the smartphone users in the world around 80% of smartphones in the market are Android. This clearly states that Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

With the increased demand for Android smartphones in the market, the need for Android developers also keeps increasing. There are millions of Android apps that get uploaded by the Play Store.


Android is a widely used open-source mobile operating system based on Linux kernel. It was primarily designed for touch screens mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, the further development allowed its use in various other electronics such as game consoles, digital cameras, Android TV and wearable such as smartwatches.

Why Android?

Due to the increased need for Android app development in the business industry companies and startups keep searching for good Android app developers. Developers who can build applications for them in growing their business.

Whether you’re any non-technical background student or someone with an IT background, possessing Android app development skills can surely take a leap in your career.


If you’re looking into Android app development as your career, there are various opportunities waiting for you. You can join any good development company or can even serve many clients doing freelancing. If you’re good at Android app development you can even build your own app and earn big profits from it.

So if you want to be an expert in Android app development and develop your own mobile applications, join the best Android training in Mumbai. Under our experts’ guidance, take the best mobile app development course and become a top developer.


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Below are some of the fundamental steps to become Android developer –

Hardware Requirement

To learn Android app development the first thing you need to take care of is your hardware stock. You must have a computer or laptop and an Android smartphone.
In your laptop, you must have at least 4GB RAM and i3 processor.

No matter what laptop you choose, it should fulfill these three minimum requirements to run your applications smoothly. To test your application you’ll require your Android smartphone.

You can also use an emulator to test your applications. But in many cases, the emulator doesn’t appear friendly. Thus you must have the above specified required hardware devices to start your Android app development learning process.

Programming Language

The next important lesson you need to take in your learning process is – choose the best programming language for Android development. You can find various options available like – Java, Kotlin or Flutter.

Among all the three Java is a bit older and carries great community support. In case you get stuck somewhere you easily find various online tutorials available. While Kotlin, on the other hand, is a newly developed cross-platform and general-purpose programming language for Android Studio. Due to its concise syntax, many businesses have moved from Java to Kotlin. Since Java is the most trending programming language in Android choosing Kotlin as your language would be a favorable step.

If you already have knowledge about Java learning Kotlin won’t be difficult as their syntax is much similar.

Start Implementing Your Lessons

During your process of development make sure you go through the core concepts of development. Take your lessons seriously and learn all the essential things you can cover. Along with programming, also take your hands-on debugging and resolving errors to make your app friendly.

Start practicing your lessons by implementing them practically. By this, you’ll get to know the difference between theoretical knowledge and its practical implementations. Resulting, you will end up creating good applications to make your resume attractive and interactive.

Start Earning As Android Developer

After going through all the learning and training it’s time you put your steps into development as a professional. Upload all the applications you created in your training on Play Store. It will show a very good impact on your resume also you never know how much you get to earn by this.

Becoming a trained expert in your field you can start working as a full-time professional developer in your dream company. If you’re confident enough and have good development knowledge you can also start your own development company.

By launching your own application in the market you can start your business and earn good profits of money.

Thus if you’ll see, for an Android application developer there are enormous opportunities available.


Learning Android app development is a great thing as it opens the door for lots of opportunities. With the continuous demand for mobile application development, there’s a huge demand for software developers. Android app development with its ease of use and demand is no doubt a profit-making profession.

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