The reasons to choose start up as a service

Why Choose Startup as a Service?



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In everyone’s life after graduation, this phase comes where you need to decide your first company or business from which you want to start their career. And when it comes to the classic job-research it is obvious to you to look for big companies offering higher salaries.
On one hand, you have a high paying job level positions in big multi-storey buildings with a reputable brand name attached. While on the other hand there are these small startups just coming in the market. They come with ideas and products which are new and somewhere you even like and believe in their mission. But the thing which stops you moving with them is – risk, you aren’t sure if you’re ready to take those risks at the prime years of your career.

There is no doubt of not choosing the corporate job which offers you fixed hours of work. Whereas startups, on the other hand, comes with no fixed hours, it may ask you to work till late and may even cause you various overnights.
Corporate jobs fulfilling your ideal job location offers you good salaries to enjoy. While startups on another end, do not assure to provide good salaries and holidays especially at the beginning. In that, surely choosing the corporate jobs which offer multiple benefits would be the smart choice of anyone. But what people don’t discuss are the benefits offered by startups in the long run.

Choosing between the two completely depends on your choice of interest and where you want to move your career forward. Both MNC’s and startups are completely different ends of a scale. If you’re looking for a fixed structure of working with already formed teams following fixed work patterns then MNC would be the best choice.
However, if you’re thinking something off the track for yourself think of the startups. Maybe the corporates and MNC provides you the best training lessons but with startups, you’ll learn the real lessons of life and business. Giving you the chance to experiment with your creativity and thinking skills startups provides you the experience of managing real work in dynamic environments.
Providing you the mindset of a problem solver startups teaches you lessons of a career which are fruitful both now and later.


Let’s take a look at some advantages and key benefits of working with startups.



Engaged with more Responsibilities

Startups usually consist of small team members which mean you’re likely to handle more responsibilities. Startups expect you to handle and manage various things at one time. Other than just minding your own work it asks you involve into various other matters. Since startups are consists of some the team there is no other person to handle your work. Therefore, you cannot be absent on any random day you want.
With this, you learn to perform outside your job descriptions. Thus teaching you many new lessons it opens lots of opportunity gates for your career.



Since you start performing various new things you start learning more about yourself. You start recognizing your talents and skills you were unaware of. Also, it highlights you about things you need to improve. Describing and showcasing your potential it increases a kind of encouragement within you.
Learning about yourself is the most difficult thing, it grows you internally. Having this courage and enlightenment later if you go anywhere else you will definitely do wonders with your work.
In startups, since it is only who is performing your tasks you get recognized for your success and performances. You learn about new things and get training directly from the founders and innovators.


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Learn to be Patient

It prepares you for the worst ups and downs one can ever face. It teaches you to be more patient by making you internally strong. When you learn to make things good while experimenting your talent it teaches you to take life more positively.



Startups need to take the hustle and move fast in order to establish their business name. Which asks for lots of overnights and responsibilities that need to be handled. You’re asked to get recognize showcasing newer designs and concepts. It requires innovative skills to deliver results that capture consumers interest while handling the pressure on grounds.



In addition, along with the perks and benefits Startups also comes with various risks and disadvantages –



Stability and Security
Risk of failure
Unhealthy work habits
Financial and emotional ups and downs
Lack of resources
More stress and tension
Reliability and Responsiveness


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Before joining any company make sure you know all the pros and cons of working there. Ask yourself what you really want to do in your career and in joining that firm will it get any benefit. And if not, think of the necessary steps you need to take.
If your wishes end up taking you to corporate jobs there’s nothing wrong in it but if you’re ready to challenge the world with your passion then take the desired risk. In the end, you will reach somewhere good in your career. Therefore, the decision is all up to you.

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