The reasons why angular js is better for web application development

Why Angular is Better For Web Application Development?


Organizations today are targeting software development applications that work for the mobile-first world and have the ability to work across multiple platforms. Central approach for web and mobile development targeting customers. Angular for web development was introduced by Google in 2009 and was termed as the next big thing that would occur in web application development. This is a robust JavaScript framework that was designed from the ground up to simplify and ease front-end development.

This shift of focus has translated into a change in strategy for the major of the front-end development. The plan is to be able to pick up the right strategy for a mobile app or web application development.

The Angular development makes it possible for the developers to synchronize data extremely efficiently, and automatically. This is done with a little effort. This article aims to discuss the core benefits of why Angular is a better framework for your next project as it offers long-term benefits in the field of application development.

AngularJS aids in building architecture-level applications. Framework offers versatile features and plugins for designers and developers. Applications that are designed using the latest Angular framework are responsive across all platforms- desktop, tablet, and mobile.



Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Angular as your next framework for web app development, or any kind of web development activities –



1) Visitor experiences Smoother Navigation

  • AngularJS uses a simplified MVC structure for web development that decreases the page load time. This is one of the main and primary reasons why developers and companies choose angular as it ensures swift development by removing the need for unnecessary code. Directives manage app code. Create lighter, faster apps. Every successful reduction in the page load speed in milliseconds delivers a significant increase in revenue for the organizations.



2) A modular platform that is extensible

  • AngularJS encourages the creation of multiple modules for a single application. This is the feature where each module depends on the other. As one of the major benefits of the angular framework, it identifies the need for an extra module. Combining modules ensures successful application execution. It is among the many other reasons why businesses and organizations choose angular.



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3) Lesser Codes

  • Provides a declarative framework for application development.
  • Improves application optimization by understanding operation before execution.
  • Removes unnecessary code from applications automatically.
  • Using Angular, simplification of the code is possible. MVC architecture simplifies data model implementation without complex code.



4) Compilation with TypeScript is Efficient

  • TypeScript is a superscript for JavaScript, enabling Angular application creation.
  • It offers a high level of security as it supports types (Primitives, interfaces and more).
  • Detecting and eliminating errors in code writing and maintenance tasks.
  • TypeScript allows two compilation modes, EcmaScript 3 (For Internet Explorer 6 compatibility) and EcmaScript 5 (For Internet Explorer 9 compatibility).
  • Framework utilizes TypeScript’s flexibility and rigour. TypeScript offers improved navigation, refactoring and autocompletion services.



5) Component-based architecture

  • The Angular application has a component-based architecture. Each component exhibits a precise specification and performs a behaviour independent of its environment.
  • You can distribute the design of the different components within the development team. And if the element does not match its specification, it becomes easy to replace.



Here are some more reasons why you should choose Angular over the other frameworks –


  • It’s a complete framework that has an elegant architecture
  • It is developer-friendly documentation that simplifies information access.
  • It has a vast community that supports developers in query resolution and other issues.
  • Google provides consistent updates and support.



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