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What is an automation tester? Automation Tester Tools


What is an automation tester?

Automation tester is a person who specializes in testing programs and applications using testing tools that automate the process of testing and finding bugs and defects inside the developed applications. Because there is a vast number of test cases that can be generated for any application program, it is worthwhile to mention that the process of automation testing speeds up the testing process and makes it easier to find and analyze bugs in the application program.


There are various automation testing tools available in the market. These tools simplify the process of testing and all the testing process is done by software automation.


Automation Testing Tools

We are going to list down some of the top automation testing tools that are available in the market.


1. Ranorex Studio

This is an all in one tool that is used for automation of functional UI testing procedure, regression tests, data-driven tests and much more. Ranorex Studio provides an easy to click and go interface in order to automate the tests for web, desktop as well as mobile applications.


Here are the features provided by Ranorex Studio:


  • End to end testing as well as functional UI testing on all platforms desktop, web and mobile.
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Good for SAP, Delphi, ERP as well as legacy applications.
  • Compatible with iOS as well as Android applications.
  • Run tests locally as well as remotely, distributed or parallel on a selenium grid
  • Reporting technique is robust in nature


2. Mabl

Mabl is able to deliver automation testing that is end to end and is scriptless, it can be easily integrated with your delivery pipeline so that you can focus on improving your app.


Following are the features provided by the testing tool:


  • Proprietary machine learning models automatically identify as well as surface application issues.
  • Tests are managed to be automatically repaired whenever the UI is changed
  • Provides automation regression insights are provided on every build


3. Selenium

This is a well known and popular software that is used for regression testing purposes. It is an open-source testing tool that provides a record and playback facility for regression testing. The Selenuim IDE only is able to support the Mozilla Firefox web browser.


Following are the features provided by the testing tool:


  • It provides the facility to export the recorded script in many other languages such as Java, Ruby, RSpec, C#, Python.
  • Selenuim can easily be used with many different frameworks such as JUnit and TestNG
  • It is capable of executing multiple tests at a single time
  • Provides an autocomplete feature for Selenium commands that are common
  • Provides an easy walk through tests
  • Capable of identifying elements such as id, name, Xpath, and many other parameters
  • Stores test script as Ruby Script, HTML and any other format
  • Gives an option to assert the title for each page
  • It provides support for selenium user extensions.js file
  • It allows inserting commands at the middle of the script


4. QTP (MicroFocus UFT)

QTP is widely used for regression and functional testing, it supports every major software application as well as the environment. In order to simplify test creation and maintenance, it provides the concept of keyword-driven testing. It allows the tester to build test cases directly from the application.


  • Selenuim is very user-friendly and makes it easier for a non-technical person to create working test cases
  • It fixes the defects faster by thoroughly documenting and replicating defects for the developer
  • Integrate test creation and test documentation at a single site or point
  • Parameterization is much easier than that of WinRunner
  • QTP fully supports .NET development environment
  • QTP has better object identification mechanism
  • It can easily enhance QTP scripts without “Application under test”, is available by using the active screen


5. Rational Functional tester

This is an automated object oriented Functional testing tool that is capable of performing automated functional, regression, data have driven testing as well as GUI testing


The main features of this tool are as follows:

  • It provides support for a wide range of protocols and applications such as Java, HTML, .NET, Windows, SAP, Visual Basic and many more.
  • It is capable of recording actions and playing them on demand
  • Rational Functional tester integrates well with the source code management tools such as Rational Clear case and Rational team concert integration
  • It allows developers to create keyword introduced and associated scripts so that it can be reused.
  • It supports Eclipse Java Developer toolkit editor
  • Rational Functional tester supports custom controls through a proxy editor
  • It supports version control to enable parallel development of test scripts as well as concurrent usage by geographically development teams



So we have listed down the most popular testing tools that have been used by software development firms. We have also explained the basics of automation testing. If you have any requirements for hiring automation testers then do contact us at enquiry@nimapinfotech.com, with your requirement. We hope that you found this article useful.