What Decides The Cost Of Android App Development In India?


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The mobile app development market is jostling for space with too many entrants in this field. In countries that have technical tilt to their advantage, such as India, this results in a number of confusing options for those looking for Android app development in India.

Yet, the cost may vary as much as the range between the cost of diamonds and stones. So, what does the cost of Android app development depend on? Of course, the Android applications rely heavily on underlying platforms, technologies, and the actual features of the apps. Also, the type of devices that the app would run on affects the total cost. Some other factors include the timeline, as cost equates with time in today’s world and will also guide the number of resources used to develop it in the agreed timeframe. The profile and preferences of the users targeted by your app will guide its features and this will also impact cost.

How can you validate the perfect Android app development services for your business?

It helps to look for cost-benefit analysis across the following factors:

  1. Enhanced brand recognition
  2. Increased value proposition
  3. Opens up new avenues of sales and marketing
  4. Improves productivity and efficiency
  5. Reduces manual errors
  6. Promotes accessibility and outreach
  7. Improves customer engagement

The steps that a seasoned Android developer will follow comprise of:

  • Expansion of the idea

The ideation has to be laid down into a producible piece of software that can be developed as an app.

  • Laying out the functionality from the end-user as well as the workflow perspective

This will clearly lay down the functionality as it caters to the end-users and mas it backwards to the features. Your inputs are valuable to make it more receptive in the market.

  • Design

This divides the design across various modules, back-end, front-end, and connecting subsystems. The interfaces are clearly listed down here.

  • Development and testing

The actual development of the product takes place as per approved design and expected functionality. Testing at various stages for positive as well as exceptional scenarios and at various integration stages gives confidence on the stability and the functionality of the app.

  • Go-live

Based on the testing result, the plan to go live is chalked out and followed.

  • Feedback collation and brainstorming for improvement

This is an important phase to validate the app and the idea from actual feedback collation from the users. This is where many companies fail to focus on and it can actually wash away all the expected benefits and let the entire efforts of the Android app development go waste if your users do not find the app useful. Therefore, the feedback must be backed by sessions on how to improve the app. This can be planned in various cycles or iterations that use a subset of the steps listed here all over again.

The actual cost cannot be put directly in figures without understanding your business needs. So, be wary of vendors who set out to quote numbers without much deep diving into your requirements. Any reliable Android app development company in Mumbai will place prices on the table after thoroughly understanding your needs, and giving expert advice by fine-tuning the needs as well. Cost should be balanced and weighed against hidden and often-overlooked parameters like flexibility of design, scalability, after deployment maintenance and support and readiness to change and adapt.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]