Benefits of using Laravel over plain PHP

What are the benefits of using Laravel over plain PHP?


PHP has been around for quite some time now. It has found applications across a multitude of programming domains. Studies indicate that PHP is the most preferred programming language for web programming. You can use PHP for many kinds of web applications. in this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using a robust framework such as Laravel over just plain PHP for web programming.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of using plain PHP

  • PHP being a robust language requires you to have some amount of experience when using it for web programming
  • It is easy to use and understand web programming language
  •  It is fast and secure.
  • It is an interpreted language, it does not require a compiler to run and execute PHP
  • PHP suits any type of web application exceptionally well.
  • Developing e-commerce applications is an area where PHP excels.

If you’re planning to use plain PHP for any kind of web programming application, do remember that you require some amount of experience in web programming.


Why use a Framework over Plain PHP?

  • A framework gives you more control over the web application
  • You don’t need to write code or logic for the applications since most of the logic and code is already built-in.
  • It encourages the reuse of code
  • You get all the benefits of using a framework for web applications such as robustness and security
  • As most frameworks utilize PHP as their primary programming language, they inherit the benefits of PHP.


Using a framework over PHP yields numerous additional benefits.

In this article, we are going to discuss a popular framework such as Laravel benefits over plain PHP


1) High Security:

There have been cases of numerous cyber attacks that have taken place on web applications. In such situations, you need a robust framework to safeguard your web applications

One of the most important benefits of selecting Laravel over any other framework over PHP is its capability to provide high-class security. Laravel itself is a very secure framework that does not allow malware to run inside its environment. Malware cannot enter its web app space. This

means that your web apps are secure and safe. If you choose Laravel you are free from  unintended or hidden SQL injections


2) Enhanced Performance:

Another strong reason to choose Laravel is because of its capability to provide excellent performance of web applications. There have been times when excellent features and functionality have affected the performance of the sites. But in this case, Laravel has come up with tools to boost the performance of these applications. Integrating tools like Memcached and Redis with the Laravel framework during web app development has simplified tasks for developers and enhanced web app performance.


3) Powerful Authentication:

Taylor Otwell developed the Laravel PHP framework with the sole purpose of assisting web developers. He wanted the developers to create the web apps in a much faster way having better functionality. One of the most challenging functionalities for web developers is to develop the authentication for these web apps. Laravel makes it easy for web developers to develop the logic behind providing access to authorized users.


4) Open Source and Powerful community:

Another benefit of choosing Laravel is that it is open-source. But this is enough for you to choose Laravel over other frameworks. Laravel has a powerful community of developers and development companies that constantly as well as continuously provide support to make it even more flexible as well as scalable.


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So if your developer wants to bring onboard some complex functionality, he/she is always open to taking expert advice from the community and developing the app as per your needs. In short, your app development does not stop despite the functionalities being complex and you get what you desire.


5) Blade Templating:

One of the main and beneficial features of Laravel is the blade templating engine. This engine allows the web developers to use the predefined templates to write a certain amount of code. These templates do not restrict the developers to write their own simple and plain PHP codes. These templates are intuitive, lightweight as well as dynamic which allows the developers to write code quickly as well as easily. The major benefit of using the templating engine is that it makes your website lightweight without compromising on the performance of the same.


6) Database Migration:

There is one more advantage of using the Laravel framework is the Migration of databases. These migrations easily allow the developers to undo the changes made to the database. Using migrations the developers can easily share the database with other developers within the team easily and smoothly. This was not possible earlier but various to hire Laravel developers came up with such a facility. Combining these migrations ensures the correct creation and upkeep of the database, eliminating the need for any further maintenance. This saves a lot of development time for your development of web apps.


7) MVC Architecture:

The Laravel framework makes use of the MVC architecture. This makes it widely regarded as the optimal framework for web development. MVC provides built-in functionality, which the developers can make the best use of while developing your web app. The MVC architecture provides better documentation.


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So you see the benefits of using a framework like Laravel outweigh the scenario of using plain PHP. The advantages are plentiful. This proves that it is easier to program using a Laravel framework than it is to use plain PHP to program any web application. If you’re looking to hire Laravel developers or are looking to find PHP developers for your web project then do contact us. Or if you’re looking to hire PHP Programmers then do contact us. We are here to solve all your queries about bespoke web development.

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