Welcome to Digital World


Welcome to Digital World: Buy Augmont Digi Gold


Nowadays our life is surrounded by digital technologies, daily we use various types of technologies to do our work. Day by day innovations in technology have made our daily work easier. In the time of digitalization doing any kind of work is just away from your fingertips. That work can be grocery shopping or payment of bills all gets completed without stepping out of the house.

On a digital platform you may have done online shopping, online food ordering and many various things. But have you thought of buying gold online? Yes, you read it right now through a digital platform you can buy gold online. Buying gold online is a new way, so that a large number of people can easily buy gold. Currently, Augmont GoldTech Pvt.Ltd. is the most trusted brand which provides Digital Gold in India. We will discuss further more about what digital gold is and how you can buy it.


What is Digital Gold? 

Digital Gold is the new age investment instrument that is changing how gold is traded throughout the country. Digital gold can be purchased online, through platforms that are providing digital gold. Digital gold can be purchased online and stored in insured vaults by the seller on behalf of the customer. The only requirement to invest in digital gold is internet or mobile banking, and you can invest in gold digitally anytime from any place. 


Benefits of Digital gold purchase:

  • No hassle of storing physical gold.
  • Digital gold can be purchased in very small bite sized quantities.
  • Digital gold is convenient to purchase or sell.
  • No need to worry about your valuable gold, as it is stored safe in secured vaults.


Problems with Physical gold purchase:

There are several problems faced when you buy gold physically. These include:

  1. The buyer needs to spend a lump sum amount of cost at a time to buy gold.
  2. The other challenge is to ensure safety of the gold item purchased at your own responsibility.
  3. Quality of gold varies from authorized hallmarked gold jewellery to the non- hallmarked gold. 


How does digital gold solve this problem?

Whereas, digital gold solves many problems which are faced while buying digital gold. Augmont is providing digital gold for everyone to solve this problem. You can invest in digital gold easily by taking the following steps: 

  1. Check the latest gold prices on” Augmont Gold for All” app or website.
  2. Buy gold for any amount starting from Re.1. You can purchase digital gold as per your convenience. 
  3. The purchased gold by you will be kept safely in a secured vault on your behalf. Safety of your precious metal will be our responsibility. 
  4. In digital gold you don’t have to worry about carrying physical gold safely at your home. We provide safe delivery of physical gold at your doorstep. 
  5. Alternatively, if you don’t want gold physically you have the freedom of selling digital gold at prevailing market price and earn good profit over it.  


How to buy Digital gold online with Augmont? 

With Augmont buying digital gold is not a complicated process after registering yourself through Augmont website or app, you can start buying 24k gold online. Not only buying but you can also sell the gold within minutes and get proper market value for it.

Once you log in fill all the details by following given steps:

  • You have to enter the amount you want to spend for buying gold online. 
  • Choose your payment options from Netbanking, UPI, Credit or debit cards, wallet to cash payment you can select option as per your convenience.
  • Once the payment is done the account you are using will be credited with the gold in vaults backed by IDBI Trusteeship services.


These are the steps to be followed to buy digital gold from Augmont. Buying gold will never be a regretful choice, because for long years people are reliably investing in gold. That’s the reason digital gold has been introduced to make your gold buying more easier at an affordable price.