Useful Tips for Web Application Development for 2020

Useful Tips for Web Application Development for 2023



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Often it is regarded that there is no substitute for experience. Experience is indeed the best teacher. But there can be some shortcuts to it. We have spoken to many experienced web developers who have toiled the hard way to find out these amazing tips that you can rely on when you are developing for any web project. This is an amazing collection of tips that comes straight from the code face.


Here are 10 tips for web development to help you to get started with it.

Clear Lists:

Clearing the list of floating elements can be a part of the work that is done by web developers. We can still catch it up. For example, how do you clear out the floated list of elements without setting a height for it. The answer to this question is actually really very simple. You can just add these two CSS properties to any list container that has floated list elements


display: block; overflow: hidden;


If you will check the list container using any DOM inspector, you will notice that the height attribute has automatically been calculated. And this nifty solution fixes the issue present at hand.




If you are required to develop techniques, CSS effects or any kind of newer transition effects, for example, you can do it as a sandbox project. When you keep the experimentation uncluttered by outside influences is proven to make the code much easier to debug and troubleshoot if something is not working as expected.



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Web Inspectors

Developers may have different opinions on which web inspectors do the job well. But they all will agree that development was a struggle before our favourite browsers had them. Now, as a developer, you are able to preview the CSS changes live in your favourite browsers such as Chrome or Safari. You simply have to right-click on an element and choose “Inspect Element”.

All of the applied CSS will be shown or displayed in the right-hand side inspection pane. You are free to edit or add new elements here, to see the changes live inside your browser.

The web inspector is not accessible by default on Safari on the Mac. You can enable it by navigating to Preferences>Advanced>Show Develop Menu on the menu bar.




Firebug and Beyond:

Chrome and Safari have built-in web inspectors for them. But as a developer, we stand by the original Firefox Developers Toolbar. It is the perfect medium in order to inspect those little CSS problems when you are performing the testing process of your website in multiple screen sizes.

Firebug has also added the ability to display multiple screen sizes inside one browser tab too which means that you do not need to change your browser width in order to see or view the testing process of your website.




One Thing at a time:

We as web developers cannot stress the importance of the Single Responsibility Principle enough. “Every object in your code should perform at least one function”. This is applicable to even CSS styles. You should avoid putting all the styles onto a.button class respectively. You should split it into a .button-structure, .button-face and so on.

Why should we follow this rule? This is because if you do not do this and something breaks, you will waste all your time finding and tracing back to your code, in order to find which object is causing the problem and whether the bug has been inherited from higher elements in the DOM.





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Will you be able to code it?

Falling back on the frameworks and the libraries isn’t always the best answer. For example, if you are coding a small project and as always, for example, you include jQuery, you think that Can you do the same function better using VanillaJS? You may discover that you can indeed do it in JavaScript, better and faster.




Get Git

If you and your team are working on big projects then you require a robust versioning system. Many of the developers swear upon using GitHub. But there is a downside for it if you require your project to be private. Your code is hosted on GitHub’s servers and publicly available. In such cases we recommend you using GitLab.


GitLab is very much similar to GitHub but its core is completely open-source and easy to set up on your own servers. The optimal setup for GitLab is to use NGINX and Unicorn in order to improve performance and speed, you can also use Apache and Passenger equally as well.


The biggest advantage that you can get with this type of arrangement is that all of your code is backed up each time you perform a commit, you can use a really useful diff viewer in order to see which part of code has been changed on each commitment.




Commented Code

When you are working in a team environment, you need to remember that your peers need to understand and read your code, use your resources and work through your files. Always comment your code and name your layers as well as organize your PSDs and FLAs. The more organized your file will be the better for you as well as others to understand and interpret your code. Using this approach it will be quite easy for others to understand where things are and how they work.





You should not waste your time manually running in unit tests. You need to automate it. Time spent in getting to grips with NAnt or MSBuild is time well spent as it will decrease the number of hoops especially when the deadline is near and you need to complete your project




Dotted Lines

We have a smart and intuitive way of tracking progress in coding pages. Sometimes when working on a front end design, we tend to use an “incomplete” or a “to-do” class which displays a dotted outline to elements that do not work properly or are unfinished. We are able to see what needs work clearly before we go live.





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We have listed down the tips that have specific importance for developers who are into web application development. These tips have been handy and have been quoted and followed by many web developers alike hence we have listed them down, hoping you will find them useful.


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