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Top Web Application Development Trends


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Firstly, It has always seen that there is a change being introduced in the field of computing and app development. This goes without saying that the same trend is observed in web application development field as well. The case is that there are several developments that are taking place and we are about to see some huge advancements in the field of computing and web app development. Particularly, these changes and adaptations lead to the solving of computing problems that technologies faced and lead to the evolution and advancements in the field. These advancements have lead to the discovery of new methods and techniques to code and create web apps and frameworks. These changes have been able to solve some of the major problems in the field of web app development and computing is made easy.

These trends that have taken placed have become a hallmark of excellence and have proved its capabilities to programmers and developers all around the world. These developments are continuing to happen at a fast pace and it is challenging to programmers to keep up with them.

Because there are many developments that have taken place. We are going to ascertain and discuss some of the happening trends and techniques that have lead to these advancements. Here are some of the top web application trends that you need to look out for in 2020.


Web development (also known as website development) refers to the work or the tasks that are involved in developing a website for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). The process includes web design, web content development, client or server-side scripting, and network security configuration.

With the developing trends and modified changes, information technology had brought an increasing growth in website development. However, to make your website in notice among all the strong competitive websites you must have to go what is beyond the ordinary and usual.

Therefore, to achieve the new success a web developer must have to befriend with all the new trends in web development. To make your company known for making the best development strategies you should not only find the latest web technologies but also look at what helps you in developing a website worthy of global attention. These trends will give you an idea of what the website you’re designing should look like, but if this is something you feel is beyond your capabilities then you might want to contact us at Nimap Infotech to get an accurate overview and price of web designing and development services that you need.

Here’s a list of some top web application developments which are in trend

Progressive Web Applications

Today progressive web apps are most trending in development. Progressive web apps based on the Internet evolution and adoption of HTML 5 can help you provide the same functionality and flawless user experience. Making your website more progressive it helps you run your website much faster in speed. Offering the users an enhanced experience it makes your website more user-friendly.

Progressive web apps can adapt to any browser, screen size, device, and function even when a user is working offline. It helps you increase the conversion rate of your website. Seeing its extraordinary performance many traditional websites have switched to PWAs.

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Single Page Application

Single page application development is based on JavaScript and works on all browsers and devices. It helps you remove interruption that happens between web pages. Popular examples of SPAs include Facebook, Gmail, and GitHub.

It eliminates the requirement of reloading the web pages by loading all the content through JavaScript. SPAs are comfortable to navigate, consists of no complicated menus have fast loading speed and are simple to use. The major benefit of using SPAs is that it is they can easily deploy cost-effective hybrid apps.

Motion UI

Motion UI interface a trending web development due to its interactive web designs and animations. Its dynamic graphics help you enhance your website’s usability all the time. Its easy usage of tools and techniques gave Motion UI massive popularity among developers. Using its amazing and animated charts, hovers, background animations, and beautiful headers you can make your website unique and different from the crowd.

Motion UI offering more flexibility to work also helps in bringing forth their own styles. Including an animated queuing system, flexible CSS patterns, and easy transitioning Motion UI offers much more.


The E-commerce vertical is another web independent development industry built by its own rules and regulations. E-commerce is the most conservative process of website development. However, the people who know the tricks of handling it can do very well in this. Magento and Shopify are two popularly known platforms used by developers. Collecting detailed information about users and their preferences helps you know the preferences of customers more properly. Therefore, online stores know better about their visitors and offer only relevant products.


With the increasing technologies and development, cyber crimes, breaches, and hacking have increased a lot. Thus, to provide protection cybersecurity or information technology security is a developing trend lurking in 2019. Rightfully so, mobile endpoint security is at the forefront of many businesses looking to protect their digital content. It is computer protection provided against theft and misdirection. It helps people strengthen their security systems to protect their private information, servers, and databases.

Mobile-friendly Designs

In order to meet the growing needs and demands of the market, developers have to create mobile-friendly designs. To bring customers to visit your website it has to be appealing and attractive. Though hardware and user-interface are different between desktops and mobile devices many people adopt the strategy to start digital traffic and increase their website marketability.

Thus improving the quality of user experience it helps web companies to program websites in such a way that the user faces no trouble in using it. Google also released a mobile-optimized search index to give users high-quality user experience regardless of their devices.


Apart from the above-given trends and technologies there are various other technologies present such as – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Voice Search Optimization, etc and many more to shape the application strategy in 2019. However, the top most trending is already covered in our blog.

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