Top Machine Learning frameworks for Web Development

Top Machine Learning Frameworks for Web Development



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In this article, we are going to discuss some top Machine Learning Frameworks that can be used for Web Development purposes.


The following points emphasize the importance of support for machine learning web development. Machine Learning:


  • Can Serve as the best available replacement that exists for conventional data mining methods.Provide extensive security and protection from different types of security threats
  • Provide extensive security and protection from different types of security threats
  • Is Able to produce customized information and content
  • Provides Ample amounts of ML API
  • Is useful and efficient for understanding customer behavior
  • Is useful when the need is for quicker product discovery

Using the advantage of Machine Learning, Computers are able to easily learn the algorithms provided that eliminate the need for explicit programming.


This enables the creation of analytical models that provides the finest method for data analysis. All of these points prove the usefulness of Machine Learning in Web Development.


Let’s have a look at some of the Machine Learning Frameworks that are available for easier web development:


Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit:

The Microsoft Congnitive Toolkit

This is an open-source and deep learning toolkit that has been provided to developers by Microsoft for the use of training algorithms that makes it easier to learn just like a human being can. You can create machine learning workspaces on software such as Microsoft Azure. If that’s something you are interested in you might want to look into things like the az-900 practice test. People take this certification so that they are more proficient in working with software like Azure.


There are various Machine Learning models that can be used by this framework such as feed-forward DNNs, convolutional Neural Networks as well as recurrent Neural Networks.


The main objective behind designing and developing this tool is to be able to use neural networks for understanding Large Unstructured DataSets. This framework is highly customizable that provides faster training times, and the credit goes to its easy to use an architecture that further allows developers to choose the parameters, networks, and algorithms.


The best feature and plus point is that it supports multi-machine and multi-GPU backends which can help in surpassing the competition.





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Tensor Flow- Machine Learning FrameworksWhen the need arises for using Java Development, this is one of the most commonly used frameworks. This framework is also an open-source library that uses the data flow graphs and helpful for numerous applications and computations for web development.


This is a bifurcated machine learning project that is available on GitHub and it has multiple participation of taxpayers.


The computations that is one on one or more GPU or CPU using a single API either on desktop or mobile phone are made easy by utilizing the flexible architecture of TensorFlow.

In the graphs, the nodes represent the mathematical operations. The edges represent the multidimensional data sets (tensors) that are connected between them.



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Apache Mahout:

Apache Mahout Apache Mahout is an open-source offering that is designed by Apache for use by data scientists, statisticians, as well as mathematicians for using and executing various algorithms quickly.

It is also used as a distributed linear algebra framework because of which machine learning applications & web development have a scalable performance.

Mahout is able to collaborate filtering, classification as well as grouping

Also utilizing this framework, data scientists can develop their own custom mathematical calculations in an interactive environment, which runs on a big data platform. The same code can be ported or moved into the app and can be implemented.


Mahout Samsara is equipped with a statistical engine and distributed algebra that distributes and works together with an interactive shell. Then the library links the app production. Using maps / reduce paradigm, it is able to climb on to the Apache Hadoop platform but will not restrict its contributions for implementing others based on Hadoop,




Caffe- Machine Learning FrameworksThis is a deep learning framework that is mainly used for expression, speed as well as modularity. This can be used for Java development and is developed by the Berkey AI research team.


There are various personalized applications that are available, and innovations are being encouraged by an expressive architecture.


Also, efficient switching between CPU and GPU is possible using configuration options such as configuring a single indicator.


The extensive and exhausting code of Caffe has resulted in providing early growth and making GitHub machine learning project successful.


Caffe is able to provide swift and fast implementations to research institutes and industrial implementations. Its development is mainly because of the computer classification and vision using convolutional neural networks. Using the help provided by Model Zoo, a set of the pre-trained model that does not require any type of coding for implementation.



Apache Singa:

Apache Singa- Machine Learning FrameworksThis framework is developed by the team at the National University of Singapore.

This deep learning platform is scalable as well as flexible and used for big data analytics.

The framework is able to provide training in large volumes of data as the architecture is flexible.

For running on a wider range of hardware, it is extensible. The main apps are in image recognition and natural language processing(NLP).


In the present day, it provides a simple programming model that works on a group of nodes that is presented by the Apache incubator project.

Deep distributed learning makes use of parallelization and model sharing when the training process occurs. Yet, Singa supports traditional machine learning models such as logistic regression.





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Above mentioned Machine Learning Frameworks are some top machine learning frameworks that exist for Java Development. This is obvious that ML is going to become the future of the IT industry.


The frameworks and libraries are supported by Python which includes TensorFlow, Keras. As well as small projects like sci-kit learn, Microsoft Azure Studio, Chainer, Neon, Veles.


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