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Top 6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bespoke Software Development



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The development of bespoke software makes it possible to meet the demand of companies in order to create personalized programs that, from management to marketing, can simplify their lives and even develop their business.
The custom production of specific software for companies is an operation that of course requires the services of specialists, most often external to the company.

Having a high-performance custom software is one of the success factors for your company, for this reason the selection of a management application is an important and quite delicate operation that undoubtedly requires referring to a custom software development company such as woo-commerce mix and match or woo-commerce mix and match products that is best suited to give us more details on the important facts that we need to know about this development.


Why make custom software development?

Whether it is a PC, tablet and/or smartphone software, embarking on the development of custom software is an important decision that must be carefully considered, as it is a time-consuming project. There are several reasons why you may be interested in this type of project:


There is no software on the market that fully meets your needs and working methodologies. The proposed software packages have superfluous functionalities for your company and do not meet all your criteria. In this instance, it is important to work with a software development company to ensure the functions meet your needs exactly.


  • Your software is no longer maintained or outdated and you want to renew it with current technologies.


  • The licensing costs of your software package are very high for software that is not necessarily adapted and adaptable to all your needs.


  • You want to become the owner of your software to gain a competitive advantage.


  • You are considering monetizing or reselling this software solution.


  • Application software developed according to your specific needs allows you to perform certain tasks more efficiently and thus increase the profitability of a process. The use of the developed software must require less effort than the manual process it replaces.

Here are 6 most important facts you don’t know about custom software development.


1. Increase revenues

There are several ways to use software to increase your company’s revenue. Basically, there is all the online sales software. These allow you to have access to an ever-growing market of buyers. By displaying your products online, you can facilitate the decision-making and purchasing process. In this category, there are software programs that I call “semi-ready-to-use”.
They mainly offer basic functions such as product, inventory, purchasing and buyer management. Often, these functions are developed in a very summary and general way. It is possible that such software may cover a large part of your needs, but there will most likely be gaps to be filled. I will talk to you later about the possibilities in this area…


2. Reduce expenses

In the industrial sector, it is necessary to automate processes to increase productivity. Whether it is to automate an assembly line or to optimize a representative’s route, the software has become a necessity.
By reducing downtime or increasing the speed of execution, they reduce the production and delivery costs of your product. In the field of cost reduction, there are also all the internal management software: personnel management, quality control, process monitoring, management report…



3.Making operations more profitable

When we talk about custom software, we are talking about application software developed according to specific needs. This software are often unique or comparable to others, but with unique aspects. The objective of using software to accomplish a task is of course to increase the profitability of the process.
The use of the software must require less effort than the manual process. This brings me to the two categories of software that can increase profitability: software that generates or increases revenues and software that reduces expenses. Ultimately, if software can do both at the same time, it will be even more profitable.


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4.Evaluate the development of custom software

Never before have the IT solutions offered to SMEs been more varied and accessible than today. Many common needs have their solutions. Whether it is accounting, marketing or customer relationship management, there is a wide range of software solutions that enable companies of all sizes to find cost-effective solutions without the need for software development teams.
Software as a service (SAAS) is popular because it provides a quick solution while controlling costs as the company grows. However, the needs are sometimes so specific and specialized that the solutions offered are not appropriate. This is when managers must turn to tailor-made development.


5. The cost of custom development?

The problem with custom development is that you don’t always know exactly what you need in terms of software. Obviously, we can get a general idea of a software that meets a real need at a high level. It’s when you go into the details that everything gets complicated.
The characteristic of bespoke software is that it exists first in someone’s head to meet a unique need. Since it didn’t exist, no one could really try it, test it, and see what works and what doesn’t.

It is therefore difficult to imagine the whole work before creating and testing it. It’s like building a house from a plan. The result is achieved as the walls appear. However, one thing is worse than not knowing, it’s when you think you know exactly what you need. We imagine a lot of features that seem essential to us and, in many cases, we don’t have a clear idea of the need we want to fill.


6.Original and innovative services

You can offer your customers original and innovative services that your competitors do not offer.
Custom-made software is also software that will be able to evolve with the needs of your company. Your working methods evolve with your company. New needs are emerging. Your software can also evolve and meet your new requirements!



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Developing bespoke software is not an adventure to be taken lightly. There are many advantages, but also obstacles to overcome or better to avoid. Before making this choice, make sure you understand your needs and choose a reliable partner who will support you throughout the process.
Don’t just ask for a final result. Take the time to talk about your real basic needs.