Important Consideration before you start developing web applications

Things to Consider Before Developing Web Applications



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Nowadays many people consider things to be bought on the basis of its appearance. Web Applications is no exception to this rule. The Appearance factor plays an important role in developing a web application. So many important stake-holders in startup companies such as the CTO, CEO, and founders think precisely while choosing web application development for the development of any application.


Even at the end of the way, the main reason for choosing web applications is because we all want good features and simple interface at the end of the day. Structuring a Web Application is like a long path to walk on. Because learning to build a web application is not ended with its structure.


There are many important things that need to be considered in order to build a useful and reliable web application. These are navigation, functionality as well as coding integrity. A survey shows that 40% of the visitors abandon a website whose loading time is more than 3 seconds. This is a significant point of concern that we need to consider when developing web applications or a full-fledged functional website.


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Moreover, standing in this time and generation, 47% of Internet users keep the expectations of loading a website within a fraction of seconds. Isn’t that funny? It can be funny for us, but for web developers alike, this is a great challenge that needs to be overcome by them. Let the world see the specialty of a fast loading website.


Who cannot live without a smartphone in this generation? The smartphone is such a gadget that brings a revolution in the world of the Internet, and its built-in features amaze us and make it more appealing to us. To date, almost 5.1 billion people in the world own and use the smartphone, this handy dandy gadget.


So it is clear that designing and building a web application is time as well as effort consuming and also is daunting. It is necessary to go stepwise in order to build a strong and an effective web application.



Some of the best ways to create a web application which everyone needs to follow are:



Loading Times

As a developer, you need to be concerned about the loading time of your web application that you are designing and developing. Suppose you want information on a particular thing and need in-depth research, will you choose a website that takes a lot of time to load?

Loading times can create a high impact on the number of users visiting a website as well as customer retention.


Call to Action

You as a developer need to know how important Call to Actions(CTA) is. It is one of the most critical application development process steps which helps in increasing the engagement level of the customer with the content of the website or the web application. These friendly suggestions have a critical role to play for rising customer retention day-by-day.


The customers will gradually start discovering each CTA to know more details about your company, brand, service, product in detail. Installing CTAs will provide you with contact information about your clients and you will have a proposed opportunity to convert them into customers for your product or service.



If you have ever developed a web application you will know how important the role is for providing a simple and easy to use navigation feature for your web application. Suppose you have made an application which is like a virtual maze, customers are bound to lose interest in your website and will probably leave immediately.


When the developer tries to create an engaging and stylish website, it can end like this. So if you are looking to increase the appealing factor for your website, you need to design the website navigation from the visitor’s perspective.



What do you think of the word Functionality, what comes into your mind? It is the service you offer or the way that your website performs? Is it the way by which you have enabled it to achieve. This is a crucial factor to know about web development for beginners.


They have to excel by considering the points which is needed to provide coding in order to ensure the security of the commercial website. You must include survey space, contact form and feedback section for the customer’s purpose.


Choice of Host and Domain

When the name domain strikes our mind, we can only think of 2 big names, Google and Yahoo.
Before projecting your brand across your audience and offering services to them. It is crucial in order to choose the appropriate domain name for the web designing project.


There are several reasons that state its importance. It will help you to perform accurate SEO on your website so that your website will rank in the Search Engine Result Pages. SEO will compare the nature of your business and website developed by you with others of the same category in order to provide you a position in the Search engine result pages




Branding is an important factor that helps in endorsing the company’s product or service. Large companies and SMEs require unique logos that will carry and establish their brand identity. But did you know that the brand logo creates a significant impact on the customers about how they feel about a particular company?


This is the prime thing that can easily attract the attention of the customer. Professional logos of the brand can offer a memorable experience and integrity for the brand experience with all its uniqueness and customer trust.




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Clear Design

While designing any web application you have to make sure that its design is unique as well as the website is bright and sophisticated. Unnecessary images can hamper its clarity as well as affect the ability to retain customers.


The quality and the apparent design of the website should be eye-catching, intuitive navigation and it should be easy to read and understand.


You must know that rather than distracting texts of large paragraphs and images customers normally put their focus on the brand, service as well as crisp content.




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When developing any web application for a business or an organization, it is important to give consideration to vital things such as Simplicity, ease of navigation, load time, user experience, call to action and many more things. In the end, better user experience is a happy and satisfied user. 


We hope that you liked this article and have found it informative. If you’re looking for a web development  in Mumbai, do give us a call. We have professional developers who will design your application and satisfy all your requirements.